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  1. DayZRP.com | Admin assisted event | Adventure with Matz Grabner on Chernarus | 1080p


  2. Last time car keys can be bought at the civ trader
  3. Thank you all for your input, and I agree with most of you. I certainly don't want cars to be unstealable but more challenging to do so. I know you can take cars using a lock pick, so if this gets added, I still suggest you take out car parts like spark plug and battery to log off with because someone can still take your car. This only adds an extra layer of security. You don't need to take parts out if you, for example, are close by in the Berezino pub or just talking to some on next to the road. @RolandWhat do you say, you have been some what quiet
  4. DayZRP.com | Admin assisted event | Adventure with Matz Grabner on Chernarus | 1080p


  5. It feels like Cars are getting stolen left and right again, so I would like to suggest we add MuchCarKey_Expansion. What do you all think? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2120002733
  6. Well, this day started great! I walked around a bit and did meet some friends in Svetlogorsk and some new and old ones in Olsha. We traveled down to Angel-2 and met some people there and had a nice talk until some more people came. I love the fact that their tactics in the hold-up and questioning were really efficient. But they need to die! He told us nothing was going to be stolen, and he lied, and I hate liars! Two thousand rubles, my M16 and all my five five-six, along with a lot of other equipment including my Scope and families three fifty-seven and on top of that, the asshole gave us a silent frequency no answer no nothing really. Also, I need to revaluate my friendship with Candy and her friend. They were both in on it even though Candy, I believe, tried to warn me in a really clumsy way. Well, I need to get some sleep now. Angel-2 called out on the radio and needed parts for their C-130, I agreed to help. @MrDolly
  7. Well, I think we got the comunitys opinion on this and we can cloase this topic. Thank you all for your comments
  8. Camilion quickly answers the call. This is Camilion calling Angel-2. I know what parts you're talking about, and some of them are pretty large. If I can gather ten strong men and a maybe vehicle, we could sort this out. About the commotion outside, we got robbed by some people, and I personally lost a lot of my gear but can still defend myself. Anyone willing to help me and Angel-2 with this task, please come back on this frequency. Camilion out!
  9. DayZRP.com | Adventure with Matz Grabner on Chernarus | 1080p


  10. I got a suggestion for an addition to the rule of initiations. I don't know how many times I have seen people raising their guns and looking through the scope instead of using binos or removing the gun's scope. Also, in an RP perspective, I find it kind of bad to see some one aiming their high powered rifle at a person they never met, and the stranger stands and waves his hand in greetings when in fact, if something like that would happen to me in RL I would scramble for cover or shoot at the guy aiming his gun at me. So I wana sugest this rule. "Player who aims his gun at another player and both of them have eye contact is classified as an initiation."
  11. Yes! Absolutly! at regular I completly wear out 3 pare of boots before finding 1 leather seving kit and consithering how esaly some cloathing gets ruind (combat vest and assult vest mostly) we should most lightly need to dubble the amount of sewing kits both leather and normal
  12. How the hell did I end up in Zelenegorsk? Well, that's the least of my problems; where is all my stuff? After a long walk through Zelenegorsk and later on VMC and NWAB, I found some good stuff and even sold some things to Leonid. I eventually ended up in Svetlogorsk and talked to some friends there. As we spoke, I believe my car rolled in, and I and my French friend, who I keep forgetting the name of, walked over to the car. After talking to the people in the car, I'm 99% sure it was them stealing my car, especially when I did see my MWN on one of the guys back. I got informed that these two people, who turned out to be three, lived at Black lake, so I went over there to scout the area. The two of them must be blind as bats. Even though I made several mistakes, they never spotted me even though I was only ten meters away from them as closest. I need to talk to Candy and her friend and see what happened. I need to be hundred percent sure before I kill them and takes back what's mine and the hospital's gear. As I started to walk back to Berezino, I ran into the Chernorussians again, and I was close to asking them for help to retrieve my car, but again I was not sure it was my car, so I continued on and went to bed shortly after. @MrDolly
  13. DayZRP.com | Adventure with Matz Grabner on Chernarus | 1080p


  14. DayZRP.com | Adventure with Matz Grabner on Chernarus | 1080p


  15. Camilion presses down the PTT and starts to speak with something that almost sounds like anger. If there is a god, he certainly has a sense of humor. I would never pledge to a god that this cruel even if he existed.
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