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  1. ShadyPT

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need to change my GUID and STEAMID please. //Will need an explanation, please come to the help desk- Echo
  2. ShadyPT

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID and steamID change please. // Owen GUID and SteamID reset. Please enter it on the whitelist page.
  3. Hello, I have a DayZRP account for like, 1 year or more ago, and, in the other day, I was going to play with a friend on Arma 3 Server, I came here to the website, Standalone, Whitelist, and it was asking for another apply when i've done that 1 year ago, I need to change my GUIDE anyway, but, it shouldn't be asking me to do another application. Anyone please help me.
  4. im just commenting this for no reason
  5. I like every show where someone gets kill loool jk
  6. ShadyPT

    Dakar 2015

    I don't have favourite driver, but i really like Dakar, i like to see the cars and trucks, i love motorsports
  7. ShadyPT

    Official CS:GO Thread

    anyone wants to play?
  8. only 10 download and 1 upload :'(
  9. ShadyPT

    Random funny videos thread

    i can't stop watchin' those vids
  10. ShadyPT

    Swat team arrest CS:GO streamers.

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