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  1. Magnus was in school the day the infection first was reported in Norway. He knew about the infection from his father, a UN soldier, who just a few weeks earlier, had shipped out to Chernarus along with his squad. Reports on the news of what was going on in Chernarus was not really telling them anything. He never imagined it would hit Norway though, as he thought the UN would have it under control once they had boots on the ground. At least that was the impression his father had given him before leaving. "We are bringing the best scientists and quarantine experts in the world to stop this" he had said upon leaving. The rate of spread once the infection hit was frightening. Norway, it's "perfect" welfare and health system and all, was ill prepared for this type of outbreak. Add the several years of dismanteling the National Guard and Military to a token force, and the ensuing chaos and panic was unavoidable. The government crumbled within days. The second Magnus got home from school that first day, he packed the most nessecary equipment, clothes and canned food for the entire family, and got in the family car to head for their cabin in the mountains. This was something he had learned from his father when he was younger. Always be prepared. They got to the cabin safely, and were in good shape, having a privately drilled well for drinking water, and they were also good foodwise. After two weeks the radio and television was dark. There was no news anymore, nor any special emergency brodcasts. Just dead air.
  2. Is it allowed to create a character just arrived in Chernarus? I plan to create a character that's the son of a UN soldier that was sent to Chernarus to aid in the early days of the outbreak. After the outbreak spread to my home country, and my mother and two brothers died, I decided to go to Chernarus to find my father... My plan is for the character to only have been in Chernarous for two to three weeks... I came via the sea... Is this allowed?
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