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  1. I really like my M4 so far. Red dot, have two coupled mags and a cmag (160 rounds in mags) as well as some spare ammo, bi-pod, Magpul(MP) stock, suppressor, just missing the MP hand-guard I want...maybe a flashlight...not sure if a bayonet would be useful too or not.
  2. StevenCrux

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    I like the idea of hardcore because RP server in first-person locked sounds like something I'd like...though I'd oddly like 1st with cross-hairs(for great RPers who aren't great FPS players), and name tags(to properly recognize and to avoid ID and teach people NOT to meta-game), as well as maybe tracers for realism (every 3rd round in military mags is tracer, as well as the last few to show the need to reload)....but these are my thoughts...I enjoy my current gear...so normal is fine... Just the 1st person lock sounds awesome, cause I always want to RP in 1st but know I'd be at a disadvantage at times. PS: Everyone heard about the Guba upgrade? lol
  3. StevenCrux

    Guba - The Beginning [UPDATE 30/12/2013]

    I've gotten close, don't play SA much atm, but if I remember right I'm in berezino, have some nice gear, and should get to Guba next time I play.
  4. StevenCrux

    December 2013 News

    It's a mix of pink and purple! Hmmmmm, alright but it looks more purple to me. Purpink Grats to all the promotions. Didn't get to see Gijs in action much, but he made a pretty good first impression on me during the end of his staff-run, o7 Gijs. And big grats to Dax, been a big help since the first time I hopped on TS.
  5. That looks like the addon folder under @DayZRP to me (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@DayZRP\Addons), and not the arma II addons folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2\AddOns)that was the issue with your commander attempt. All your @[ModName] folders should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead (Glad we both use steam, makes it easier to get eveything right, =P) PS. Right now DayZRP is using a vanilla Epoch setting, so no custom content yet. SO as the server has been mostly full, you should be able to search for any Epoch Chernarus server to test if you have it working (using DayZ Commander).
  6. Well you're no longer having issues with files from @DayZRP, but the ones being listed now should be in your Arma 2 addons folder. I see you use steam, so you could try to make sure games are updated/verify files. According to commander you have the right OA beta, so that's good, I would use steam to verify your Arma 2 files. EDIT: Also if that doesn't work, try deleting the files in that pop-up: acex_sm_c_sound_men.pbo acex_sm_c_sound_veh_armor.pbo acex_sm_c_sound_veh_helicopters.pbo acex_sm_c_sound_wep_crack.pbo acex_sm_c_sound_wep_explosions.pbo acex_sm_c_sound_wep_impact.pbo
  7. That makes it look like you're trying to launch the Epoch server with the @DayZRP folder active, that folder is needed for S1 but NOT needed for Epoch Chernarus. Use DayZ Commander. Make sure you have no @ folders in your launch parameters (you can still have -nopause or -nosplsh, etc) and Epoch installed, then try double clicking DayZRP's Epoch Chernarus server, should launch it with the correct things. Also heard it might help to check off override next to DayZ Directory (in DayZ Commander settings) and set that to @DayZRP instead of @DayZ.
  8. I'll take 12. The fiance (plays DayZRP with me currently) doesn't have SA yet, and my dad got it for me for Christmas so *fingers crossed* this could make things easier once RP can start working into DayZ:SA
  9. I would live with a "Shoot second" rule. I'd rather be teamed up with as many humans as possible, rather than lower the human to zombie ratio, but if someone tried to kill me I'd try to kill them first. Most bandits are power tripping, treating it more like a "fall of authority" apocalypse and not a zombie apocalypse, I feel. Clan VS Clan is one thing, but bandit clans robbing a loner or a small group of survivors never seems logical....maybe their too lazy to scavenge/remember there's zombies and feel it's easier to rob for supplies...I have NO clue, just don't get bandits, lol.
  10. Yeah I learned that if your "Posts:" doesn't say 1 or more, you aren't activated....I made an hello thread, it didn't work, I had to comment on another post, BUT I see your count as 1, so I take it you've done this, and should be WL'd in no time.
  11. StevenCrux

    Hunting Season! (WORK IN PROGRESS)

    Yeah I like this idea, being a non-hostile player I don't get much reason to shoot things other then zombies, and never hurts to stock up some food, haha. Hopefully I can get a decent rifle/ammo by the event.
  12. StevenCrux

    DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

    I just am not a fan of PvP in most things (Outside of GW2's WvW, I sort of enjoyed, and the occasional BF4 session) Think my DayZ record is 0 PKs lol
  13. StevenCrux

    DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

    StevenCrux - StevenCrux I'm pretty darn friendly. Sad that even on non-RP server, I never shoot first =/
  14. Yeah, I think in an apocalypse people are more likely to squat in a found "base" or even fortify it more. BUT most bandit groups go against my logic as it is...acting as if it's an anarchy world (man VS man) and not a zombie apocalypse (Man VS Zombie) so I guess it depends on the person. I'd maybe search an open base that looks abandoned/half-destroyed, but would never break in to a place CLEARLY build after the apocalypse, I wouldn't want anyone else to do the same.