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  1. Australia

    My neck of the woods! Northern Territory!
  2. Mateusz Stanek

    Worked as a GP at the Chernogorsk Hospital as a trauma doctor. *TBA*
  3. Looks awesome! Awesome backlore and it fits well too with ArmA 2 lore. It makes sense after the end of the civil war that many would flee into the Black Mountains or into Russia. Now with a lack of central government, it would make sense for the CHKDZ to return in a political sense. Looking forward to the RP! I think it would be good to understand this faction if they played the Harvest Red Campaign of ArmA 2. Wiki Link for ChDKZ
  4. The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Was good roleplaying with you guys last night. Props for the wolf attacks!
  5. *Artur slumps over the railing of the balcony of the bridge of the Southern Moana, one hand grasp with a bottle of whiskey, the other with his mouth to the radio slurring his words, and staring off into the open sea* http://s0.vocaroo.com/media/download_temp/Vocaroo_s0tVJjLLuC5O.mp3
  6. What do you listen to ?

  7. When is it trolling?

    Agree and disagree. At the end of the day, this is a RP community. Realistically, Im sure there would be people severely affected mentally by the initial onset of the outbreak. Think about how you would feel if you were stranded in a foreign country with no means of reliable communications home or if you are native to Chernarus, coming home to find your loved ones gone or turned. Humour as it may be is a natural quality but the question where is the line drawn will never be answered. People in general have varying levels of RP. Some want immersive and realistic while others will have a more relaxed view of RP. Its all setting and place. Just my 2 centa.
  8. OR THIS ONE I think these videos would explain the plane crashing into the hotel quite nicely. (save the stadium part) .. but in all honestly, there are 1000 different ways the plane could of gone down.. leave it to RPers to discuss it and brainstorm what MAY of happened. Somethings are just meant to be left out of the story.
  9. Jánská (recruitment: closed)

    Love the trip advisor page you made for the group! Looks legit and immersive!
  10. Welcome back dude. Bet its been one hell of a time since you left for basic. Take care!
  11. What do you listen to ?

  12. Group Mentions

  13. Really looking forward to interacting with this group. Great to see how the lore will progress in the few months and the events in question that will influence interactions and RP.
  14. Artur Jiracek

    To come soon