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  1. I was looting the NW and as I walked through a door and a Mine blew up killing me. I have no clue who placed the mine. My Questions is if i make a report is it possible to get the person who did it?
  2. Tapole

    Whitelist status

    Good Move. Just got my application accepted!
  3. Tapole

    Official CS:GO Thread

    People this isn't a second account, i'm out to punish dirty hackers, including people who get boosted by them.
  4. Tapole

    Official CS:GO Thread

    [video=youtube] A short documentary on Karichi. Make sure to watch the whole video, the ending is well worth the watch.
  5. Tapole

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Kariichi interesting to see how you got your rank...
  6. Tapole

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Hi, can I get a Guid reset, thanks //Voodoo: SA GUID reset. Re-enter
  7. Tapole

    Adding a new weapon: MG3 ?

    I support this!!!
  8. Tapole

    Suggestion: New Skin Pack

    More Female skins need to be implemented into the mod!!!
  9. Tapole

    Favorite spawn location?

    Novy Close to all the RP!
  10. I would love to take part in this event! ------------------------- Name: Wowo Wendu Clan: none Role: contestant
  11. Brilliant idea but I think less depth would be better
  12. Tapole

    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    Hope it gets a bit more active!
  13. Tapole

    [PCB] Altar Castle

    Can't wait until it comes back!
  14. Tapole

    Pick up body script (Alive Body)

    I agree, if this was implemented then it would make the role playing experience much better.
  15. Most defiantly not a good idea.