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  1. Hi you all! So I got some good news and bad news; let's start with the bad news.
    There will be no streams for about six weeks, and might become more.
    The good news is I'm home, I'm feeling ok, and I can do most of my chores without help using one hand.
    I'm also not in much pain due to pain killers, and the doctors foresee a complete recovery with some non-weight training. Yes, that's a direct translation of what they told me, and it means flexing you're fingers and raising and lowering your arm with the help of the healthy hand, so lots of fun 😄
    I hope I will get back to DayZ soon, but doctor's orders and all that.

    1. Woodzie


       Take care dude !

      Hope to see you back soon terrorizing the new lands of Norway 🙂

    2. Rickets


      Get well soon man, just use your feet to play on the new map or somethin'.


      Jokes aside, glad you're alright.

    3. Hofer


      Maybe streaming how to play with one hand could be a cool concept to get some new fans in 🙂

    4. Aron73


      hmmm maybe...

  2. Good morning! I had a small accident and currently I'm on the hospital with a broken elbow. I will obiusly not going to play any games for a while so no stream for a few weeks. I hope you all will have a good time and stay safe.

    1. Hofer


      Get well lad

    2. Aron73


      Thx bud!

    3. Rickets


      Get well soon big man

    4. AndreyQ


      get well soon

      what happened?

    5. Aron73


      Avoided a car on the wrong side of the road and hit a pothole.

    6. Basko


      That sounds bad. Get well soon Aron!

    7. Whitename


      Glad you're okay, get well soon!

  3. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Stefan Mickelsson | 1080p


  4. Thank you all of you it's a true pleasure to write for you all! @DrMaxYou´re wish is my command
  5. Chapter 4 "Damn, this place is getting crowded, especially with all the Transporters here." Chase thinks to himself as he looks around. He waves over Vladimir, and Vadim follows him as the two of them walk over to Chase. "So, how did the move go? Did anyone follow you?" "We went in separate groups in different directions with one guide in each car. If someone did follow us, they would have one hell of a time following." Vladimir answers That's good to hear...I think we have enough people to do a push on El-Familia." "We do but remember, not even half of them know how to use a gu
  6. I woke up from gunfire today and ran out, unsure if it was a dream or if something did happen. Apparently, it was someone training just outside of the camp. That person surely would need to train in controlling his automatic fire unless he or she wishes to run out of bullets three seconds into a gunfight. I decided to stay in camp for a while just to listen to people and maybe gain some information. Some guy was accused of killing someone else, and there was a long discussion about it, and in the end, they did hold some other guy up, and someone got killed. I think it bothered the female
  7. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Stefan Mickelsson | 1080p


  8. I woke up pretty early today, and it continues south. Eventually, I ended up in Electro and later on Chernogorsk. Electro was devoid of any life, but I found something that did look like a quarantine zone in Chernogorsk. It seemed to me like this place has not been used for a long time, and I am starting to wonder why people do not move down here instead of living up north literally right next to a toxic cloud that could blow in over them the next time wind changes. I moved on toward Belota after searching through this quarantine zone finding next to nothing. From Belota, I b-lined t
  9. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Stefan Mickelsson | 1080p


  10. So I finally arrived in this country today, and at first glance, it feels almost like I'm dishonoring all the other countries by calling this hell hole a country. What the hell is this place supposed to be some backwater suburb of Russia? I woke up not too far away from some summer camp and checked it out, noticing some people there. I would most lightly have left them to their business if it was not for those armbands that looked like a different design of the medic armbands I have seen. They gave me some helpful info, but when they asked for my name, I only gave them my alias, and I did
  11. Well, there is a first time for everything, but someone has asked me to remove his/her char from my Fanfiction, so I will do so out of respect of this person's wishes. The story will be unchanged, but I will use a different char the next time he or she is mentioned. Edited: So after receiving a message from a moderator and a char mentioned in this story, a small change has been made to the story.
  12. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Stefan Mickelsson | 1080p


    1. Basko


      Good to see you stream back on DayZRP!

    2. Aron73


      thx bud!

  13.  | Let's play...something | 1080p


  14. Everyone deserve a spot Hope you did like it Damn I was so sure it was you!
  15. Chapter 3 The men slowly turn around and place their hands on the back of their heads "Why are you doing this?" A man with confidence in his voice asks. "Because mother and father demand it, and they always get what they ask for." "Sounds like slavery to me." "Funny that you mention that because that's what your profession will be in the near future. Now let's get moving. Move backward toward me until I say stop." The men start to walk away from their weapons, and when they are a few meters from their guns, Chameleon tells them to stop. "I got you covered," Mikael says as he c
  16. This looks interesting and might be something Stefan Mickelsson would seek to aid
  17.  | Let's play...something | 1080p


  18. You are in chapter 2 I picked you because your not in any group
  19. I don't wanna remove the rain altogether, but the 5min rain and 5min sunshine are getting to me. I don't mind if it rains for an hour or two and then has a few hours of sunshine. So yes, if that were an option, I would vote on it.
  20. I'm actually looking forward to writing about that.
  21. Chapter 2 As Damian walks into the castle, he can clearly hear Mikael, Deebs, and Hector talking and thinks to himself, "We need to do something about this echo. Everyone can hear everything said in here." He enters the room, and as he does, Mikael looks up with that look that says, "I know what you have done." before leaving. Deebs looks up at Damian and smiles at him as she rubs her belly. "The torture chamber is done, and Sergei is already claiming it for his experiments." "So any slaves that need punishment after this job?" Deebs asks "There was one claiming he hurt his leg
  22.  | Let's play...something | 1080p


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