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  1. Operator Kratos, the corperations secret weapon.. But biggest fear. Kratos was made to do many unpleasent things while he served the corp but that all changed the day they turned his back on him. His team was sent to retreve a highly irradiated sample when they were jumped but an african warlord and his men who had been causing the corp great pain in the region hence why kratos was deployed. Regarless there was too many kratos was captured and taken deep into africa and turtured for months on end. Cut, beaten, shot the list goes on. Until one day he was pulled out of his cell and sat down at a table with the warlord and one of the higher ups. They struck a deal for potius to work in the region but no negotionations were ever disgussed for kratos realese. The exact words that came from the suits mouth was "keep him. No lose ends" enraged by this on his way back to his cell to be beaten some more kratos crushed to guards necks with his bare hands and too theyre weapons and equipment and slaughered the entire camp encluding the warlord himself. Kratos processed to interuprt all corp operations in the area killing any potius reps he saw or found. He used scavenged equipment to buy himself a way out of africa and to south segoria. "im coming R"
  2. Corey Nines, Born December 7th 1995- had a rough up bringing, his father was a drunk and his mother a "town bike" Nines was constantly in trouble. fights, vandalism, drunken disorderly, assault the list goes on. he never payed attention is school failed most subjects except art he loved to draw, thrown out at year 10 he tried finding work to support his pregnant girlfriend but had no luck as people dont employ people with criminal records and fuck ups in school, the military was his last resort. Nines wasnt fit by any means of the word so he had a lot of work to do, especially with his obedience problems he found himself being push harder then everyone else during boot camp purely because he was a smart ass who never learned, never the less he completed his training and was shipped to south sagoria with very little knowledge of what he was walking into or why he was being deployed all he knew was he was there to take orders and assist marines inn the area. when he first got boots on the ground all was quiet... too quiet. out of nowhere gunfire erupted his heli piolet was shoot dead and he ran leaving all hi equipment behind and ran for cover, he turned back to the piolet and within seconds he was furiously lashing out, moaning and screaming with pure death and rage in his eyes with a hint of blood. Nines frozen in fear was struck to the side on the head by a buttstock and awoke on a beach with nothing. alone, scared and hurt he tried to seek out what military remains.
  3. deployed by the umbrella corporation to Chanarous as part of the second wave of enforcers to help escort Prime Researchers in colleting blood samples. currently lone wolfing it after being split off from the squad somewhere in the south whilst on a sample collection mission. nothing new for Lion as he prefers the quit and his own company, no mistakes. Lion is current separated from his squad after a sample collection Operation went wrong down south, primary objective relink with the squad.. or whatever is left of them. All known family of Lions is KIA but he doesnt care they all cut ties with him the moment they fund out he was enlisting in the Potius Cras Core.
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