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  1. God damit, just as we in the US are getting the FTC to investigate loot boxes. As long as they remain purely cosmetic and you have access to the stores inventory (at a higher price), I’m okay with it.
  2. +1, Yeah, bipods are pointless, and new players put them on their rifles then can't get them off.
  3. So... I was just at NW airfield on Server 2 this morning. I found 5 M4's. Do with this information as you like, but I am speechless. I'm not bragging; I'm saying the spawn rate for M4's this morning was insane.
  4. *static fades out* This is Sgt. Rusty Anderson of NATO, We received your message and our disheartened by the news that your charity organization, a beacon of light, is being sacked by raiders and the war lords of Chernarus. I have been ordered ,by top brass, to extend to you an invitation into NATO. We want to protect your interests and values in order to help the people of Chernarus thrive were the basic of necessities are so hard to come by. If some desire, but skepticism, we are willing to protect you if we were to make a deal in the realm of the possibility of a future integration into NATO. We both seek to help the people of Chernarus, and we feel with your help we could create a strong relationship to help the Chernarus region immensely. Over... *Static resumes*
  5. Well, I would love to see that, but there are 2 problems. 1. Server lag would probably increase to a high rate. 2. People bitch about any changes that make the game harder. I would propose a another idea, increasing the zombie spawns in military bases and large cities (Cherno, Novodmitrovsk, Svetlojarsk, Severograd, Novaya Petrovka, etc.)
  6. M4’s aren't supposed to be common, they are supposed to be rare. You can’t expect to walk in to a mili base and get premium loot. I am going back to my previous statement that people are relying way to much on military loot, and should focus on rp. Having more spawn in isn’t lore friendly, and having more people running around with military gear will not help rp. I recommend you either lower your expectations, bargain with a trader, or keep looking.
  7. I want to see more civ clothing. I would love to see clothing related to fishing, religion, hunting, police, and Chernarus.
  8. That’s exactly what players with my opinion are trying to stem, people still value gear more than RP. The amount of military gear available isn’t helping rp, its hurting it. You are right that we are trying to make this our own little immersion, but RP also revolves around the lore and the setting. The amount of mili loot, or at least its availability, violates the lore and setting in my opinion. Trying to encourage people to rely on military loot less will aid RP in the long run.
  9. I want to make a proposal that I think would work very well if possible. Instead of decreasing the spawn rate for military gear, lets increase the amount of zombies at all military bases to make it a risky and dangerous place to loot. This would hopefully prevent new spawns and lower tear geared people from looting military bases until they could get better civilian weaponry. This could possibly increase more group rp because people might want to work together to increase their chances of extracting the loot they want. I still feel that the spawn rate is high, but I think this is a good way to curve it. Otherwise, only spawn rates I still want to be edited would be ammo and frag grenades. If you have players throwing grenades because they're bored or have to make inventory space, thats a sign they are too common.
  10. Well fun is a matter of perspective. I agree with cooper that spawn rates on military gear are to high. I think the game would be more fun with less military gear in the world.
  11. You get a big fat +1 from me
  12. Hell Yeah, Would love to see some paintball guns. Great for close combat training exercises.
  13. Chernarus's main religion would 100% be the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is not considered a western religion. While adding a turban would be great, holding priest cloths from being added to Dayz RP until a turban gets added is in my opinion silly. Adding priests cloths to DayZRP doesn't mean the community or staff express support for Christianity over Islam. Providing for all sides also includes providing for Judaism, which means we would have to add a Kippah. Not against adding a Kippah or Turban, just think we don't have to wait for all clothing of different religions to be modeled instead of releasing on availability (would have the same opinion if turban was ready, but not priest outfit)
  14. Gonna through another gun out there. The Baikal Model 27 is an over-under shotgun produced by Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod. Similarly to the Izh43 Shotgun (planned to be implemented to Dayz in future), the Baikal Model 27 could be sawed off. Reasoning: Over-under shotguns are kind of a staple to the survival genre. Under-over shotguns are extremly common around the world for hunting, home defense, sport shooting, and competition. An under-over shotgun was in the DayZ Mod. Also, thought it was weird Bohemia interactive is adding an over-under shotgun to the new Arma 3 DLC rather than DayZ.
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