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  1. Ivan has been a smart businessman his whole life. At a young age he was able to swindle his classmates into buying things. He always seemed to be working out some type of deal in which he would be earning money. After starting college, Ivan decided to leave his home country and go to America. While there he started up a popular barber shop, which was a front for his criminal enterprise. Quickly growing, his small barbershop turned into a chain store that spread throughout the Los Angeles area. Due to his and his family’s wealth, the Belic family had multiple homes throughout the world. One being in Utes, a small island off the coast of Chernarus. This is important because Ivan’s criminal enterprise in LA was beginning to grab the attention of police, so Ivan fled to his Family home in Utes. While in Utes Ivan spent most of his time on the Family’s yacht. One evening Ivan docked the yacht in Berezino, where he was going to spend the night and head back to Utes in the morning. However, the next day the military began blocking ports in efforts to gain supplies, which prevented Ivan from leaving making him stuck in Chernarus. The infection then began to spread to other areas in Chernarus, such as Berezino where Ivan was. Ivan has been able to survive the same way he always has. By swindling people in giving him protection or having killed whoever stands in his way.
  2. If you think someone’s RP is bad then message them and ask them questions. Don’t just beat around the bush and blast people in forums. If you don’t ever speak to people that are RPing terribly or tell them ways to improve then it won’t get better.
  3. Lol it’s CJ, I was to sad to correct you And thanks for the roleplay as well. Everyone left me and you were actually helped lol
  4. cjackson821

    In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

    *Pushes the PTT button with a concerning voice* "Don't believe this guy. He was with other cannibals who have been executed. He goes around calling other people cannibals, when in fact his people are cannibals" *Takes a moment to compose his thoughts* "These sick fucks strong armed Vanessa and took her away out of Krasnostav. They know there are genuine people trying to help Vanessa. This is clearly a trap to lure people in. They don't care about anyone but themselves and their disgusting habits. Luca had her kidney taken from the same sick fucks so this dumbass is suggesting she would do that to herself?" *Pauses* "I don't think so. Stay away from these people and be wary of your surroundings. They like to go after people who are alone."
  5. As stated before by me and was the same issue you experienced, breaking down the wall still would not allow you through. So obviously there is a glitched issue with the walls barrier not disappearing when its broken down. So how exactly did you get out?
  6. We didn’t intentionally place something with no way of getting through. The wall just happened to have glitched when you tried to get through. The mud piles are what prevented people from getting through with no chance of destroying them.
  7. You mentioned the gate was only openable from one side... which isn’t true. The wire was taken off
  8. With code locks broken at them moment the only option is to take wire off to lock gates. Otherwise you can just walk in and take everything whenever. In addition there was/is another way in because you/your friends were hacking at the wall on the other side as was reported from @Isaiah CortezPVE
  9. There was a fence on the other side and the compound was already scaled with ladders. If the fence was glitched like you said where it was blocking you invisibly, why couldn’t you just have left it or gone in and out through the other fence?
  10. I guess @Lori has already made a report about this. If the admins would kindly merge the reports.
  11. Server and location: S1 - Wolf Pack Camp - Courtyard in building cluster in Chernogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between 22:00 and 23:00 Your in game name: Chris Jackson Names of allies involved: Wolf Pack Name of suspect/s: Unknown - Check Logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/tXQlIvO https://imgur.com/a/Vufh5Tg Detailed description of the events: There was an attack on camps in Chernogorsk while members of our group were either offline or away from camp. They used ladders to scale our walls and get in the camp, which they proceeded to go through some things and take stuff. Our issue isn’t with that they raided the camp and took things. Our issue is with the grieving/abuse of game mechanics someone committed while going through the camp as you can see in the pictures. They put up multiple gardens to block people from getting into one of the buildings that has tents and storage boxes in it. @Ram witnessed someone hacking at the wall and was told to go away. He was alone, so he did not want to do anything. I assume it was to get someone out that was stuck in the building. Its clear abuse of game mechanics which prevents anyone from entering the building (because you can’t get in through the broken fence). So essentially as of right now, the only way to get in that building would to be ghost in because they are not disappearing. I don’t know which groups were affiliated with the attack, but we really are looking for the individuals involved with the grieving/abuse of game mechanics.
  12. I was there. We got a radio call from Phoenyxx who said that there are people here holding someone up in a building a friend of ours had claimed, but it wasn’t her. Charlie, James, myself, and some guy in a striped red shirt went to go check it out. We entered the building and then heard some voices screaming to put our heads up or else. James, Charlie, and the striped shirt guy went up the stairs while I stayed on the first floor. I couldn’t see anyone on the stairs. However another person came in with an AUG. I couldn’t tell who was who. Next thing I know know someone was shooting and I ran out the back door. As I ran out the back door the AUG guy ran toward me so I assumed he was pressuring so I continued to run. That’s all I saw and personally heard. James had called me in discord after and said he didn’t know what happened and he was complying when the guy in the striped shirt was the one who had pulled the gun on him and shot him.
  13. cjackson821

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Lol weren’t you the one who got kicked out for popping their mouth off? People like you were what was wrong with the group. That and never ever sticking to what the group was originally supposed to do. It became one leader show when it wasn’t supposed to. That’s why I walked away from the group. I came back after y’all moved and never told me in where the new place was. I actually like to roleplay things like that out not find out in discord.
  14. cjackson821

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Never really became what it was supposed to be anyways
  15. cjackson821

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    I hate ruined clothes. I get that some people have it for RP purposes, but for my character it’s like pet peeve. Plus like a single zombie can ruin like 3 things in one hit which is hella annoying.
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