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  1. The only further thing Ill add is that I said that 1 of the 2 people i R.P with in the situation was good. The one that was screaming at me to shut the fuck up while I had not said anything but some grunts and coughs, sticking a rifle barrel into my chest, was the bad one. When the poor initiation was dropped there was no one that I could see within 5 feet of my character, and Eric was straight across the engine block from me. Frank never shouldered a rifle to my knowledge but I got a little nervous for myself when I was SHOT without having a weapon in my hand at all. Eric was also killed in that manner. Neither of us made any kind of move that would imply we were not going to comply with your demands. 1 person had weapons out in our party once we started to fix the car, who wouldnt pull a weapon after someone seemingly crashes into us on purpose. When your group never said a word we figured we would try to get the car fixed before you guys robbed us, which is what i knew was going to happen to us as soon as your crashed into us. Out of all the initiations that have been dropped on me this was by far the most hectic and confusing situation that ended in the wrongful death of 1 individual. Frank should not have ran or at the very least should have holstered his weapon when the terrible initiation was dropped but that fact is the initiation was so confusing he probably didnt know it was for us three. i have no video proof but the initiation was not specific in anyway, with only a "PUT YOUR HANDS UP PUT YOUR FUCKIN HANDS UP" being said. Not one member of our group had even left the car so there is a mistake on your part about who you saw looting the town, also at the "barn" as you say. If you did see us repairing our car then your robbery must have been premeditated and you must have decided crashing was the best option to stop us, since you say you had been talking about it amongst yourselves. again i do not have video proof but i have the software so next time we wont have this he says she says back and forth. just truth
  2. Henry Heller POV My friends, Frank and Eric, and I had just gotten to the outskirts of Topolniki when we see another car in the distance approaching us. We moved to the right, as is our driving custom, and the approaching car seemed to stay in the center of the street. As they got closer the approaching car seemed to swerve into our car, which had no room to maneuver as we had moved as far right as possible on that road. When the crash was over we all got out of the car and made some noise to simulate a car crash victim, some seemed lacking, but as we assessed the damage to the car there was not much being said by any side other than Frank asking one of the opposing sides member to holster their weapon as it made him feel uncomfortable. I believe he asked him that 2 times before there was a shout to "Put your hands up" and no more than 1 second later people started shooting, Frank jumped a barrier wall and was instantly pushed and shot dead, Eric didnt even have time to react to the demands before he was slaughtered, I myself got a bullet while I was holding a battery to replace the one that was damaged in the crash. Had Frank not ran that barrier I feel I would have been killed, as I had no time to put my hands up before being shot. My friends lay dead and my hands are raised and I received poor hostile role play from one of the 2 people that I actually interacted with, Erik I think was the name of the bandit that actually supplied the best R.P throughout the entire encounter. He told me that they were a group of bandits that were just going to do what they have to do to survive since the russians had pulled out of the region. I have no problem with bandit R.P. but I feel very strongly that this was done poorly. I do understand that there was a car to fix but it shouldnt have taken more then a couple minuets with 2 people to fix a car that had crashed into an identical car that had the needed repair parts, let alone the 4 or what seemed like 5 of them. To me that feels like our car was fixed ASAP and our robbery was purely gear based and had no R.P. intentions. When they did leave I was left with no water to speak of and almost no food, granted I was not far from town. This on top of the poor R.P and what seemed like the unfair death of my friends has left a very bad taste in my mouth. Before the "initiation" happened, if you could call it that, a member of the bandits group approached our car and seemed to be surveying the contents, not long after that is when they dropped the "initiation" again if you could call it that. I would also like to add that I believe this group has robbed me before and the bandit R.P. that I received was also very poor. I may be mistaken but I do not think so. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence but I feel this has been a violation of the NVFL rule and 2 Invalid Kills.
  3. Thank you I will try this. *Thank you this worked, I also unchecked the world box and that seemed to help aswell.
  4. Whenever I load into the server my character is horribly disfigured. Is there any remedy to this without having to euthanize the poor soul? If I load the game vanilla then my model on the home page is not disfigured but that is not the case with all the mods loaded in the proper order on the RP server.
  5. You had not said anything about being thirsty until we had already told you to raise your hands. I personally gave you water from the only bottle I have. You drank the entire bottle and vomited. You looked rite at me and vomited on my shoes.
  6. Eric and I were robbed along the roadside leading to Berezino, Jack and his crew came to our aid lead by Frank and we decided to go the pub in town to see if we could locate the culprit. As we searched the town and asked the residents a man runs up to us and says " Hello person I just robbed", with that Jack and his crew told the man to raise his hands and follow us to a building where he began saying he was very thirsty, We attempted to give you water but your character was sick and vomited the water I gave you. I went to retrieve you more water and i told you that IC and you even replied to me. When I returned you had already expired.
  7. I hope charcoal was there.
  8. Max was born in the United States in 1992 to parents of low income, while he was a young boy he would watch crop dusting planes fly over his family farmstead and dream of flying himself. When Max was in middle school and high school he was an avid RC plane flyer and builder. While Max was in college he watched the events of 9/11 unfold on a t.v in a Mcdonalds with his brother Steve and their friends. Max felt fear and hatred and the desire to enlist all at the same time, he joined the Civil Air Patrol and was an Cadet Airmen when he decided he wanted to use his love of flight for a different use. Max decided to use the money he had saved up from farming and his service to purchase his own Cessna 182 and fly relief aid and supply runs into run down, inaccessible, or war torn regions of the world. Max was chartered by the Livonian government to transport supplies and small weapon caches to certain coordinates in Livonia no questions asked, at first Max thought this all sounded good until he found a crate he was transporting not properly fastened shut and saw that he had been hired to transport weapons. He decided the pay was worth the risk and continued to fly for the government until the pandemic grounded all flights that were non military, the holders of Max's contract saw that as his contract being null. Max was grounded and isolated in a foreign land doing anything he can to survive, with anyone that will help him.
  9. When Henry was young his parents lived in the United States and owned a farm. When Henry reached the age of 17 his parents signed off for him to enlist in the National Guard. Henry spent 4 years with the National Guard bridge building unit, after he finished his time with the National Guard Henry joined a private company that was being contracted by eastern countries to help build and design new bridges and also reconstruct bridges that had been damaged in the civil unrest that had plagued the region. Henry found himself arriving by company cargo jet in the early days of 2019 in Balota and moving with his team north. Upon hearing the news of his sister having a newborn boy Henry tries to fly out of country but as he prepares to board, all travel is shut down and they are all told to unload their belongings and leave the plane. Henry is trapped in a foreign land, scared and an outsider.
  10. The server should be left up in my opinion.
  11. I have been playing on s2 all day?
  12. Not mistaken. I'm on s2 chernarus and I had to enter the password to get on. Same character I played when I was online last night on s2
  13. Is the second server up all the time or is it only active when the first server hits a certain player number? Curious because I can find it on the server list but I cannot see it listed on the forum home page.
  14. Chimmy Chonga


    Deer isle is dead on Friday
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