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  1. Tregger was born in Detroit Michigan with his father and 3 brothers. He was the youngest. His mother passed away when he was 3 months old due to a drug overdose. He lived in a shit hole, his house was shared by almost his entire family. Grandparents, cousins, and others as well. His older brothers learned from his father and eventually Tregger was getting involved as well. They did alot of things. Gang violence, making/selling drugs. Robbing stores. Eventually years pass and Tregger is 33 years old. He makes multiple mistakes and alot of his family does as well. Fucking with a cartel that they really should not have fucked with. At the age of 33 he had already lost his dad who had died in a shootout whilst robbing a grocery store. Two of his brothers were with him one wounded but not dead and the other surrendering. They both went to jail for their actions and were still in there to this day. So it was just him and his other brother. One night they were working on transporting their shit to another building as the cartel knew most of their spots. On the way they were ambushed and a massive gun fight broke out in the middle of the intersection. Tregger watched as his brother and a few homies got shot to the ground. He then gets hit in the shoulder and flees out of the road to grab cover. He keeps running and eventually gets away. A few months on the move pass and he eventually links up with a cousin, giving him all of his valuables he had left. He was able to flee to a place called nyheim. He gets to nyheim and meets up with his grandmother. Where he would be staying for what he thought would be the next few months.
  2. This shit is insane. Very well made. Very fucking good.
  3. Pov time! Me and some raiders were walking about and had just finished roleplaying with two individuals. We see a man in the forest and decide to go towards him. From the scenario we were just roleplaying in we were told of some sort of mayor and Cece jokingly called herself the new mayor. When approaching the man in the forest Cece is carrying on the joke introducing herself as the mayor, the rest of the peeps going along with it. Some more conversation continues, the man introduces himself as Damir. After a while insults were said, fists were swung and a chase began. The chase eventually slows to an end at the scene of Pippa's initiation, Pip decides to not bother Damir further and tells Pippa to put her gun on her back. Pippa lowers her gun, Damir then immediately pulls his gun out shooting Pippa. Pip then takes his gun out and shoots Damir. When the initiation was typed I immediately put my gun on my back as only one person initiated and I didn't fully understand what was happening, I also didn't take it out after the initiation until Damir had already pulled his gun out. Once I saw the gun out I took mine out and then watched Pip shoot Damir. I believe quite a few of us didn't have our guns out when Damir took his out to shoot Pippa, but I cannot remember exactly, most likely would be seen in video evidence.
  4. 7 Days would be way to long, if someone is bored of a character they are playing and would like to change they then will most likely just take a 7 Day break from the community. I feel like currently that's not what the server needs at all. Then I started seeing people suggest 12-24 hours, at first I thought it was a good idea but then I thought about it some more. All the 12-24 hour timer is going to do is make the rule breaks only possible to happen once a day. So truly the only fix to this issue is to just report it.
  5. Definitely like this mod. As it only adds better sounds and doesn't impact performance I don't see any issues with adding it. +1
  6. Love the Idea of currency tbh, as mentioned by Jackfish and Nonplayer; I really like the idea of using gold and silver as currency. It looks nice, kinda gives a cool 50 years into the apocalypse vibe as well. I've never smelted ores/even got ores in game before so I don't know how easy/difficult it is to get but . I do definitely like the idea of getting some sort of currency going on the server!
  7. Ayyyy Crazy to see yah on dayzrp. 
    you're welcome love GIF

    1. Frickin Red

      Frickin Red

      yes, I'm here 👀

  8. What happened here then @Geek ?

    1. DrMax


      This was his twin brother! 

    2. Geek
  9. Seems very good, been waiting for dis
  10. U make me cry, why. Why u do dis. @Fallen_666s

    Season 3 Crying GIF

    1. Craig


      George gonna be upset when he returns to South Zagoria and find out Freddy is dead.



  11. Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.... Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky. Gonna have to be a -1 from me. Rain adds a certain atmosphere to the game. yes, Sometimes its constant and to much but I still love rain rp. I love rain irl as well, so I guess I'm just built a bit different.
  12. Ok, I have... This exact... Same issue. Anytime I play Dayzrp, specifically Dayzrp, I never Find ANY food. Like none. 0. I've died soooo many times. Lots of my mates think I'm a complete noob because of how much I struggle to find food, but its only on this server. As Woodzie said its all personal experience. None of my friends have the issue. Just me. How to avoid it from becoming demotivating? Figure out where hotspots are. Where people are who can save your ass. As soon as you spawn, eat what you have and run straight to the hotspot. You usually can make it depending on spawn. Also as woodzie said, Kill zombies, that saved me like literally 5 minutes ago, I was starving to death, 1 out of like 20 zombies will have a can of food, I cleared out an entire town and found 1 can. Oh and from personal experience, if you have issues finding food, dont make a character who must carry light. It will be 10x worse.
  13. Happy Birthday mate! I hope you have an awesome day!! 🎉

    What Is That Season 5 GIF by The Office

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