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  1. Kayden Jyo About Kayden was born in Houston Texas. Moved to a small town an hour or so away from Houston. His father was a police deputy for most of Kaydens life. Around age 15 his father was voted Sheriff. Around age 20 his father was voted mayor. His mother owned a hair stylist shop. A year after Kaydens father became mayor Kaydens mother fell ill with cancer. Eventually dying, a few months after her death Kaydens father committed suicide. After the funeral Kaydens brother was deployed to chernarous. in Kaydens 20's he was a deputy for about 10 years. He was super lonely and had no one. He was voted sheriff a few years before the outbreak. Once the outbreak hit he stayed sheriff and worked with the mayor to protect the town. There town was also working with Houston sharing and trading resources. Jacob Matthews mother came to Kayden after the houston police said that nothing could be done about finding Jacob Matthews. He had been missing for 2 years. Entering chernarous Kayden and two deputys drove to a known cherno Russian hideout. They parked in the back woods and the deputys surround the compound with rifles. Kayden walked in with only a pistol holstered and before he could even speak the chernorussians forced him captive. Outside the compound was a plan. there were about 7 chernorussians in the camp. two inside a large tent with Kayden and the rest outside eating and guarding the plane. The deputys shot and killed all the chernorussians outside as there were no stable cover and they were in a valley, so the deputys had the high ground. whilst they were sniping the chernorussians Kayden took out both chernorussians in the tent with him. The deputys have no clue how. Once the compound was taken the sheriff and one of the deputys hopped in the plane. The one deputy knew how to fly. the other stayed back and called for backup to bag and tag. Kayden and the other deputy flew off heading for chernarous. When entering the chernarous border a chernorussian jet immediately signaled them to turn around. The deputy was about to start turning but Kayden said not to. "Were going to be shot down." Said the deputy. "They wont shoot us." Replied Kayden. Rounds exploded into the plane one nailing the engine as it sputtered out fuel. It was just waiting to explode. Kayden watched as the jet flew over the plane and was circling for more. Kayden looked down to see blood exiting a fresh wound from the rounds the jet just shot through the plane like paper. The wound was located through his left side. around his rib cage. there was an enter and an exit wound. He was close to passing out but as the plane fell through the clouds he saw the outline of chernarous, a parachute landed in the sheriffs lap as he heard the sound of wind burst into the cockpit. "We gotta go!" Yelled the deputy as the jet could be heard flying for go #2. Kayden unbuckled and strugled to get to the back of the plane. He equipped his parachute and saw the deputy jump. He was about to jump as the chernorussian jet came by shooting more rounds into the plane. A bullet hit the side of the plane igniting flame exploding the plane. Kayden looked up at the peices of the plane. Barely making it out alive Falling....
  2. IntenseGeek

    Change back to 100 cap on the server

    Agreed, never have problems with infected but yet I died to them 5 times just this last weekend, I was inside of a house and it killed me from outside. Also it’s not my internet because everyone else around me was fine and I could talk to them normally as well.
  3. Father Trylo Trylos parents were very Light Christians, he was a single child and had a lot of attention. They went to church once a week or so. Trylo had a few close friends, Born and raised in Nashville Tennessee. He loved his life. But one day the terrible Happened, His father was off work and his mother was a stay at home mom. Trylos Father decided to go with his mother to pick him up from school, On the way there they swerved trying not to hit a homeless person on the road and hit a Electrical pole killing both of his parents. Trylo waited hours at the school, around 5 pm some police took him to the station where he spent the night that night. Trylo was 8 at the time and had no idea where his family was. Soon his mothers parents showed up at the department and ran to hug him. They then told him what had happened in the best way they could. "Your parents have gone a way for a while, we are here to take care of you for now." Trylo didnt understand but was ok with it and went home with his grandparents and a few days later he went to the funeral finally understanding what had happened. His grandparents were heavy Christians and made church his life. Trylo soaked up everything he could and every bit of detail made him feel a little better. He slowly got rid of the rocks he had been carrying from his parents deaths. At age 12 he was baptized and at age 16 he became the head Youth Group leader. At age 18 he went to a christian college and learned even more about christ. 2 Years after that he returned home. Soon after he learned they were building an addon church across town, that would fall under his main church, and the preacher asked him to be the preacher at the new church. He accepted and became a Preacher at age 20.
  4. IntenseGeek

    Frequency 94.6

    (Jacob listens for a while, deciding if he would respond) (Jacob presses down the ptt button) Hello? t- This thing on? I usually work with towers, so i- -er here at zel- gorsk, if y- need food or water- green- -outain (The Frequency fills with the light humming and fizzing of static)
  5. (As this is a tower, responses cannot be heard)
  6. (This frequency Has been quiet for many weeks now...) (The last time it was used, it was very hard to understand and most of it was in mores code) (The frequency Crackles alive) He- lo C- n (Three Beeps are heard from the frequency after this... A few minutes later a large screeching sound is heard for 5 seconds.) Hello, i am Jacob Matthews. Ive spent 2 weeks getting green tower at an operating level. I have re hooked Zelenagorsk's civilian generators to the towers main components and hooked a field transceiver to the main-frame box on the outside, allowing me to speak. As there is no room on-site that has a way for me to communicate. It took me a week just to get a Transceiver box. (A couple of loose coughs can be heard, as a small break follows) I had tried to get the towers on the airfield working but there was to much gunfire attracting to many infected for me to get anything done. I was working on tower one when i fell from the very top due to a infected. I have no idea how im alive. But someone helped me out as i was left in a forest. With bandages rapped all over me. Listen, ive gone off track. Im looking for my brother. Gerald Gerald if your listening please come to green mountain i will be here waiting for you arrival. I know your alive as ive met some of your friends who have spoke to you recently. Listen to me bro. You have to get here im depending on it (More coughs follow) If anyone knows Gerald and can give him the frequency i would greatly appreciate it. This message will be repeating on this frequency until i get ahold of Gerald. Ill be here. (Some kind of tune is played and the broadcast is replayed from the beginning)
  7. (J says farewell to Daniel as he limps toward a small woods just near the top left of the northwest airfield. Half way to the center of the woods he falls to his knees throwing up pure blood all over the ground. He wipes his mouth and struggles to get up, so he scoots himself against a tree and catches his breath) (J struggles to keep his eyes open, but pulls out his journal and starts writing) Its only been 4-5 hours since my last entry... But i needed to write this because im not sure im going to make it. Im scared... Ive never been this scared in my life actually. I was just robbed... but thats not why im scared. Im dying... and i dont know why. I thought it was cause my shoulder was infected but i dont know, it shouldn't make me throw up gallons of blood... If i die here, whoever is reading this, here is what i want you to do. Take this book and keep it. Search for my brother G- Gerald He will he. (A large line his lightly trailed from the period) If you cant get it to him or dont have time to find him, dont pick this journal up. Wait for someone who will. (J pauses from writing coughing viciously and spitting blood into the grass next to him) Alright, now that is out of the way, ill give a... a run down of what happened... This all starts a vybor. I was laying down in a locked room up in the factory when i heard shooting. Of course it was from the center of town. So i got up and walked towards the town, when i got there i found 4 people lined up in a line staring at me. A Russian/Cherno Russian, (I dont know this stuff) a american, a brit, and another american. It was a... different group. They were so friendly. They honestly reminded me of a super hero group. Because they all had their own unique style. Anyways, we had been talking. The usual, just learning each others names and such. Told a few jokes, involving a disco ball and a handful of autistic kids. (Not explaining it, im not in the mood) Well eventually one of the Americans (A girl in a purple sweater/jacket and white skirt/shorts) Had spoke of a ETA and that they would be late. Well... In college i was taking classes in journalism, and i can smell a story when i hear one... (Dont ask) But anyway, i stayed out of it and didnt ask many questions. Had to be safe with this group.) We all ended up spliting up and i headed for the airfield. It had only been 5 minutes or so and i seen a infected sprint past me full speed, there was a little ditch sperating me from seeing what it was chasing so when i got around it i seen the cherno Russian/ Russian and The girl in purple so i announced myself and told them i wasn't following them and that i was just gonna pass by, but they sparked a conversation and we talked for a few more minutes before we split up around the barracks. Hours passed and the next thing you know im in novya petrovka. To find it empty. Nothing like what i had heard about. Anyways... I had broke my pencil and was sharpening it when i heard a shot around the church so just in case it was my brother or Daniel i ran over towards it, for it to surprisingly be, the Cherno Russian/ Russian and The girl in purple I anounced myself once more and had gathered alot of .45 for the cherno russian/ russian as he had asked for some last time we had seen each other. So i gave him 25, 24 and a box. There was 15 other bullets but i threw up on them sooo. Yeah.. Anyways we were talking like normal and i mentioned the eta thing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You know... i smell a story when i see one, what was that eta thing all about. Wanting to be alone and stuff?" My Journalist side was peeking out... "I think the alone part really summed it up" Said the girl in purple. "Im quite full from the pick-nick" Spoke the Cherno russian/ russian (Or something like that) "Yeah that pick-nick was really good" Said the Girl in purple Something was off i could tell... but before i could question further i spotted a man opening the doors of the church The weird part was that they already knew who it was. They said "Thats bobby if he pulls a gun out... shoot him..." Edgy, so i decided i would talk to him to see if i could make sure no one was gonna get hurt. So i went up there and talked to him for a while. He was fairly nice, but again something in the back of my head felt off. Minutes went by, apparently they wanted to "Take a stroll after the big pick-nick they had" The way they said it was weird. fake feeling. Any ways Bobby (Whom, by the way. Is a ex savior) really wanted me to come with him. I was gonna go till i learned they were going to tisy. It was to far. Dont forget i was still waiting for Daniel. Anyways i said i wasnt going but he begged me to go, and as i said yes, he told me to raise my hands. The girl in purple looked surprised and shocked at first and said "I didnt know this was the one" "I didnt know we were robbing him" But she raised her gun as did the Russian on queue with Bobby. My heart dropped. How could my Friends do this. Well, i always had a history of trusting people to quickly... (Jacob stops for a moment, adjusting his seating position and stretching his back.) (His finger was rapped in paper that was most commonly found at the bottom of a ammo box, he unwrapped it and rapped it with some ripped cloth. It was bleeding significantly.) They started bringing me into the church, we were half way there when my radio lit up, and beeped. I forgot to turn it off.... "im in novyia now... im at the saviors old base, Where are you?" It was Daniel, fucking perfect timing man, God. Anyway, of course they heard it... and instantly asked who it was, but there was a problem... I couldn't remember his name "my friend, my friend i was telling you about." "Ok drop one of your hands but dont try nothing. Now Jog" He took me into the church where he made me drop my bag and vest. They took me into the corner. "Guys, theres a problem with your plan, my friend is here. In novya. if he comes around the church in hears us he will attempt to kill you" A large silence occurred, but after few seconds... he dropped a radio, infront of me "Your going to pick that up, and say exactly what we want you to say, you get me?" "Dont tell him about us or anything you understand?" "Tell him that your fine. And ask him his fucking name" This was going to be weird i thought as me and Daniel had know each other for at least a week and then they want me to ask his name? I guess it was my fault i forgot it. So i transmitted a message. "yo im fine, just lootin" "Whats your name again" We waited, and waited. A few minutes and a response came back. "Daniel, yours? I forgot too." "Ask him where hes at" said Bobby. "Look if you and your friend play nice no one will ge- " I cut the girl in the purple off, "Im transmitting..." I pressed down on the ptt button and spoke regretful words. "Jacob, and uh also where you at?" "water pump" Said Daniel "Head to the church, im here" They ambushed him and a few minutes later there sticking a knife through his chest. Not stabbing, but. Torturing him. I dont know... only a day or to ago he was falling into the green dragons lap. And this time around he was... Being sarcastic, kinda like me. Any way i wish he'd didnt cause they beat the fuck out of him. And well, i was done with listening to it. After some words exchanged. Bobby came to me... The funny part about this, is that the girl in purple was practically whining about how she didnt know we were gonna get hurt and blah Blah Blah He begun to beat the shit out of me, and then started again. But the girl in purple tried to Stand up for me I told her straight to her face "No, you signed up for this shit. You cant just plan to rob somebody and then remain innocent" Or something like that. Think i got cut of when i was knocked to my knees... This guy chopped half of my fucking middle finger off. Dont know how i feel right now, think i just tasted how this world is. But the way i tasted it was fucked up. Gonna get some rest. J.
  8. (Jacob chucks his journal at a tree and leans against a half finish watch tower in novya, out of breat, he holds his shoulder in pain and begins to slowly walk towards his journal, picking it up as he walked by it) (A few minutes later hes popping off shots at infected from a silo around the factory) (J had never been to novya and had no idea where the saviors were) (J sits down in pain, after shooting the rifle so many time his already-sore arm was destroyed) Lies its all fucking lies. Lies God why do people fucking lie. Shit. FUCK- (It looks like the pencil broke here...) (sweat poors down J's face, hes still heavily breathing) This is so fucking pointless but i have nothing better to do. Gerald man... god i hope your out there. Im so fucked man, i cant think straight man. God i miss college. Why cant i go back. Damn im really going nuts... Look novya is a lie, its empty. No ones here. I heard a week back that it was the main area to trade and my best chance to find my brother. Well its a fucking lie i- (The writing stops here) Some guys just rolled up on me, looking for some cannibal... I dont know it doesn't matter right now. Apparently novya fell and the people who ran this place has been disbanded. Something about the main leader dying. God this was my only other shot to find Gerald, and now im here. Waiting for d- David? No uhm shit. Doesn't matter. Im waiting for my gay friend to get his lazy ass up here so we can find this Transceiver, and get the fuck back south. I checked all of the airfield... empty.. god damn, FUCK Im so fuc- (It looks like the pencil broke here...) (J falls backward laying his back on the metal paneling of the silo/oil tower around the factory, he shivers from the cold metal. Before J could finish sharpening is pencil, shots are heard around the church in novya) (He goes to investigate)
  9. (Jacob sits near a crackling fire around 3 am in the morning, doodling and writing in his journal) Im in vybor now, i have gotten green mountain working but the site has no area to broadcast. Meaning no microphone to talk through. I decided that i would head up to the airfield to find a Field Transceiver. The reason i need one of these is cause i can take a few screws off of it and plug it into the mainframe circuit box on the top of green mountain. This is the only thing i need to be able to start broadcasting for my brother. (J would turn his head making it pop and crack as he stretched it) My shoulders have gotten worse, ive begun to start throwing up and i feel more tired... more often, i cover this up with a sarcastic attitude, and a joking personality as i cant look weak... Not around here... I met a new face when i went to zelenagorsk his name is... I think it was d- David ... Daniel... Yeah his name is Daniel. Any way, hes different. I would say friendly but he beat my ass up a couple times on the way here to vybor. The farther i go up north the more silent it gets... Its weird, because i feel like i hear more shots up here but it still feels so quiet and... calm. Dont know, i just know that i promised this kid a ride out of this place and im hoping i can keep it. I mean, Tobes said he would be listening for a broadcast on the frequency he gave me. The problem is i only have enough juice to keep a repeating signal up for 50 seconds. I mean if i add the extra to gens separate from the four i already have connected, its possible to hold a broadcast for 3 minutes. but thats still not enough time if Toby is in class. And keeping a repeating signal up for 3 minutes will be taxing on those civilian generators. Im afraid that if i go for any longer then 5 minutes ill blow the electrical compound. I mean a 3 minute signal will at least fry to gen's. Im worried that this plan is not full proof... Doesn't matter... Main focus is finding Gerald and this Field Transceiver and getting the fuck out of here. Anyway's... Im just gonna wait and see if D- Dray... Daniel decides to sleep in. If he does ill just keep the door locked from the inside and slide a note underneath telling him where im going. (Shots are fired very close to J's camp as the sun begins to raise) Shit.... Got to go, i hear shots. ~J
  10. Keep in mind that I’m behind on my journals so this could of been weeks before recent events,
  11. (Jacob leans against the railing of the green mountain tower as the refreshing wind blows past him.) (holding his journal in his hands setting it against the railing and tapping his broken pencil against it) Its been awhile... 3 weeks or so since my last journal writing. I cant do this anymore... Ive yet to find my brother. I had went south and checked his house... It was empty. Also checked most of the UN military outpost's, to no surprise... Nothin.... Im about to head into town and re route the gen cables so i can get green mountain tower working. Im going to use the same frequency i tried at the military airfield. I still dream about the fall from that tower, yet to understand how im walking on both legs today... Im a little bit better but i got shot trying to talk to people in this green mountain tower. I was talking to them and they continuously told me to go away. Me being Me i didn't and they shot me in the shoulder. In my defense i had knew the people who had set a outpost at green mountain and when i found them all dead i was 70% sure it was the guys hiding in the top. Anyway, im fine now i guess... just feel off now-a-days. Ive treated my arm the most i can, ill be fine. Im gonna head out to zelenogorsk and re route those cables... wish me luck. ~J (There would be old blood droplets all over the paper and the writing) (When Jacob had finished his writing he shoved the Journal in his pocket and layed the broken pencil on a wooden crate. Shutting a open circuit box as he walked by it and slid down the ladder to the very bottom closing the gate behind him after leaving towards town)
  12. Wasn’t me, Ive been down by the coast for the last few days and I don’t know any of those names.
  13. Idk what the small pic is... i tried to remove it. More entry's will follow
  14. (Jacob is walking on a long field hes holding some wooden planks as he heads in to the Tree line using is free hand to rub the side of his chest Jacob lays down his planks and exhales as he sits down against a tree) (He stares past the field toward the town he was just at, he sighs as he pulls out the pencil he just found and pulls out his Journal) (Jacob laughs and wonders why he is doing this...) (Jacob aggressively chucks his journal into his bag and breaks his pencil. Throwing the pieces far.) (He exhales as he trys to get up but failing and being forced back onto the ground)
  15. IntenseGeek

    Gerald's journal E1- Whats your business here?

    Was about to make a journal entry today as well
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