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  1. IntenseGeek


    Prolly the funniest moment ive ever seen ig https://streamable.com/57ypsh
  2. -Mothers Map- -Table of contents-
  3. Was quite friendly
  4. T w a s Fun getting held up. Havent seen lots of you guys since mikey on livonia
  5. Server and location: Server 1, NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/22/2020 23:14 ish Your in game name: Adrik Vlenovid Names of allies involved: @canadian_boi @Aldebaran Name of suspect/s: @burRP @TurkRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A truck, (That was stolen) and a BMW (That we used to chase truck) There was a blue BMW driving around but i dont think it got involved Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None hoping some of the others may have footage of the event. (Will start recording now though) Detailed description of the events: So! I wake up after taking a quick nap at zelenagorsk and see a truck pass me heading for the zelenagorsk gas station, (A truck gotten from the event) I yell at them to wait. They stop. I get in and we play some music on our way to NW and arrive driving to the ATC Tower. From there everyone gets out and heads into the tower. We find some people taking a hostage but brush it off because there is an event going on. But then we see our truck dusting off into the distance. I rush down to a grey BMW and steal it to find the truck. I Find it abandoned at the air field by the arma 3 baracks. I Ask a guy to drive it back to the tower with me. When he goes to get in it there is already someone in it. I ask if the man in the driver seat stole it and he says no and that he will drive it behind me back to the tower. Well he doesnt and takes a left and i loose him again. I Grab 3 other people and we go out looking for the truck again. We find it and have some laughs while chasing it around in circles. The driver lags out of the server and we all get out of the silver bmw. I then Initiate on the passenger and the driver loads back in and i initiate on him as well. The man that was with us in the silver bmw with a pink armband then initiates on me without even giving me 3 seconds to comply he mows me down. Then turning towards the other two people that were in the silver bmw who now had hopped in the truck mowing them down while they were stuck sitting and couldnt comply. I seen this as my screen faded to {You are dead} I believe that this kill was plain RDM as he did not even give me time to react before shooting me.
  6. Thanks for the rp, and as Death said thanks for the live music. Was pitch perfect
  7. IntenseGeek

    Delta Rebellion

    Delta Rebelion
  8. Such a sad ending, who knows what the future holds
  9. IntenseGeek

    The Ending of Micheal Brown

    Mikeys last moments...
  10. IntenseGeek


    I killed 1 of them, wounded two more. I did what i didnt want to do.
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