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  1. Gale's parents put him up for adoption at birth, and was adopted by a Catholic orphanage. They sent him to a Catholic school when he was four, meeting his two soon-to-be lifelong friends, Marty and Micheal. Gale was the victim of intense bullying due to a dumb play on words: Gay-l. He soon requested his name be changed to the coolest one he could think of: Rex Thunderstorm. His guardians finally agreed after intense nagging by him, but no one really caught onto it, despite his pleas. Gale's uncle eventually showed up to see him when he was in his early adolescence, and he took him for a ride on his motorcycle. Gale was instantly obsessed. There was nothing Gale wanted to do more than ride a motorcycle. He bought a moped to get him by until he was legal age to own a real vehicle. As soon as he turned 16, he got his license, and as soon as it was lawfully possible, he bought a motorcycle. Gale always obsessed about how looked he looked when he had his helmet on, and from then on, he never took it off. He was solemnly seen without his helmet on, only by his two closest friends. His two friends both made themselves nicknames that rhymed with Gale, but Gale, to this day, despises them. Gale and his friends all applied to work as pizza delivery boys, but only Marty and Gale got the job, as Micheal was far too irresponsible to drive a company vehicle. They both worked this job, along with attending small wager races around their city. There was one particular race that peaked their interest, which brought them to Chernarus. Once they got there, they realized they didn't have enough money to go back, and the race was their only chance of leaving. They all failed miserably. After this, they formed a small-time gang which they dubbed "Gale Motorcycle Club", with the two friends given the rank of VP, in order to make them shut up. When the outbreak finally occurred, they all drove their bikes around frantically in order to avoid being killed. They eventually lost their bikes, through a number of factors. They now roam Chernarus, seeking fame, and fortune.
  2. That was the most enjoyable torture I have ever endured. I was genuinely naïve at the beginning, first real contact with players. It was envigorating, wish that server crash could have held off; you will be seeing me around, unfortunately for me.
  3. Keith J. Fledger is a Canadian Journalist that came to Chernarus seeking to document the neglected story in Chernarus during the Civil War of 2009. His articles and videos were ultimately ineffective, drawing very little attention from the west. He was quickly running out of funds for his projects. With nothing to show for his effort, he sold what little he had left and bought a small home in Miroslavl. Knowing very little of the local dialect, he found a Cherno-American named Florence Kimbell, able to translate Keith's new stories geared toward the local populace. Eventually, after a few years, he obtained a solid grasp of the language, and Florence only edited small mistakes in his papers. Keith became a fairly well-known name around Chernarus, and many enjoyed tuning in to his radio news programs he hosted in the evening. He eventually made a documentary entitled "Triumph After Tragedy" documenting the inspiring recovery of the Chernarussian people following the brutal Civil War. It received critical acclaim in the West, netting him a considerable income. With a large amount of funds at his disposal, he started a ambitious new project that brought him to South Zagoria. That's when disaster struck. The CDF quickly evacuated him from the hotel he was staying in, and in the midst of the confusion and terror, lost all of his crew. He was brought to a refuge station back in Miroslavl, where he stayed for a couple of days. Terrified, and missing his home, he snuck out of the camp. Miroslavl was overrun that day but luckily, Keith had time to flee while the infected were preoccupied with the camp. From then on he spent most of his days squatting in numerous areas of lower activity, spending his time getting equipment together. But eventually, the overwhelming urge to go back to his calling finally overtook his urge to be safe. Today is the day Keith reintegrates himself with society. Or what's left of it.
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