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    You need the more guns mod from the workshop aswell
  2. Chimmy Chonga is a Bolivian/American journalist who was sent to Chernarus by NBC to document the spread and effect of the infection. He is a tall white man, even though he is Bolivian he gets his skin color from his mother, with dark brown eyes and dark brown/black hair that curls slightly on the end. He has minor training in wilderness survival and has had moderate practice and training with firearms, his dad being a weapon enthusiast. When Chimmy arrived he was only on site for a day before the airports closed down to international travel, trapped Chimmy turned to his source in Chernarus, someone who went by the name of Postman. Postman had told Chimmy of the turmoil the Russians have been causing in Chernarus and had shown Chimmy his shelter under his home, but when Chimmy returned Postman was gone and the shelter appeared to have been ransacked. With no where to turn and no one to turn to Chimmy Chonga sets out in the hostile environment of Chernarus alone, scared, and .... Foreign.
  3. I am new to the community and looking forward to good R.P times.
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