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  1. Aron73


    I got some bad news! There might not be a stream tonight eather because when I try to run DayZ I get this error msg status access violation and it seems to be because of the latest update seence removing all the mods did not help. So if anyone can help plz contact me

    1. Crim


      Hey, click run dayz client from steam library, join any normal vanilla server.  You'll be prompted to accept battle eye.  

    2. Aron73


      Thank you for your advice but I do not even get to the server list. The game litraly crashes before I get to the title screen

    3. Crim


      Launch the game from the steam directory selecting the dayz64.exe program, that should work

    4. DerrickStorm


      Can you give me a screenshot of the error? This is pre-new-bugged-patch solution but maybe it will help 

      Long story short: make a backup of dayz folder from 'my documents' and delete it-> run the game.

    5. Aron73


      Thank you advice but I tried this before, let me write down what I tried and in what order order
      syncronicing files, removed files in Documents/DayZ, uninstalling the game from the steam lancher, deleted the game manualy and completly together with mods and reinstalled it, started it without mods.

      updated graphics drives and it still doesent work

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