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  1. NAME: 1000001 1100111 1100101 1101110 1110100 100000 1010010 1101001 1100100 1100100 1101100 1100101 1110010 1010 "Agent Riddler" His name is unknown, when he started out his business. Not a single soul knew this man, no one battered an eye lid towards him, he is severely trained for every counter possible. His place of business, was accepting contracts and carrying out said business. He would fulfil his contract, and then take his rightful payment. If the other half of the contract, the agreement is not fulfilled, then he will take matters into his own hands, you wont know when and what he does, but if he wants you to, you will know when he wants you to know. How you may ask, through a riddle hence his unique name, this is how "Agent Riddle" came around, he earned his name. The people who loved or feared him gave him this name. The riddles started through small dark jokes, which were personally attacked to his target, he would mentally break them down before savagely physically beating them however he sees fit. After he got this unique name, he would then begin to write his unique nickname, in binary code to which not really many people understood so still his name is still a mystery to most people. You will only know the name "Agent Riddler", if your either his best friend or his worst enemy, either or you will be soon removed in cold blood. He has no friends, he will act like your friend and violently remove your guts when you least expect it, you wont see it coming, he has multiple identities he blends in, he hides where no one would hide, right in front of you. Not a single soul knows him, they only know of him, the contracts he gets are either through letters or over a radio or to his preference a riddle. Just know if you receive the riddle, the letter or call, expect an outcome very fast. [ALL INFORMATION IS ALSO UNKNOWN]
  2. when you want beans and it goes tits up
  3. Patrick is a well known Irish Traveller back at home, in Ireland. He had travelled the whole of Ireland, UK, and Scotland. Patrick, also known as "Paddy", is a force to be wrecked with standing at 190cm and weighing 89KG. He had conquered the underground world of bare knuckle boxing and to find any sort of challenge he would have to travel to other countries. There was a fighter who lived within Chernarus, so Patrick being Patrick got the next float with his Irish firm, and off they went. He reached Chernarus, and without much time to settle the infection hit and he was forced to survive on his own, without his buddies.
  4. perqeRP

    My Luck

    damn saddened by this story
  5. POV: I chase who we assume is Rutkiy around the GM/Sosnovka area, eventually losing sight of him. A little while later G19 spots him in a tree and says over comms that he is logging out in front of him. We run up and he is gone, we check the server list and see that Rutkiy had logged out.
  6. wow, looking back my roleplay is better than i thought, honestly so amazed
  7. POV: I chase Rutkiy for a bit after zorull see's him initially scope in on the situation, I lose him for a bit and then G19 spots him logging off in a bush.
  8. Patrick Delaney, was born on December 18, 1982. He was raided by Sean and Margaret, his parents in the rough-working class section of Crumlin. Very early on in his life, Patrick got involved with older people, and this was down to the fact that his family that surrounded him were all older and predominantly male, so he looked up to all of them and aspired to be like them. His uncle, who he loved was also called Patrick, he was named Patrick after his uncle, due to his dads close relations with his uncle. Furthermore, Patrick Delaney would spend all of his time with his uncle at a very young age, in his uncle's pub which he ran. As, Patrick got older he learnt that the pub was used to launder money and sell drugs. He was in there later and later, the older he got, as a result he took in more and more. He, learnt that is uncle, was nicknamed "Paddy" and that he was infact a big time gangster in Ireland. He was hugely respected beyond the working class, he even had the local authorities on his payroll. At the age of 21 Patrick Delaney got involved in the "Family business" and began to run the bar. He would server pints and collect glasses. He would never get into the back room, however, one day he was caught peaking and Paddy, dragged him in and decided it was time. He was shown the illegal gambling and the underground strip club where he made even more money. Only the richest of the rich would get in and the dancers would rob them blind. At just the age of 27 Patrick received a phone call from his dad saying that Paddy had been involved in an accident, and that he had received a text from his phone, saying "Meet me in the back of the pub, in that room". So, Patrick rushed there as fast as he could, and as he got there he was attacked, by a group of gangsters. They hadn't liked how Paddy had been running everything and how he was ontop of the game running Ireland essentially. Patrick seen his uncle, on the floor covered in blood and slashes. He was told by the group of gangsters that Paddy and his shit is no finished and that he is going to be there "Paddy" and make them money. From this, Patrick Delaney was now known as Paddy, he had took over the business its just he didn't get the rewards. All of it was rushed to the gangsters. Patrick "Paddy" Delaney, ran this business for another 9 years up until the age 36 when he was found out to be stealing the business to try and arm his boys to take back what his families. However, he was ratted out, and the gang killed everyone involved and even executed his parents right infront of him before placing a burlap sack over his head and he was placed in the back of a car and driven to the coast. He was then placed on a cargo boat which seen him be shipped to Chernarus, left with nothing and no one. He arrived on the coast, hungry and thirsty and left to survive...
  9. Hello, my name is perqe; nice to meet you, long story short, ill scrap anyone, Hope to roleplay with you all soon
  10. I meet up with Norway and he gives me a gun, I believe Scar, Norway, and Kai start running south. A little later I was muted in TS when I suddenly hear a megaphone initiation, I then run for cover thinking the initiation was on me and unmute my TS. When I unmute my TS the boys let me know they got initiated on and I start running towards them, when I arrived I shot someone a bit then died.
  11. Alejandro, aged 34, was born in the heart of Mexico. He grew up in a cartel controlled area. His family was forced to survive in the harsh conditions, often stealing the cartels drugs and weapons and using that to fund the fights against rival gangs. At age 7 Alejandro was forced by his mother to get on a plane and never to come back. He was sent to the North West of England, in Manchester. All the way up to the Age of 18, Alejandro was in and out of care homes, and he struggled to settle at a school, because of his rough upcoming he would always single himself out from everybody else, and when someone approached him he would just fight until he sees blood. At 18, Alejandro was released from the care homes and education to fend for himself. He had no money and grades from school and he was forced to join in with the wrong people. He was approached by an older, black male. This man sold him a dream, telling him how he could have all the money in the world, and he wouldn't need any education. Alejandro wanted money to get his family out of Mexico and fly them to Manchester so he can see them again. However, this wasn't going to be easy, he went with the black male and they went deeper into Manchester's streets, entering Moss side. The home of gang violence and murder. He was now working for a gang dealing drugs, and getting in all sort of trouble with rival and gangs and the police. Alejandro went through thick and thin, scars all over his chest, several knife and gun wounds he had collected overtime, were to be represented proudly by him. He realised that he had infact been sold a dream and waited for his opportunity and when it came he walked into his bosses office and stabbed him 29 times with a kitchen knife, leaving him to bleed out. He was found to be guilty of murder and charged with life in prison, however, this took a turn for the worse when he took to a group of Mexican's in prison and got involved in many, fights and murders within the prison. While in prison he got several tattoos, covering his chest, arms and neck. After while he was pretty high up in the ranks and had everyone's trust. He had made himself a force to be left alone. He spent 10 years in prison. This was until he killed an officer, who had been helping out a rival gang within the prison. Alejandro was then flew out to Chernarus, to rot inside a prison, which contained some of the cruellest and sickest offenders known to man. However, with his skills he had developed through his troubles, and the contacts he had, he stayed relatively safe. Only after a single year passing, Alejandro was hit with another bombshell as the outbreak took place. He was now alone, and forever to be as his hope of seeing his mother and family again was completely lost.
  12. Growing up on the harsh streets of London in the South of the UK, George got into fighting sports at a very young age through encouragement from his father, who was a professional Boxer. George started to train in Muay Thai at the age of ten and made his professional debut at the age of only sixteen. George viewed his father, Mike, who was the commander of an SBS (Special Boat Service) regiment as a huge role model in his life and was very close with him as well as his mother who was a Military Police Officer in the Royal Marines. Growing up with this military background as a man, George's family tradition was to join the SBS at the age of 21 and complete full training by 23, which George completed and by the age of 24 was a troop in his fathers regiment. As the SBS was such a prestige Special Forces military branch in the U.K. George learnt a lot of skills which he now uses in his day-to-day life in Chernarus. Flipping the coin to why George ended up in Chernarus, his fathers regiment were called out to action when the outbreak happened to land in a town known as 'Chernogorsk' and extract a high ranking officer of the Royal Navy out from the area while taking no casualties or losses. This did not go to plan. The helicopter which brought the regiment to Chernogorsk crash landed after being shot down by a group of survivors and upon crash landing, George blacked out. As George was asleep, all survivors of the crash were shot dead by the group, which includes George's father, however they missed George as they thought he was dead when in actual fact he was only unconscious. Upon waking up, George applied his military knowledge to the situation and realised that the death of his father and friends in the regiment was not caused by the crash, but by people who greeted the helicopter after the crash. George needed to find a group of people to join up with as soon as possible to ensure his survival, so he started looking for groups with sufficient knowledge on how to defend against large amounts of people, or infected. George will stop at nothing to find the men that killed his Father and friends.
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