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  1. I don't mind the idea of a new map, but I think there are a few issues with Stuart Island that aren't glaringly present. Let me link another video about the map that was created by a Youtuber about a month ago: DayZ Arma 3 Stuart Island In DayZ - Cinematic & Information - DayZ 1.06 The problems they addressed are that the map is not complete. There aren't many animal spawns set up and there are issues with zombies as well. With that being said, I think this is going to become another Deer Isle, where it draws interest at first because it is new, but it will quickly die out due to issues with that map and lack of interest in it. Also, like mentioned by a bunch of others, the map is US based, so I think trying to shove Chernarus based names into it again will make it confusing like it did on Deer Isle. Therefore I am voting No on this one. -1
  2. I don't mind the number of infected there are in towns and on the map in general. Of course it's a zombie game and I want them to be a threat. But, the fact they now tank bullets make no sense, unless we are now following Dawn of Dead style zombie where they can walk underwater and not react to bullets unless its to the head. Zombies should be weaker because they don't have the nutrients to sustain healthy bodies and they decay. It shouldn't be taking two bullets of any gun to the skull to completely destroy the brain of an infected. The other issue is their respawn rate for sure. I clear out the area I live at and go back inside for two minutes to organize stuff just to come back outside to the same number of infected now roaming about across the street. Then another bullet dump occurs because I want to hangout without the loom and doom of infected. So I then become low on bullets and then just don't want to go anywhere because I just looted the area so I already know I won't find more bullets without leaving and going out. Think about it, you get 20 infected and you have to use 2 9mm per zombie (if you have perfect aim), so there is ~40 bullets gone. Then they respawn in a flash and now your down ~40 more bullets. So that's ~80 bullets just because you want to keep your home secure and promote people to come without them having to deal with infected. Which means there is no way I can leave town to now deal with the tougher wolves and bears that now roam about as well.
  3. It’s still a video game. Zombies don’t exist but we aren’t petitioning to have them removed.
  4. Jack Williamson will never leave Sitnik now with his measly 9mm pistol RIP -1 Jack Williamson is now looking to hire and entourage of people with big guns.... please inquire at Sitnik Medical Center lol
  5. I would agree that the laugh needs to be added to the emote wheel for sure. However, where I disagree is to remove it as a function when you eat human meat. Like already stated, if you don't want the laugh then don't actually eat the meat and just text RP it. But to get rid of it would be like saying lets get rid of the sneezing and coughing when you are sick because i want to sneeze and cough when I want to do it. The laughing is a symptom of kuru. If you feel that people metagame when you have the laugh then report them. If we add the laugh to the wheel and players who RP as maniacs can use it, then maybe it will get rid of the stigma behind jumping to conclusions on who is a cannibal when they hear the laugh.
  6. On Livonia, when it is night time and there is rain it's still impossible to see without a light. Scary when you wolves out too
  7. More like he knows how to use dragon shouts from Skyrim lol
  8. I store a variety of medical supplies to keep it available for everyone. I don't care if someone breaks in because they wouldn't take any of the medicine anyways. I just keep there because people tend to be jerks and not know how to put something back in the crate they decide not to take. Also I need a place to store my lights because people like to steal those! XD Moral of the story, make a base and do what you want with it. Store a million and one things, but expect for it to get raided and don't hate when it does. Raiding is part of the game and so is having a surplus of items you can ration out to people if you want. Its all part of the game.
  9. Having it your bag and pulling it out would probably be the same speed, if not quicker.
  10. I think he is more discussing along the lines of killing 20 of them, not walking very far, then turning back and magically 20 more are now all hanging out exactly where you just killed 20 infected. I could see how it would get annoying seeing that getting outnumbered by them can easily turn into a death scenario if you can't get away from them. I understand @DStacey's point if that is what he is talking about. Like I don't think infected should just pop back up 10 seconds after clearing an area out. It doesn't make sense as to where they just came from. But from a game standpoint I could see that you would want infected because its a zombie game.
  11. Jack Williamson’s POV - timestamps referencing video evidence provided by @CrescentGent : Jack was going to Soup Kitchen to hang out as he normally does. Upon his arrival, which you can see in the video evidence at 3:28, he notices that people have their hands up. Jack walks back a little bit and asks Krank, who was there already, what is going on. Krank says that he hasn’t got a clue, so Jack and Krank head back into the Soup Kitchen. Around 4:40 in the video evidence, Jack comes back into the camp and stands outside of the cabin they moved into to begin ease dropping. Around 10:15 in the video, Jack and Krank begin talking about what kuru is. Jack can’t be heard talking in the video evidence because he is to far away from the cabin and talking at a quieter level. After ease dropping back in, Jack begins to get concerned because they are threatening to shoot or torture the two people inside for testing positive for kuru. Being a doctor, Jack knows that there isn’t a blood test for kuru and wasn’t fully convinced of what was going on. So, around the 14:00 mark in the video Jack intervenes and says that they should make them leave. Jack also hangs around the Soup Kitchen a lot and knows that Marek and Sabina would not want someone shot in their camp. The argument begins and some words are exchanged (sorry @Fae… love you). Jack steps back after the heated exchange and checks on someone who appeared to be injured by the campfire. After a brief conversation and learning that they were fine, Jack returns to the situation at hand. At this point, around 17:30 in the video evidence, Jack is satisfied that they are forcing them to leave but does protest the other doctor ( @NiceLime). Jack says that there is no blood test for kuru and @NiceLime responds with something like: “you know what I mean... I got them to admit to being cannibals.” Still protesting what Jack sees as rash and irrational fear, he stays back and continues to speak with Krank while they kick the two men out of the Soup Kitchen. After they return, some heated words are exchanged again, this time between Jack and Jaiden. Due to this Jack walks off frustrated and angry.
  12. The big problem with ladders before is that they could send you through walls. If you placed them right it would glitch you into a compound and set you on top of the nearest object with about the same height you climbed too. So you could place them anywhere and get access. Yeah it’s AOGM and should be reported but let’s admit it, a good chunk of raids happen offline, especially on Chernarus lately, so people will never see it happen. It is an amazing tool for raiding but how it is in the game now just opens up way to much room for abuse.
  13. I feel like I clear a bunch out and then run half a block away and after I come back there are already 10 more roaming about. So I hope this doesn't make things more difficult. I will just have live on top of cars to avoid getting eaten alive.
  14. Jack Williamson always wanted to work in the medical field. After starting off at a great University he began to get involved in volunteer groups that would help him get college credits. His first project sent him to Ghana where he worked along other doctors to work on water treatment. Due to his work there, he was asked to join a group of medical experts and scientists to the country of Livonia in the Nadbor region. They were called there due to small sections of the area blaming the drinking water on the reason people were becoming sick. While in Nadbor, they studied the different sources of water in the area, including ground water sources and the large river that crosses through the region. However, shortly into their stay the outbreak occurred. Now, Jack is stuck in Livonia with no way to escape. He now spends his time surviving and still doing some of the research he was conducting before, hoping that maybe it will lead to some answers about what is going on around him.
  15. William Jackson originally from the United States fled to Eastern Europe to escape custody in the United States. He needed to flee after his black-market weapons dealing was picked up by the FBI. After many close calls came with Interpol, William fled deeper into the back woods of Eastern Europe. Eventually William settled in Livonia. Before the outbreak struck, William worked as a quiet factory worker in Topolin, as he began to establish his networking throughout Eastern Europe. However, the outbreak ruined his plans to get into black-market dealings in Eastern Europe. Now he survives continuing to make deals and selling weapons he steals from dead corpses that he may have killed himself.
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