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  1. Wanted to include these screenshots from discord messages he sent me. After he was killed last night he sent me this message saying that he was going to kill off Charlie, so we roleplayed it as such: Then this morning he decides to flip the story and decides to heavily wound his character: Also, wanted to state he did give permission to log for everyone if that comes into question by the staff:
  2. Server and location: S1 - Chernarus - Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-07-09 ~3:00 - 3:30 Your in game name: Ivan Belic @cjackson821 Names of allies involved: Millicent Cibulkova @Millie Name of suspect/s: Charlie Hamilton Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Chat logs will show Detailed description of the events: So after some running around in Berezino, Ivan gets a radio call that he needs to come to bar and talk with someone. Ivan gets back and talks with one of his bartenders who says that the old doctor man, Charlie, had just gotten back and said he stopped a robbery and that the guys were on their way to the bar. The group decided there would be no direct threat to the bar, but the bar wanted to investigate Charlie's story. So, a small group heads to Krasnostav airfield because Charlie said that the shootout happened there. After arriving in Krasnostav to find nothing, the group heads to Olsha to see if anyone there might have heard anything {being that the airfield and Olsha are pretty close}. The group runs into two separate people, who both confirm that they were in the area for a while and had not heard anything. As this is going on, Charlie texts Ivan and says that there are suspicious people at the bar trying to steal the car out back, but we had one of our employees stay behind who confirmed they saw nothing going on while Charlie was messaging Ivan. At this point, the group was suspicious of Charlie. Unable to confirm his story in Krasnostav and now it seemed that he was sending false texts, the group decides to head back to Berezino to talk to the man. After getting back, Millie confronts him a little bit, but after getting no where, Ivan begins to question him as well. After Ivan begins to point out inconsistencies in his stories, OOCly Charlie insists he was having computer problems. This occurred for over 30 mins, in which time we were telling him OOCly to restart his game or computer. After about 3 times telling him to do this over a span of what seemed to be 10 mins, he finally does so. Then we wait around for 20 mins for him to come back. OOCly, we began to think he was stalling for friends to show up, since we began to get more blunt with the line of questioning and began to seem more hostile. We have people around start checking buildings and set up lookouts on the surrounding area, while Millie and Ivan stood around and waited for him to log back in. Once he finally does we get back into the roleplay. Ivan and Millie decided to initiate on Charlie to confront him heavily on his inconsistencies, which he seems to just be trying to skate around. Millie and Ivan bring him to the back yard of the bar to show him one of the inconsistencies in his stories and that is where they initiate on him. Due to mic issues, Charlie was using text to talk at the time. Once in the back yard, Millie asks him more questions where Charlie says "kill me." Millie asks are you sure that is what you want, to which he responds something along the line of "shoot me right between the eyes" so Millie obliges. Overall, the roleplay was just disappointing and everyone involved was a bit frustrated. We had about 7 or 8 people from our group invested in this story when Charlie began to insist he had computer problems, which we stood around for over 30 minutes waiting for him to fix. Then finally when he came back in and got initiated on, just to ask us to kill him. He clearly did not value his characters life and just wanted out of the scenario and with frustration of waiting around for him for over 30 mins, it was just annoying thats how he wanted to roleplay out his character. I only listed Millie as an ally for this scenario because not everyone involved in the group was there for the full thing and Millie and I were the ones in the backyard when he was killed; however, I can list all of our members involved in the scenario if requested by staff.
  3. I know you guys normally get a bad stigma around your name, but it has been good having you guys around. I've enjoyed the role play that we have had at the bar so far and I hope the symbiotic relationship of me feeding you alcohol and you getting rid of the thieves can continue. Keep up the good RP.
  4. I don't know how many times this idea has to be shut down. Like.... and.... and I can't forget.... Hiding the conversation behind a different mechanic isn't going to change anything. This is a repeat post of everything that has already been discussed in the topics above.
  5. aa.png.1712382ebf602913c9e7e3f30ba8e081.png

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      It’s the alcohol 😅

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      Alcohol guns.

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      Tell em its protected by the Tsepovs!

  6. I would like it.... maybe it would slow down the amount of people breaking into the bar every night. Also PSA..... the bar does not have automatic guns so stop breaking in and taking nothing because we all know thats what you are looking for and we don't have it..... thank you
  7. Me as I drive by your house....
  8. Server and location: S1 - Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-06-23 01:30 Your in game name: Ivan Belic @cjackson821 Names of allies involved: @Morytania, @Eagles Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Included below Detailed description of the events: As per usual, my friends and I were hanging out around the bar. As we were getting ready to leave for a little bit and walk around, a man walks in without any clothes on. His feet were bleeding because he did not have any shoes on. Everyone begins to offer him clothing and he refuses, however, he opts in for putting on a face mask from one of the tables inside the bar. Not really knowing what was going on, I went along with the roleplay and went in the back and grabbed shoes for the man. He reluctantly took the shoes and put them on. After he continued to run around, answer some questions with minimal response, and making threatening hand gestures. Then he threw up (don't know if it was animation or not) and bolted straight into the bar to the back, where it has been pretty well established that people aren't allowed back there. I chase him down telling him to get out and punch him as he begins to go through one of the barrels. He finally listens after being punched twice and exits from behind the bar. He was asked to leave the bar and continuously runs around. He pulls out his empty AK again and starts firing the empty gun through a window after multiple requests to leave. He exits the building and goes over to the tank. People continue to try and engage with him, but he runs off as I decide to head into the bar and go AFK for a few minutes. After I return from being AFK, the man is now trying to break down the door to the bar. I tell him to stop or he will be shot. I tell him to leave and he calls out to Hon Lee @TZ, who I originally did not know was there because I was AFK, so I thought he was trying to say he was Hon Lee, but after talks with @TZ I can see he was just calling out to him. I shoot twice to finally get him out of the bar. He runs out to the small horde of infected that came as a result of the gunshots. The guy gets cornered inside the bar as he runs back inside and the infected kill him as a result. Overall, the roleplay was quite troll like and clearly he was trying to frustrate people by acting childish. He continuously did not listen to orders to get out of the bar and continued to run around without any clothes on. I do not believe this character was acting realistic in anyway and was acting in a troll like manner. At the bar we try and promote good roleplay and I believe this was done in very poor taste and did not help further any roleplay on the server besides trying to gain a few laughs.
  9. Right. So me being a lone person (at first) with random people outside and then a group of randoms standing around with guns, after we had numerous break ins with people wielding automatics, why would I have the incentive to open the bar by myself? I think by saying we are closed at the moment was the proper RP reaction. And if y’all are so keen at reading the background to the group you would understand we don’t have a mob or mafia mentality. We were just moving illegal things around, a middle man as such. Not going around knee capping people (Which should not be taken in game).
  10. I didn’t draw any weapons, so where you are getting that idea I don’t know. I have a pistol and hunting rifle? Why would I pull out a gun? What would I do with 4 or more guys with automatics?
  11. Actually, let me tell you what I saw through my perspective. I woke up to a bunch of guys standing around a Jeep with automatics in their hand and blasting music. I’m not going to open the bar to a bunch of people with automatics in their hands, also walking around proclaiming to be a gang to multiple people standing outside. You don’t want to be treated like your 503, but you are maintaining a threatening manner and attitude.
  12. Honestly, never heard of you. Secondly, the goals are pretty generic for a pub until we flush out our own lore a bit more. Thanks for the feedback though.
  13. Thanks everyone for the support thus far, in game and out. and @TZ I’m holding you to it
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