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  1. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Chameleon | 1080p


  2. Hi all! It feels like we are in the UK and not Chenarus right now. Two types of weather rain or fog. I want to change that with a compromise. My suggestion is that when it rains, it rains for about one h or two, then a few hours of sunshine or other weather types. I'm sick and tired of the 5min rain and overcast for 5min, and it starts to rain again. Don't you all agree?
  3. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Chameleon | 1080p


  4. I did some work keeping my small donation center up and running today and spent some rubles on some stuff I needed for myself at Lenois. It seems like I got a few survivors taking and leaving stuff at my base, It still feels so wrong helping people who can't survive on their own, but Mikael was right: In an odd way, it feels good to help people with next to no gain for my self, but me and El-Familia will always come first. I found some slightly more valuable shit today in the form of an MP-5, and a pump shotgun that I put on the gun rack for anyone to take that needs it together with some
  5. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Chameleon | 1080p


  6. So I woke up pretty early today and continued my search for a car. I so far have not seen anything worth repairing, but I found this crashed helo. The damage on that thing and the information I got is consistent with it flying through the toxic cloud. I need to come up with a better name than that. It sounds more like a myth than the real thing. After a pretty long walk, I ended up in Zelenegorskand immediately got that sensation that someone stalked me. I was not too worried, but I decided to meet this elusive man on my terms that turned out to be a lady. I already forgot her n
  7. I wana thank @Stagsviewand I beleve the other one was @AndreyQfor some great RP! Thank you both and I'm exited to see where this leads to
  8. DayZRP.com | Chenarus adventure with Chameleon | 1080p


  9. That's one hell of a background! You got my vote, and I hope to meet you all in-game someday. Slava Chenarus!
  10. I feel like I have neglected you, my friend. It is about time I write something in you. At least you keep my secrets secret. So, where to begin. I was at my first wedding the other day, and before you ask, no, I did not step into the church, so no need to burn it down. I was tasked to keep the bride and the groom secure, and I thought it was going to be an easy task, but after they said their promises to love and all that jazz, shit started to hit the fan, and we had to rush them out of there and hide them at several locations. Manuel went ballistic when shots came close to us, and l
  11. I kind of agree with you, but in my opinion, they could have found their way up here from the south, after all, it is a popular dessert vehicle.
  12. DayZRP.com | Time to get Chameleon back to work | 1080p


  13. Aftermath of a Wedding part 1 Aftermath of a Wedding part 2
  14. Here you all go! Yesterday's wedding that you all have been waiting for!
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