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  1. DayZRP.com | DayZ Adventure with Mikael Hansson | 1080p


  2. I agree with you there, Best time on this server for me have been to fight the impossible odses
  3. Thank you for explaining and telling us that. Now to the Pew Pew part, I have been here for a long time, and I would have called you a liar when it came to the old S-GRU, but this one is truly great and behaves like a military org. and OOC, I love you guys and your RP, but my char Mikael have heard so much conflicting info and even experienced it, so he would not even trust you guys with a sharpened stick att so please don't mistake me for my char we do at this time have different views of you guys.
  4. Well I think we can cloase this, The comunity has spoken, thank you all.
  5. So, where do I begin? It seems like the police and the military are changing the rules again. Whose stupid idea was it to not allow suppressors on handguns? It will only result in allot more shooting because the infected are drawn to loud noises, damn idiots! Well, at least I got another suppressor I can use when out and about. My new friends up here at the summer camp I really like, and I'm considering to stay here for some time and help them in any way I can. The female in the group seem to be the smart one, and yes, I forgot her name again. I guess she was right. Her husband seems a bit hot-headed and needs to calm down, I did have a good talk with him, and I hope he will better control himself. If he doesn't, it could end up bad for them all, and I would hate to see that. Side note: maybe he should be a bit careful with the alcohol. Now, Roman, I don't know what to say about him. He seems to have changed since the last time I did see him. I think he is trying to prove himself to someone, but I simply don't know. We spent some time alone grilling some fish, and at that point when it was only him and me, he seemed a lot more...relaxed? I need to keep an eye on him and learn what kind of man he truly is. @Tewudin @marauder1838 @Mia
  6. Chapter 4 "Where should I start to look." She asks herself. "If this Daniel is a foreigner here to help...he must be at...Chernogorsk! They got everything he needs there. The main pricing and a nice hotel." She thinks as she starts to walk. "Mikael can easily walk there in a few hours, and that boy...Vit, he probably got a ride." "Daniel!" "Yes, sir!" "The sketch artist is done, and it looks like it's only one shooter." He says as he holds up two almost identical pictures of a woman. Daniel walks over and looks at the two drawings. "Why do all the crazies have to look like movie stars." He mumbles mostly to himself. "she is beautiful, but don't forget she is a psychopath." "Hard not to Captain. She looks a lot like your wife." "Yea, I did react to that myself, so I did carefully ask her some leading questions." Daniel looks almost with horror at his friend and takes a few steps closer. "Hey Yegor, You did not need to do that." "You know, I would not have believed her. She told me you were with her at the range...So how did she do?" "With some training, she can become a good shot." "Thank you. If there were anyone else training her, I would not have believed it. She is so against guns; it's a miracle she lets me keep my service weapon in the house." "She was just afraid of them, but now when she knows how they work, she is much more confident." "I'm glad to hear that. Thank you, Daniel." She looks down at Chernogorsk from the statue but can barely see anything due to the fog. As she lies there, she starts to hear voices. "Look, mother. She has a gun." The voice is young, no more than ten years old. Steps can be heard and seem to be in a hurry away. She ignores them. It's not like she is holding the gun in a threatening way. "What is that noise!" She wonders to her self She stands up and looks around, and for a moment, she doesn't recognize where she is until she looks down. "Nora, this is not the answer." The voice is calm, warm, and speaks...Swedish Nora looks around and realizes she is standing on top of the Globe in her home town. Stockholm. "I got someone that wishes to talk to you." Nora keeps looking forward, not moving. "Nora...Hunny?" The voice belongs to Mikael. Nora turns around, and next to Mikael stands the cop, Daniel. Mikael looks terrified, "why is he so afraid?" She wonders. Daniel moves his hand closer to his gun. "This is not right. Why am I here? I was in Chernogorsk." Nora says in a low tone. Mikael looks at Daniel for a moment. "No, it was me that was going to Chernogorsk. You were going to Spain...next week, remember?" "This doesn't make any sense." "Well, let's get down from here and talk about it." This time it's Daniel speaking. "Yes...I would like that." Nora answers as she walks closer to the two men At first, she thinks her husband will take her hand, but Mikael seems to tug in her rifle. "Why do I have this?" Nora asks as she lets go of Mikael´s Winchester. Without a word, Mikael takes Nora's hand, and they start to walk. After a short ride, the tree of them walks into the police station. Nora looks confused as Daniel gently takes the FNX from her. "How did I get that?" "It's mine...Don't you remember? I bought it a month ago." Mikael answers. They walk into the police station and into a small room. As Nora sits down, she looks at her wrists and can't even remember when Daniel placed the cuffs on her. "So, can you tell us what you have done for the last few days?" Daniel asks. "I don't know. It's like a nightmare I have traveled seen both of you among other people...killing people." Daniel looks up from his papers with a slight concern on his face. "Where did this happen?" "At some summer camp...cloase to Chernogorsk and another...I believe it was in Zelenegorsk." Daniel looks at her for a short time and can see that she believe what she is saying. "Well, you have killed people, one with your husband's FNX45 and another with his Winchester hunting rifle, but it was not in south Zagoria." Nora looks up with fear in her eyes. "No...that can no be true...I remember." "You also cut up the first man like an animal," Daniel says as he raises his voice slightly. Nora looks horrified at this point. "So, what did you do with his remains?" Nora looks back at Daniel with Empty eyes and says nothing. "What did you do?!? Hide them? Feed them to something?" "I...I think...I ate....them." Nora says in a whisper. Daniel can't believe what he is hearing. "Well, I think we got enough information for now." He says as he waves at the mirror for the people recording and watching the interview to come and arrest Nora. @groovy ducky @Mikey
  7. I do like the idea of the QZ matter fact I do play on a different server from time to time with a similar concept. It is just that the FPS is dropping hard oh, and no, I do not lag ether (lag and FPS is two different things), but when my fps drop to below 30, I notice without even seeing the number and 17? hell, I struggle to hit an infected at that point.
  8. This is a different suggestion! I would suggest that we remove the QZ from the game after what I did see on Discord My reason for this is: As soon as more than 15 people in a group, my FPS starts to drop allot. I'm sure more people then me have noticed this, considering I do have a pretty powerful pc (No, it's not top of the line) and my FPS drops from a steady 60 to as low as 17 in Chernogorsk. Please vote yes or no for this, and if you want, plz leave a comment.
  9. DayZRP.com | DayZ Adventure with Mikael Hansson | 1080p


  10. Had some great RP on yesterdays event, and I want to say sorry to @Mikey and @Jonaaaaaas for the small amount of RP I gave you two; Mikael was trying to gather as much information he could from the Russians and the police to see what he was getting himself in to and maybe warn others if needed.
  11. I heard another radio call from the Russians again today. I decided to head down there, mainly because of the police officers that seemed friendly and respectful. I'm pretty sure I did meet the General I believe some people call him. He seemed like a good man. I got my hunting and game license and my self-defense license, and the only thing I could say was the licenses were well made, but I'm surprised there was no photo of me on any of them. After that, I got tested for the virus and turned out clean. I was surprised to see that the female doctor was there. The last time I saw her, I thought she was just some nut case, but she is apparently working for the Russians on some research to cure this virus. Together with the police, the Russian army did an excellent job of keeping everything moving and was both polite, and as usual, the military was not much for small talk. I did have a nice talk to one of the police officers who was guarding the bridge leading out of the quarantine zone. I must say he was an interesting person to talk to. I hope I will meet him again someday. I could barely believe my eyes when I did see a working computer. I was asked to type in my personal information, and shortly after, I got my new ID...I wonder where the camera was that it did take my picture as I was writing. It was not the best picture, but at least they can see who the ID belongs to. I did not have much time to talk to Vit and Jezevec. I hope everything turned out good for them Jezevec is, well, kind of outspoken about the Russians, and it could get them both in trouble. @Mikey @Jonaaaaaas
  12. DayZRP.com | DayZ Adventure with Mikael Hansson | 1080p


  13. Well, it's been a pretty quiet day, apart from some radio rumors about the Russians and Chernorussian police force trying to get some community going in Chernogorsk. I decided to investigate what people talked about, so I went down there, not a long walk from Zelenegorsk. Well, scoping out the area from a distance, I did not see a thing, heard allot of gunshots thought, not welcoming if you ask me. I decided to go in for a closer look and ran into a small patrol of Ruskies. I did not listen much to what they said before saying something about an emergency and had to go. Probably found some pore bastard with an illegal gun, that would be an emergency in their eyes. After hearing some voices from inside the police station, I went over there. The police were a lot more service-minded and helped to explain what was happening. I don't fully trust them yet, going to take a lot more than words to gain my trust, but if everything they say is true, then I could live with those laws; hell, they are not so different from the laws in Sweden. Well, this will require more investigation. Maybe I can recruit Alexis and Finann to help me out here. @Basko @HayLeigh
  14. DayZRP.com | DayZ Adventure with Mikael Hansson | 1080p


  15. DayZRP.com | DayZ Adventure with Mikael Hansson | 1080p


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