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  1. Mahlatsi Musebe was born in Soweto, South Africa during Apartheid to a very poor family. He was raised in a very strict household, his father was a strong believer in God and a heavy anti-Apartheid activist. From a young child, Mahlatsi was introduced to the word of the lord by his father and was a frequent attendee of Sunday Church Service. Being surrounded by violence and poverty all his life he developed a very strong and powerful relationship with God. At age 16 he decided that he would chase a career with the Church. He started preaching often during Sunday mass in his local parish and soon became very popular among the locals. By age 20 he became the lead pastor and became a pillar of his community. His work became popular nation wide after a video surfaced of his rather outlandish ways during his service. He would become extremely loud and passionate when preaching, almost as if possessed. He would be seen using disinfectant products and strange meat products known as Muthi, a mix of human and exotic animals used to cleanse evil. This gained a lot of attention in the media where people would travel from all over the world to attend his church in order to be cured of supposedly incurable diseases. He soon found himself raking in cash moneys. He became quite wealthy from all of his attendees and used this to spread his influence. Eventually the authorities decided this was too much after many people were being injured and even killed from his unorthadox practices. The police issued a warrant for his arrest and as a result, he fled the country. He moved north to Zimbabwe where he lived for some months until threats came from the Zimbabwean government about his arrest. He was given the opportunity to travel to Chernarus when one of his fathers friends who assisted in the Anti Apartheid movement offered him a place to stay temporarily. He saw this as an opportunity to establish a new parish in a new country. He arrived in Chernarus and found his new home to be rather comfortable. He soon began preparations for establishing his new church when the outbreak hit. Mahlatsi was shocked and interpreted it as the rapture. Having not ascended, he initially felt he was viewed as a sinner by God, but convinced himself that he was chosen by the lord to remain behind and cleanse the earth of the evil which now walked it.
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