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  1. Totally agree with this. But either way, such a cool feature. Hope it sticks around.
  2. I love it... Seriously, nice job. Novo QZ hit me in the feels, and bus scene had me laughing my ass off.
  3. Thanks to everyone for that rp last night! Been struggling to find people to kinda stick around with for more then a few minutes. Enjoyed it! @Miamomoh @groovy lamb @CormacLR @Jean -Enjoyed watching the shooting practice. Made things feel a lot more normal- @Cas and @Banshee -Yall kinda had me dying im ngl. Hats off to that ??- To the two other guys on the dirt road that I dont remember the @'s of as well. -Loved seeing the brotherly shaving and tweeting and shit. Was pretty funny.- As i said thanks to everyone for that rp. Had a bunch of laughs.
  4. I guess ill put this here? (Forgot to use the fucking format oops) Forum username: Geek Type of creator: Video Editor Thread link:
  5. Another sunset together... Hmmmmm ?
  6. *Tate Would smile a bit, responding* "Im doing alright. A friend of mine is really sick though. Im in the area of electro Ill be here for a few more days maybe longer. Just depends on when he gets better."
  7. *Tate Would speak into the radio sounding very monotone and out of it. Wind can be heard, may be on a high building of some sorts?* "Ok. Good to hear. See you soon?"
  8. *Tate Would pick up the radio shaking, speaking as softly as he can* "Rakeesh are you o- al- alright? Whats going on?"
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