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  1. Kaj

    [Epoch] Trader cities neutrality.

    The Epoch economy and base construction is a lot of fun, the only thing that really ruins it is the weapons dealer and most specifically the black market dealer. Remove those or at least make it so you can only buy/sell the common weapons.
  2. Kaj

    DayZ Standalone Update

    Better they postpone it for a while then release it unfinished a la EA and disappoint everyone.
  3. Yes, remove traders please. At the very least, balance them somewhat. Personally I don't like the currency system and much prefer just trading items for items with other players.
  4. Kaj

    Frozen's Christmas Give Away *Closed and Updated*

    Put me down for 9 please.
  5. He recoiled backwards and stumbled on a rock.
  6. A funny but very helpful video, thank you.