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  1. Yep I was the one @AndreyQ yeeted from 1000 yards.
  2. Saline

    Alans Wanderings

    photos of the wandering of Alan Dickerson
  3. Klim was born in 1990 in Novigrad. Born into a middle class family to a Russian father and Chernarussian mother. Klim grew up in a small inner city flat with both his parents working long hours in order to make ends meet. Growing up in the political climate in chernarus Klim was exposed to all sorts of insane and extremist politics especially from his father who was an active member of the Chedaki. From this Klim learned the principles of communism, guerrilla warfare, politcal intrigue, and propaganda. All throughout his teen years Klim was heavily involved in the group eventually becoming an active member of the paramilitary wing. Klim was 19 when the civil war started and saw heavy fighting from day 1. Klim fought throughout the entire war even loosing his father in the fighting but vowing to continue the fight even though the war would be over soon. After the war Klim went to work in a autobody shop for a time until the outbreak hit and destabilized everything all over again. With nothing left to salvage Klim joined up with the rest of the Chedaki trying to make their way after the apocalypse.
  4. Saline

    United Nations: Media thread

  5. Saline

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    No but when you operate in a war zone sometimes the lines get blurred and things get messy. This was a series of events that ended poorly and we are sorry for that. But to simply chalk this up to robbery is wrong.
  6. Saline

    United Nations: Media thread

    Construction has begun!
  7. +1 from me. Just because somebody was on final at one point in time doesn't mean that they haven't learned anything or changed their outlook on the community in a positive way since then. We should definitely be careful about it but its not a bad idea at all.
  8. Saline

    United Nations: Media thread

  9. Saline

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Time to do some "peacekeeping".
  10. Azhar Hassim was born on May 6th 1985 in the small village of Kohat in Pakistan. As a boy Azhar played and wandered the fields helping his father and siblings tend their herd of goats. As a young teen he opened up a roadside stall selling food to travelers along the route. From this he met many people and learned several other local languages. When Azhar was 15 his village was raided by local militants and they kidnapped all of his siblings to fight for them. After this his parents moved to Peshawar in order to salvage what they could. In Peshawar Azhar first encountered military culture and took to it readily. He imagined himself as a soldier fighting the same rebels that stole away his siblings. When Azhar was 18 he joined the Pakistani Army. In the army Azhar flourished and rose quickly to the rank of Lance Naik and then sometime on to Naik. During this time he read many books and even learned Arabic and English as second languages. After this he was asked to be part of the Pakistani contribution to the UN security forces. With his knowledge of Arabic and English he was a obvious candidate to help out in the new conflict in Darfur. Azhar readily accepted this assignment and so began his career as a UN Peacekeeper. During his year tour in Darfur Azhar proved himself to be an invaluable member of the force and time and time again made himself indispensable. For his performance in the line of duty he was given a promotion to Havildar upon his return to Pakistan. This all coming just in time for him to be deployed to the Democratic Republic Of The Congo as part of the pakistani contribution to MONUSCO mission there. After his experience there and his run ins with malaria he returned home only to be deployed again this time to a little known country called Chernarus.
  11. "Everyone has bias" no shit Sherlock everyone knows that. But from what I see nobody on the staff is particularly biased against or for any one particular member of the community. Do some people get off light while others get hit a little hard? Yeah that's going to happen in any system its just the way it is. But are false reports on people going through just because the staff doesn't like the person its made on? No. There is a baseline of bias of course, but nobody is actively witch hunting other members they do not like. Lets be real here guys the system isn't perfect but its the best one we got right now.
  12. As an avid report reader I can say that almost every verdict I've seen Randy post has been spot on. This is a case of people jumping to conclusions just because they see RP behind a name.
  13. Saline

    DayZRP Minecraft server

    Welp time to break the play streak.
  14. Saline

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Welcome back
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