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  1. I'm not being toxic about it. Me being executed I knew that was coming no matter what. The thing that I'm triggered about is that I was going to die regardless if I won the fight, or if I lost the fight, and it shows. The whole RP was good, can't lie about that, but me dying regardless if I won or lost is where I think is stupid. Last of me posting on this report unless asked a question, or requested. Don't want to spam it.
  2. I was not talking shit. I can't believe you would even try to pull that card. Literally the only thing that I said that might have been "talking shit" was at the start of the fight. I know for a fact that there was no way that you intentionally missed. In the video you even shoot me in the head, but DayZ is a bug and doesn't register your bullet since you were lagging. And even before you fire a bullet you were going to say "Joseph kill him" before you even realized what I said because you were lagging. Then when you realized what I said, then you killed me for what I said. Not hard to see right through your bullshit lmao.
  3. Server and Location: S1 - Kabanino Date and Time of Incident (Server Time): Some time in the middle of the day. Unknown exact Your in-game name: Owen Parker Name of Allies Involved: N/A Name of Suspects: Vitaliy Makarovich Friendly/Enemy Vehicles involved (If any): N/A Additional Evidence? (Video/Screenshot): N/A Detailed Description of Events: So I was coming from Vybor to Kabanino with 2 other people to see if anyone wanted to trade at Kabanino as I seen and heard that there were people building a shop there, so I was strolling along, and I saw green arnbands indicating it was Green Dragons, so naturally not wanting my stuff to be taken, I go into a nearby house with one of my friends and lock the door to get a better idea of what they are doing, and if I should go up and talk to them about trading. Both of us went up stairs and then aim down our sights with our snipers since binoculars are still broken, and I then see one of them coming towards the house that we're in, and walk out to show I'm not trying to harm them, or spy on them or anything, and we start talking and I apologize for aiming a rifle at them, and then me and my friend were taken hostage and brought into a barn. After being interrogated for about 15 minutes, I challenge them to a one on one fist fight to prove real power, and we make a deal. Before the deal I was told that if I talk shit I will get killed. The deal was that if I win the fist fight, I will be set free, if I lose the fist fight I will die. So I accept the fight and we fight for about 10 minutes, and I end up winning the fight. One guy said "Well, he proved himself." to which then another guy Vitaliy Makarovich, pulls an M4 to my head and says something, I completely forget what he says, and I then say since I was going to die regardless and found it was stupid how I was going to die I said "Your shots are shit anyway." and then I die. I do not have a video because I was told this was against the rules about an hour or so after the incident happened.
  4. Larry was a peaceful minded guy. In his younger years he loved to go outside and play with a lot of his friends. But as he got older, the world seemed to get darker and less forgiving. He suffered through a bit of depression during his teen years, but then ended up overcoming it a few years later. He always liked the idea for serving for his country and wanted to do it someday, and the day that he got notice that his father was KIA in the military was the day he knew what he wanted to do. He signed up for the Special Forces and got assigned his first mission only weeks after being enlisted. He got assigned to hold sniper support to protect the men that went onboard onto an unknown enemy battleship. When one of them got into a brawl with another, he accidentally shot a friendly in the left shoulder with an M24 sniper rifle from 874m, getting one of the Special Forces member killed. After being discharged from the military he went into a completely messed up mental state, constantly sad, and didn't know what to do with his life. After he heard about the outbreak in Chernarus, he quickly got a plane ticket, and headed there as soon as he could, to prove himself worthy of defending a country. After he got there he went to the nearest gun store and got himself a sniper rifle. After he got out, he got knocked out by an unknown source. Not long after waking up in an unknown location with a bag on his head and duct tape around his wrists, he ripped through the duct tape, and took the bag off his head to find that his rifle and his bullets were on the ground next to him, and a piece of paper saying "Kill all of them. All of the green. That is if you want to survive in this world." Will he take out all of the "Green" whatever that means, or will he try and prove himself. All he knows, is that he has to complete one of those objectives.
  5. Chaos

    S1 | Bad Rp, Cherno | 2019-02-28 03:01

    So I was by the well in Chernogorsk, when my friend was heading back to our base and I was going to catch up with him right away. He then yelled that he saw someone, since he was by himself he was scared as we don't like to be separated when we meet someone for the first time (for obvious reasons). So I was telling him to stall until I get there and we can sort out what we're going to do from there. So I ran over there while he was talking to Dr. Brandon, and I hid behind a little concession stand with my scope on Brandon just for my friend's safety, that's when my friend started to hold Brandon up and handcuff him, I then walked to the two of them to help rob Brandon. Realizing he had a few interesting things on him, and not much space to carry them, I was concentrated on getting all of the important things and pretty much went silent and told my friend to talk to Brandon so it didn't turn into Bad RP. As I was picking through his items and trying to get the most out of what I could, Brandon then started to call us "Dirty Americans" and continue to insult us as he was in no position to do that considering we had weapons that clearly had a magazine in them, and he was handcuffed. When I was done picking through his stuff, I made a burlap sack, gave it to my friend, my friend put it over Brandon's head, then told him to back up so he would go into the water. There was a little ledge in the way and I guess you can't jump when you're in handcuffs, so we told him to walk forward when he was facing somewhat towards the water, and then he started to walk on some rocks into the water, then I guess he got cut on the rocks since he had no shoes on, and a few seconds after that, me and my friend ran off into our base. That is about as much detail as I can even go into. Hope this helps.
  6. Chaos

    S1 | Bad Rp, Cherno | 2019-02-28 03:01

    I don't understand why you would need my PoV of the situation. I unfortunately do not have it, and why would I feel the need to even record it if there is nothing wrong?
  7. Chaos

    S1 | Bad Rp, Cherno | 2019-02-28 03:01

    I haven't been on DayZRP, but I do know a few things that I find are interesting within the past week about it. I find it interesting how Dr. Brandon muted his mic because he does not want people who review to know that he broke rule 3.2 and arguably 1.2. When we held him up, he started to call us "Dirty Americans" and continued to do so even when we had him at gun point, until he was told to stop or he was going to be executed about 2 or 3 times. I unfortunately do not have a clip or anything of the incident, because I didn't feel the need to. I find it absurd and I would love to hear a response to find out what part was specifically "Bad RP" and I will be able to defend it. If whoever the Admin is that makes the final decision, I don't want any consequences to happen to Dr. Brandon. If you want to contact me on Discord about the incident my Discord is
  8. Owen comes from a small village just outside of a nearby city. Being an only child with not many friends at all, he had spent a lot of time with his parents, or more specifically, his Dad. His Dad owned his own personal shooting range and Owen fell in love with guns, and became a gun nut. Since Owen loved guns so much, that's what he occupied himself with most of the time. His father owned a gun shop in the nearby city, and sometimes on weekends he would bring Owen to the shop to check out some of the weaponry. Owen's mother died of Cancer a few months before the infected were all that was left of the world and devastated Owen and his Father. Owen's Dad one day was on his way to work, and saw what looked to be a car crash into a telephone pole, and decided to stop and see if the person needed help. As he was approaching the vehicle, an infected came up behind him, and took a big chunk out of his right shoulder. Owen's Dad then fought off the infected, and called 911 as fast as he could, and was rushed to the hospital. As you could guess, the infected dominated the hospitals, and that's when IT happened. Owen quickly packed his stuff up, including his Dad's trusty and iconic M1911 handgun, pocket knife, and a few pairs of clothes, and caught got on the first plane that was headed to Chernarus, where his best friend Joseph lived but unfortunately the handgun being confiscated in the process. When Owen got to Chernarus he quickly realized that finding Joseph was not on top of his priority list anymore.
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