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  1. You can find it literally anywhere. Try looting towns, cities and villages as well looking in cafe's, shops and office buildings because they have a room on the bottom floor that is loaded with food if no one has picked it clean yet as well as a gun on the top floor if your lucky.
  2. During the dev diaries they showed an image of a fresh spawn in comarrison to a more dared survivor. You can get new clothes to replace old ones but unless they add in hygiene options like shaving you'll eventually start to grow a beard.
  3. Just weapons and magazines as far as I can work out. I doubt you will be able to create your own art ever in Dayz with spraypaint, It's too open to trolling. A Mod in the future perhaps. Very true, that sucks tho, would love to be able to do graffiti in it You could tag a clan mark onto the wall of a building you use as a base, let everyone know this territory is claimed. Yup, and it now runs at 10 FPS no matter what I do. Was on yesterday and didn't see anyone even though the server was full. No robberies for me then Can I ask, do you rob people ro get robbed? If you're the robber please don't say you kill them after, that would suck.
  4. No admin tools = no passwords. aaaaaaaand facedesk Please excuse this lengthily post, I tend to like speaking my mind... I watched this video on DayZ SA called How not to be a NOOB on Dayz SA and to be honest I liked it. It's more for new players like me but the information is invaluable and helped to feel a lot more passive about KoS Bandits from this quote: 'Without KoS Bandits I wouldn't have any real competition in DayZ' So think of them as the Ai Henchmen in video games that are there to give the game the action it claims to have. Zombies are a threat but until they start spawning in large numbers the Bandits are your main source of enemy. Players with a Bandit mentality aren't always KoS though. I was robbed once and then he gave me a knife, water bottle and a wrench to keep me going. Although i was angry that he managed to get the drop on me when I had a rifle I felt better knowing there was at one least bandit who didn't KoS. If a bandit asks you to stop and you have no possible way to fight back then you can either leg it and maybe escape or stop and let him rob you. If he kills you anyway then he was going to do it anyway be it if you were standing still or trying to run. My general on meeting new players, it's the silent ones you have to watch out for. For those who would rather help a survivor than kill him but are killed more often than given the chance to be helpful then here's another nice quote from the video: 'Even if you're killed 99 times out of 100 trying to help a survivor that single survivor you did save would have found it worth it' I like to help people as much as I can in DayZ so because of that I like to think I'm heading up that morality path in the game. Here's a link to the video: Last thing. If you get Killed on Sight and wonder why EVERYONE does it but you then just take pride in that your better than the trigger happy Bandits be it a group of them or that lone Bandit. That lone Bandit is alone because he shoots all his potential friends, see what I'm getting at? And if that doesn't work then just remember I don't kill on sight either so there's at least 2 of us out there. Good luck
  5. I wonder if anyone has ever put this idea out about how to keep KoS junkies out of any official DayZ RP Hives for Standalone? Basically I was wondering if the server would be password locked so that only those who are active members of this site can join in. The password could be put onto a new thread only accessible by members of the site (eg. not guests) and this password could change on a random basis encouraging those serious about the RP to keep up with the thread and get the new password. This way, unless one is truly desperate to be an ass wipe and ruin the RP, it should reduce the Kos people/Trolls dramatically who will hopefully just go into a normal server where they can show off their proud idiocy elsewhere. I suggested this because I'm tired of heavily armed people coming down to the coast and actively looking for fresh spawns to shoot. To them it may not be so bad since they've only just spawned in but that's a dick move, full stop. I've never done any DayZ RP before but I can only assume that any serious roleplayer will want to save that ammo for something worthwhile instead of shooting down fresh spawns. Also nothing irks me more than finding someone whose literally been made into a blood fountain courtesy of someone's M4 and unless people like to keep hitting dead bodies with an axe I stand by that claim.
  6. Not all children are like that, myself as one of the younger members can still RP as good as you older lads. Despite some of the REALLY young ones that don't have any idea of the concept of survival. We're pretty cool I understand that, when I was around 14 I would have most likely been friendly as well but when I talk about kids on DayZ I man kids as young as 12 or perhaps younger who can't quite grasp how the DayZ community works. I want to be able to run into someone and, yes, feel fear but not automatically reach for my pistol and shoot him when he doesn't put his weapon away right off the bat. I didn't mean all kids
  7. Has anyone ever had a problem with kids in DayZ SA? Kids are going to play the game despite the 18+ rating and I wouldn't complain if it were any other game but with DayZ I just feel that most of the squeaky voiced little buggers don't grasp that the game is more than just 'Killing people to survive'. Case in point, I'm leaving the NW airfield after looting a ton of ammo and decent gear as well as an M4 and Magnum all loaded up when I come across 3 survivors. At the airfield I had been attacked by an axe maniac but thankfully I had the ammo to put him down although it cost me a fair bit of health. Now these 3 survivors, they seemed shifty so I held them and waited for them to go around me but I failed noticed one sneak to the side so when I was moving to walk away one gets me in the back with an axe. I turn to shoot him and hr gets hit but no he lands one more hit and i die. The player was a kid or at least one of them one was because they spoke over a mic. I had said I was friendly and his companions didn't try to kill me either but this one basically went into berserk mode and smacked me down. Either it was a clever ambush or they were just KoSing. If you had the option would you report a player if they turned out to be too young to play the game? I think for a game like DayZ it would be a good idea, let the PvP nuts go back to Call of Duty and let the adults play DayZ with a bit more maturity instead of just mute gunmen.
  8. DayZ Sith Lords shall never corrupt me!!!
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    Tamingatche91 - Tamingatche91 I'm friendly if you are
  10. I'm shaking in my boots, maybe we'll share food. OH THE HORROR
  11. Good evening gents, I only have Standalone for the time being but I hope to see some of you soon. I'm extremely new but if your nice to me I'll be nice to you but chances are I'll be nice first
  12. I've respawned twice since playing. I never played the mod so I went in a complete noob but I don't think any newbie can fail as much as I did in my first five minutes of playing...I died in under five minutes... How did this happen? I walked into a house and saw a nice pair of boots. Knowing that they can prevent injury made me go 'Ooooh boots' but before I could pick them up two survivors came in. No hello or verbal exchange of any kind. One of them just punched me in the head, knocked me unconcious, and I decided to just respawn because it was taking ages for my guy to wake back up (bugged?). SO I spawned again, this time a little more fearful of the human element, and actually did quite well on this guy. I was defenceless when a Zombie attacked me so I ran through a house, closed the doors, and managed to confuse it long enough to get away but for some reason they clip through doors and fences so it was only temporary safety. I lost the Zombie though and managed to find some loot. I was bleeding though so I had to rip my shirt and use it for bandages but it wasn't long before I was dying of thirst. I managed to sate my thirst and hunger but my wound was infected so I was sick and not doing too well but I had a weapon, new clothes, bike helmet and a backpack so I was in good enough shape to risk a trip into a town I happened across to find some antibiotics. I didn't make it before a Zombie knockeda guy number 2 unconcious...he lasted 1hr and 30mins... Character number 3 is a woman, I didn't pick it I wanted my dude back, and she's 2hrs or a little more old and still alive with a bag full of food and drink, a weapon, screwdriver for opening cans, helmet, backpack, torch and even firewood and I'm on the outskirts of a town. I need a new weapon so will so go into after college... That's my DayZ experience so far and I'm loving it!!! I agree, I'm totally new to anything DayZ and I want so badly to be a friendly survivor and I will die for that belief even if everyone else is a KoS kind of guy but when you get beat to unconciousness within your first ever five minutes of anything related to DayZ then your faith in other people is shaken. I was gutted that my first experience with a survivor was like that, my introduction to DayZ was quite frankly awful but I persisted and have had fun so far with no more encounters with any players. If someone attacks me and I manage to knock him/her unconcious I'll probably just heal the poor bugger and leave (may or may not help myself to some of their loot) so that person learns that not everyone is gonna kill you and hopefully be nicer in future. In conclusion - People hate chatting - People love using their fists - Zombies are funny - I'm still going to be friendly