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  1. Thank you for the information.
  2. We finished the wall around our base and realized when we went to put the planks on that it was inside out. I recall seeing something about someone doing this and it was against the rules. Am I mistaken or do we have to pull all the post back out again?
  3. Just stopping in to say Hey! to everyone. I hope your having a great day! I'm excited to start exploring. ?
  4. LooLoo was born in Sunriver, Oregon on a 100 acre farm. She grew up learning to can, make clothing, and all amenities needed for warmth and such from her grandmother Gladys (Mama King). She found the love of her life Jack in high school and from there they married and bought a dairy farm on the outskirts of town, due to both having farming backgrounds. She worked on the farm and did the paperwork needed for the business, and provides milk and produce to local towns near by, while her husband ran the dairy farm. Jack and my anniversary is July 13th and decided to take an international cruise to Chernarus. We were celebrating our 10th anniversary with no kids in tow. Our ship set sail and we were on our way enjoying ourselves, by the time we got to Chernarus, news broke out there was a serious issue at hand. Our ship hit a rock and we survived the ship going down. We got on a life boat and had been told to beware of people with any kind of sickness. Watch for rashes that were oozing, and eyes bleeding. I of course was scared to death. My honey told me, I'll protect you. So with our background of being able to live off the land, we set out to find a new place to call home in this new type of life. I am hoping to finding a location to call home, either a business or a home and bring resources to our community to help provide food and supplies. Weather this be on the outskirts of town or inside a town.
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