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  1. Congrats on the approval. Have had some interesting encounters with y'all. Hope we can keep having them! See you out there
  2. cjackson821


    At the end of the day it’s just something that has to be constantly updated and plus it can be/already is enforced ICly. Alls it would turn into if staff had to track it, would be who could claim more territory (unnecessary big dick competition). I think it’s fine on an IC level but we don’t need staff to create and track a map. I believe it was tossed around as an idea when RAC and CLF were fighting and it got shot down pretty quick back then too.
  3. I don’t remember any complaints about it being unstable before. Hopefully that’s not the issue and we can see it added back in. Was useful to have.
  4. Does this mean the castle prefab is a goner? This prefab looks good. I like it more than the fortress (for roleplay reasons). Hopefully get focused on your new goals with the new prefab. +1
  5. Looks well designed and fits your group. Don't see an issue with having this put in. +1 Approved
  6. *The notebook is covered in filth, as if it has been through water and mud. However, the writing in the book is legible and would be only in Chernarussian.* *The first page would have scribbled writing in Chernarussian* "I’ve noticed Anezka writing in a book and she said something about writing things to help get feelings out. Like talking to someone that doesn’t talk back. Not really sure about this, but I’ll give it a try." "Things have been crazy at the bar. Berezino is abandoned by most of its citizens. Running the bar here now seems crazy. Especially without my father. I should be doing so much more than I am doing, just like I should have done that night." "I had to shoot two people that came into the bar. They came in trying to rob the place and I shot both of them. It was like an instant reaction type of thing. I didn’t think twice about protecting it. I was lucky though that it was only a couple of goons that tried to take the place." "I have to think about finding people to help protect the place." *There would not be anymore writing on the page* *The 2nd page of the notebook is written in a different color than the first* "I think I’ve made a mistake. I know father can read this and I just want to start by saying that I am sorry. I have failed you. I thought that I could do the write thing but I just can’t. I think we were framed, but there is no way I can prove it. Half of the staff is in shambles and the other half is scared. We had no choice but to move. A whole army wanted to come through the place and shoot everyone. I know you would have known the answers for everything that this would’ve never happened in the first place. I wish you were still here and could fix all of this. I think your shoes are just too big for me to fit into." *The following words were neater on the page, as if Ivan was taking his time while writing compared to the paragraph before* "I think Anezka was right after all about this writing thing. It makes me feel like I am talking to you again. Like somehow just writing this I can hear you saying that you know no one can be perfect, like you’ve always told me. That I can only deal with what is in front of us. And like you said before, it’s easy to look back on our mistakes and sometimes hard to look at the way forward." "I know I fucked up. I can fix this….. I can." *The rest of the page would be blank, except for a scribble at the bottom, as if Ivan was testing the pen.* *The 3rd page of the book would be ripped out.* *The 4th page has the top corner of the paged ripped off, as if Ivan used it to pass a note to someone* "We moved back like I promised. Now we are still just stuck in the middle of people just wanting war. Hasn’t this country seen enough bloodshed throughout its history? Why are people so barbaric? What would business be without it though? Still feel like nothing I do can be right sometimes. I try to help people, but I can only help those who want to be helped. I can’t save everyone." *Below that a sentence would be scribbled out to the point where it was not legible anymore.* *The next paragraph on the page would be written in a different colored pen and written more rushed* "Today some Russian Federation Solider came into town. She was scared. Pointed her rifle at me and yelled for me to stay away. I tried to help her. Get her inside. There was blood every where. Someone shot her from the hill. She was going on about Moscow falling. She had a family. Kids. And she’s dead. Her family is probably dead too. She said they were coming. I don’t know who she was talking about. Was it the person who killed her?" *The page would have a sketch of a locket at the bottom.*
  7. That is a army duffel bag..... way bigger than the canvass bag in game. Might want to check your sources The canvass bag is more like a draw string rucksack Its more like this..... Thus why the US should be removed.... also doesn't fit the lore
  8. ❤️  Congrats 

  9. I’m all for this as long as people stop going around and stripping perfectly good cars so no one else can get them. Can’t tell you how many times I find a car, nothing wrong with it, but 1 wheel and no parts....
  10. This is just one of those things where you can never make someone completely happy. Like I've repeated a million times over at this point, everyone's roleplay is different. Maybe the only time someone can feel comfortable and safe is behind a door talking with the people they invited in, because if they are outside they have to tiptoe around because everyone and their mother is looking to hold them up. There have been times at the bar where some fishy ass people rolled up holding their grandfathers AK in hand asking for a drink.... you think I am going to open the door?.... No thanks, I don't like lead in my vodka. The main reason it goes to council to vote so you don't have to get 300 signatures to sign off on a prefab, as the council can represent a good majority of the server because of the amount of people in groups. So, if it came down to asking the whole community, it would probably just come down to a popularity contest and thats not what this is about. As you can see in the council vote, I put forth some concerns. In the past, some groups have put up a community discussion about their prefabs to get some opinions, but I don't believe it is required. However, I think seeing that both groups occupying that castle are active and have provided some great roleplay, I don't see the issue in allowing them to have a prefab. Being active AND providing good roleplay should be rewarded. Just because you rolled up in the middle of the night acting suspicious and they didn't want to let you in, doesn't sum up the totality of their roleplay. At least the prefab will get used unlike other ones that are just sitting around the map at the moment.
  11. Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying that I am going to +1 this for approval. Let me go into details why... I would first like to address @Dan's opinion and say that I completely understand his view point. I do agree that it is unfair that River's Crossing gets to bask in the glory of being in the prefab when they have only been recently approved. However, ICly it does make sense that they are there. We have seen CLF and Rivers Crossings groups become very interconnected. In fact, I think its really the only place I will actually see CLF be open about being CLF and be in uniform. So for me, this place is heavily "CLF territory" and see no problem with them laying claim to the land. I do love the aesthetics of the castle and believe that nothing really looks out of place like I have seen with some of the prefabs in the past. Of course, prefabs inherently come with some superiority protection, but I would like to see the inside of the castle towers and make sure that nothing unfair has been built inside those walls. Also, I am concerned with the back "weak-point" being very hard to get to because it is on a very large cliff and would like to know if it is possible to get there without falling to my death half of the time. Being that the castle has become somewhat of a hot spot and frequented place by many on the server, I am glad to see that this is being put up to help solidify its popularity. The CLF are a very active group on the server and don't really have a "base" (that is well known at least). So, at least people will now have a place to go to at least find some CLF members, since a lot of people are complaining that they don't see them out in the wild lands of Chernarus (which in my opinion is BS).
  12. @Hofer will do. He recently moved and has been super busy. But will have him removed until he be active again. Thank you for the notice
  13. If you don’t want to get raided ever then just don’t build a base. The consequence of building a base is that at some point.... it will get raided. There is no if, ands, or buts about it. Doesn’t matter if you store nothing but clothes, people are going to break in and take it what they want. Just gotta deal and move along (as long as they aren’t purposefully destroying your gear of course)
  14. This is a lot in one topic... but I’ll keep it short because a lot of the same points have already been made.... There is no thing as online/offline raiding. Raiding is a good way to get supplies for some and building a base is fun for others. It’s a balance of internal/external group RP that some can balance better more than others. But I mean, if I was attacked everyday for like a week I would answer the door when someone calls either. Of course forcing an interaction would create RP as raiding when no one around doesn’t promote RP cause there is no interaction. However it’s a double edged sword because people probably won’t comply and It would just end in a fight. And yes, people get attached to loot so when they get raided they leave the server. That’s just poor RP of their part. This has been a hot topic of debate lately and unless their are restrictions on building or it’s removed entirely (don’t care either way), people aren’t going to stop complaining. But you’ll probably see people argue to bring fences back if they are taken away. Welcome to being apart of a community.
  15. Try taking a read through this to help you out.
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