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  1. This one is for the true sons of Dixie.
  2. Very nice Pepes sir.
  3. For all the true Irish out there.
  4. *Azhar hits his PTT* "What do you even mean? If you are asking why we are here we are here to spread the word of Islam it is not complicated reasoning. You and your false Muslim friends will bend to the true will of Allah." *Azhar releases his PTT*
  5. The rules are simple take a Pepe leave a Pepe. Of the 2 below the first is a rare Japanese watercolor Pepe, this Pepe is highly prized among collectors for its artistic ability and the emotion it encapsulates. The second is the highly prized workplace safety Pepe only appearing at the safest of jobsites.
  6. Y o u c a n n o t c o n t a i n t h e m.
  7. No thanks on this one. 100 people makes cars almost unusable most of the time and contributes to the unbearable lag when it rains or in certain places on the map. 2 servers with less pop is a good idea and it solves a few of our problems. Keep it the way it is.
  8. Had great RP with the boys tonight hunting down infidels. @Diamond @Apollo @Blake @[email protected] Viking @Wendigo
  9. Building bases is a fundamental part of the game limiting that to only approved groups takes away RP from everyone else. If the goal is to reduce clutter maybe add some kind of building decay or decrease the despawn time would probably be the best solution.
  10. Yep I was the one @AndreyQ yeeted from 1000 yards.
  11. Saline

    Alans Wanderings

    photos of the wandering of Alan Dickerson
  12. No but when you operate in a war zone sometimes the lines get blurred and things get messy. This was a series of events that ended poorly and we are sorry for that. But to simply chalk this up to robbery is wrong.
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