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  1. Went to a hMy character is going to be "Jimmy Farlander" I am a 17 year old. I'm Canadian. I was a High school student and a McDonald cook in Canada and went to Chernarus on vacation with my Dad " Jake Farlander" (my friend will be rping this part) hes 34 and he was Syrup Tapper and a Lumberjack before the outbreak. We are looking for a group or even a small town to live in just some type of civilized civilization to live with. My father doesn't understand the dire situation in my eyes. He thinks this whole thing will blow over in an instant just as soon as help comes. We have seen some extremely harsh things... the worst was watching a 10 year old girl getting her brain blown in. I honestly have just ready'd myself for the worst situation which I pray will never come.I have sadly watched my father murder a man in cold blood just to get some food for us... He killed him over a can of beans. He tells people the only reason he did it was because the man was looking at me weird and gave him creepy vibes but its all lies. We both carry small guns me I carry a 12G Double Barrel shotgun and my father carry's a single shot rifle. We survive by moving around place by place looting and eating any small amount of food we can find. Which often leads to us running from some people well I cant even call them people they are dead but yet somehow alive. They have white eyes with no pupils and rotten flesh. Jesus what has the world come to. igh school up in Hamilton and worked for a McDonald's. Played high school football and lives with his dad.
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