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  1. Born and raised in Chernogorsk in a low-income neighbour in apartment block, lived through the civil war as a child, average school student, sometimes vulgar but overall nice guy.
  2. Furlean

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I'm all for RP, even unconsentual sexual encounters. BUT.. it has to be done right. These things are real life events that happen to victims and it has to be set-out accordingly. However, rape could be considered power-gaming under: 3.6 You are not allowed to force an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. This is called power gaming. I feel 'Beyond what the game mechanics allow' should be better elaborated or re-worded as even I am not 100 per cent sure what that means. The DayZ world is a dark world, and terrible events like the collapse of law and order can bring out the worst in people. If you are going to commit rape IG, make sure you research it and act it out appropiately in the psyche of a rapist. I feel less rules on RP would be best, as it allows for less 'restricted' encounters and less safe space. Being uncomfortable about a situation 'in-game' is your right, but the terrible things that occur in real life, also that can be reflected IG, are factual and have no care for your thoughts or opinions. We have to learn to differentiate between RP and RL. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Don't stress too much brothers. My grandfather used to say "All the bad things that happen, appreciate the sun still rises tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day". Perhaps a bit cliche but its something thats stuck with me through the bad. Life is beautiful and most problems do have a solution.
  4. Furlean

    Food being rare: Discussion

    Food spawns for canned goods and the abundance of wildlife and vegetables/fruit are at a good rate atm imho.
  5. About to finish a leadership course, been a rough few weeks but did take a few pointers from old mate Harold. He's always been there for me.
  6. Good read! Very interested in this group due the hardcore side of it. Always enjoyed groups that immerse their characters with actions and relations ingame, the Perma Kill thing is also a good dynamic. May send a PM soon.
  7. Found an old photo I made whilst searching my laptop. Good days.
  8. Father Valerian picks up his radio, takes a deep breathe and talks into it whilst looking at the state of the church in Pogorevka. 'From the cleansing fire, a rebirth will commence, and a cycle of destruction and recreation will restore what once was In the town of the Remains of Fire by the Mountain of Green. This house will be our Peter, and on this rock, we will rebuild this church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I am calling upon any believers in the faith at their own descretion to this house, where they will be welcomed with open arms. These are the end of times but there is hope in Salvation from the Lamb of God in this Final Theosis we are all living in. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. Come find me and we shall walk towards a greater purpose and communion. Peace be with you all' Father Valerian picks up his bible and places it in his top pocket and begins to walk around the church.
  9. Furlean

    The Far Cry 5 thread

    Im really loving the storyline here. Its my first Far Cry game but I also see a lot of Far Cry veterans calling it "not to its potential"... in anycase, I like it. Some of the music, scenery, video clips is just breath-taking.
  10. Furlean

    [Open Frequency] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

    *Valerian sits on a hay bale in an empty field outside Pulkovo, staring at Green Mountain in the distance, with a radio in one hand, and a bible in the other, churning through the frequencies, he comes across the message of love and devotion, as he reads Job 17 from his Bible* 'By our Lord above, blessings upon you Father Moreau, I am delighted to hear a voice of reason and love. We have much to talk about and share. I am currently staying in Pulkovo albeit catching up on some needed rest very shortly. Was it the will of God that set the course for me to listen to you like this? There are many good people here, I am sure of it. You and humanity are not alone in this time of uncertainity. I will await you here. Becareful of the roads leading here, I was inspecting a Church just outside of the town, when I met upon a raggered and conflicted man but a man nevertheless. After showing him a painting in the church of Peter and Jesus and explaining the love of Christ even when Peter denied him, he decided to force his will and demands onto me at gun point. The last thing I said to him was 'I forgive you Otto' of which he was thankful for. If only more people were willing to forgive those who tresspass against themselves, just as our Lord and Saviour did... Anyways, *clears throat*, I am getting side tracked here of talking tales. Oh.. I almost forgot. I am Father Valerian. I will pray for your safe travels and deliverance. God Bless you Father. *Valerian lays on the hay bale in the field and lets out a sigh of relief, as a shooting stars appears from the corner of his eye*
  11. Valerian was born and raised in Chernogorsk shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union to a Russian father and Chernarussian mother. His upbringing were full of troubles as his father would often beat him and his mother due to his alcoholism, and ultimately, left the family when Valerian was only six years old, leaving his mother, Kristina to care for his little sister, Anna and himself. Valerian's direct family were not particulary religious but would attend Easter and Christmas Mass which Valerian would often refuse to go to. Valerian started getting into trouble in his high school years, often invoking anger and violence over his peers. With no real paternal figurehead in the house, Valerian descended into a state of utter depression and continued his down-spiraling behaviours. His maternal grandfather, Fydor was a very strict man and a Red Army veteran, would also beat Valerian due to his indolent behaviour and disrespect, albeit in a more controlled and positive manner. As Valerian grew out of his adolescent years, he understood why his grandfather was harsh on him, as he did not want his grandson to grow up to turn out like his father, to understand and learn the importance of family, sacrirfice and devotion. Valerian would go on to marry a woman named Valentina Kuznestov, a smart and beautiful woman who saw through Valerian like a piece of glass as they grew up through their teenage years. When he was twenty-one years old, he made the audacious deicison to give up his personal belongings and violent past to be inducted as a ordained priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. He first met his mentor, Alexander Petrov in Novigrad at the Orthodox Patriarchal Ecclesiastical School of Igor II who taught him the Orthodox liturgy and the act of teaching, preaching, counseling and exerciseing the ministries of forgiveness and healing as per the Christian instruction. Valerian's further studies would take him to Moscow, Athens and across Europe to further his teachings and learn the English language. He was finally ordained as a priest by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus', Patriach Cyril in 2015 after eight years of theological studies. Valerian was then assigned as a ordained priest in his home town of Chernogorsk were he invoked charasmatically the letters from the disciplies and taught moral lessons of ethics and philosophy contrast in a cruel world moulded by humans, just as his saviour had done over two millennium ago. In 2017, right before the outbreak, Valerian learned that of his sister, Anna, who was married as well was being regularily abused and beaten by her husband, Oleg Novak. When Valerian learned of the man's actions, he confronted him in their apartment in downtown Chernogorsk. A physical struggle occured between and two, with Oleg seeming to get the upper hand, until Valerian strangeled him in cold blood, leading to Oleg's death and the absolute shock of his sister. Confessing his sins to the local authorities the following morning, he was arrested and remained in custody in the local police precinct. On that same day, the military emassed in Chernogorsk for some strange reason, setting up roadblocks and moving large convoys of civilian and military vehicles as he saw from his cell awaiting court appearance. During the night, the entire city was in utter disarray with gun-fire, terrifying scretches and the screams of men, women and children. Valerian stayed up the whole night befolding the apocalypse before his very own eyes, before succumbing to exhaustion and collapsing in his cell. Valerian awoke pressumly after a short time empty, broken and alone, save the smell of burnt bodies, gun-powder and strange moans from whatever roamed beyond his small cell. Valerian moved to his cell door to call for help - but no one was there to answer. Pleading to God to forgive him, he leaned on the cell door on his knees begging for salvation, when suddenly, the old rusty cell door creaked open. A miracle perhaps? Or a concerned police officer who left it unlocked during the night?... Grabbing what supplies he could find in the station, Valerian set off to pick up the pieces and retrace his steps to find his family... more to come.
  12. I only wish we had airsoft in Australia. It really sucks how we really are the nanny state of the world.
  13. Furlean

    [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Good to hear you're back Rifleman. I was in your old group 101 "Pioneers" a few years back, I believe for a little bit of time from what I remember. Hope to see you guys around!
  14. RP hotspots are a real slippery slope as mathematically, the more players congregated in one area, the more of potential shit-storm may occur, however, you still find great roleplayers in those spots too from time to time, some people like the hotspots as it provides some sort of guarantee that you will come across players in your time online thus eliminating the time consuming part of looking all over the map for people. Roaming certain areas of the map is a good way to seek for adventure too because you may run into many good and bad experiences along your travels (with variable quality of RP as well). It also helps as well if you build your own player story with set goals based on your characters motivations, personality, traits and psyche. In combining those qualities and narrative, you will eventually collide with other player's stories in a "good" or "bad" way based on your actions and their actions. I believe that RP is the realistic experience of treating people as an end in themselves - what I mean by that is engage with people in a way that is beneficial for all parties. That does not mean you have to nessecarily always be friendly and open with every stranger you meet and RP under their terms, it just means you have to interact with people and their story too. Some characters may have little remorse when commiting hostile acts such as theft, murder, etc. but within a realistic survival game like DayZ, it can be presumed that themes as mentioned above would exist IRL in the same setting. Without "bad" characters, I can guarantee that DayZRP would be a very boring place and would not make for intense rivalries and storytelling. The main flaw I find with this theme is that we are creating that same environment in a video game with characters that can die and respawn with little to no repurcussions. It is inherit however that with roleplay games, one person's roleplay may also take away from another person's roleplay - it's a continuous cycle but there are ways to mitigate it so both parties can have a positive interaction. Some people would disagree with my view and points but thats how I have always interpreted roleplay. Those examples of roleplay scenarios you mentioned still do exist but in my experience, I find a lot of those scenarios have become more scarce as DayZRP has progressed in the last year. If you do click with certain people or groups, thats great! However, make sure the RP is still present amongst your group ICly and with others you meet IG. I have seen far too many cases of groups becoming desensitized to roleplay in their groups and it becomes a total OOC yap fest in TS. For some people, this is preferable .. again, these are just my opinions and observations. If you wish to read about how to perform or engage in good roleplay, there are guides on the internet and on this forum. I believe in summary, there are three main points to acheiving "Good" roleplay. Don't take anything to heart - don't co-relate actions and emotions IC and OOC based on others actions. Be creative and genuine in your character and narrative Treat people as a means in themselves, rather than as means to an end.
  15. Furlean

    Private Frequencies.

    The IG radios are much better than they were in previous installements. I like to use them from time to time and have had many good RP experiences with meeting some people I met like a week ago only to hear them on the radio.
  16. Matthew Ngata was born into a family of six in Auckland, New Zealand. His upbringing was rough during some parts, especialy his schooling years when he would often get in with the wrong crowd and flunk his grades. When the family would make family trips to the southern island of New Zealand, Matthew's uncle, Theo, would take him out rafting and canoeing in the many glacial lakes on the South Island. Eventually after leaving school with seldom pass marks, Matthew sought out a career doing seasonal tourist work in New Zealand and Australia. In the summer of 2017, his childhood friend Dylan who was also in the white water rafting industry, said he had a job lined up for Matthew in Europe. During the summer months, Matthew was in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria filling in temporary instructor spots, furthering his knowledge and technique of navigating the European rapids. Dylan then offered Matthew the opportunity of working in Eastern Europe towards the end of the summer,, and brought him to Chernarus, a relatively untouched country on the coast of the Black Sea. Dylan was beginning a small time rafting company in Chernarus, situated on the Upper Miroslavl River on the western slopes of the Black Moutains. Business was proceeding well, but unfortunately, the unexpected change of events in Chernarus set upon the two as they were taking a weekend break in Chernogorsk. Matthew and Dylan would spend a couple of weeks in the hostel they were staying at, awaiting for help with a few other foreign nationals. Weeks passed with no news of evacuations and violent gangs would descend on the hostel and take whatever items from the hostel patrons. The third time around, another group would rob the hostel with firearms and kill in cold blood six of the patrons, Dylan included. Matthew decided to run during the chaos to safety into the Chernarussian wilderness.. this is where his story begins.
  17. Furlean

    Dont ALT+TAB in hotspots.

    Keep your weapons on safety people or on your back when not required. Or just hit ESC before tabbing out. I dont think we need a rule per-say. Just a bit more common sense and weapon safety. You can't outlaw stupidity.
  18. Last time I was last kidnapped or taken against my will was probably Akrasia or Horsemen on the airfield. My fondest memories of kidnapping tho r back in mod when the SDS sold me as a slave to a French UN member who then released me. Good times.
  19. I'm impressed! The amount of preparation the Swiss have invested to combat a potential invasion is baffling! All those positions! Wow! In terms of the infection, I think it would be a good place to at least withhold the infection for a long duration. I assume infected humans would have some difficulty traversing those mountains.
  20. Furlean

    Winner Appreciation Thread

  21. Furlean


    My man! I think people kill with too much ease when they really shouldn't. Non lethal means of engaging such as punching others out or using the stun baton to knock out players should be re-iterated and given some leeway in the rules to allow for RP. Sick of this ruleplay/killplay mentality.
  22. My neck of the woods! Northern Territory!
  23. Furlean

    Please don't hate me...

  24. Furlean

    Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star [ChDKZ] - Lore Faction

    Looks awesome! Awesome backlore and it fits well too with ArmA 2 lore. It makes sense after the end of the civil war that many would flee into the Black Mountains or into Russia. Now with a lack of central government, it would make sense for the CHKDZ to return in a political sense. Looking forward to the RP! I think it would be good to understand this faction if they played the Harvest Red Campaign of ArmA 2. Wiki Link for ChDKZ
  25. Furlean

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Was good roleplaying with you guys last night. Props for the wolf attacks!
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