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  1. Kris was born in a small town named Melbourne in FL. At a young age, Kris became overly indulged in the idea of American Fast Food. At the age of Fourteen, he lied about his age, to become an employee at the famous Fast Food restaurant, McDonald's. Over time Kris's family realized there was no money in the Burger business, and he was only chasing a dream. They scolded him occasionally on his idea of taking on the Burger world with his very own restaurant. After all, he was supposed to take over the family's business that dealt in Car dealerships. His father, the owner of this Car dealership spent most of his time trying to get his Son to take the business, Kris was born when his father was 50, now being 68, he would constantly hammer Kris for possibly risking the family business that has been with them since cars were ever commercialized. Kris would always flat out reject his requests, and soon, demands. When Kris had finally turned 20, still working at McDonald's, his father at the age of 70 had passed. His mother, a 55 year old widow. Would now have to take on the Family business, and she did not handle it well at all. Over the next year and a half, without his father's charismatic skill, and the ability to advertise his famous vehicle dealership, they closed down. Kris's mother would eventually kick him out of the home, blaming all of this on him. If only he had taken his father's advise, if only if he hadn't chased a false dream, they would be warm, with food in their stomachs, and a roof over their heads. Kris now almost 22 had his chance to finally put his savings towards what he wanted, a Burger joint. Still young, he worked with a few close friends that worked at Mcdonalds with him, to try and envision a new Fast food joint, that would ultimately put large fast food chains out of business. Throughout many trials, and constant errors. Kris had made the perfect Burger. To his surprise when Kris made the Restaurant "Golden Bun Burgers" in downtown Melbourne, everything seemed to go his way. Over the next 6 months he would come to the realization that he could sell his burgers around the world! Although ambitious, Kris would ultimately fail at this. Nobody in Western Europe wanted his burgers, until he received a call one day. It seems most restaurants in a small Slavic state in the Black sea, was finally done healing from a near 6 year Civil war, and investors quickly pumped money into a region that would soon be growing. In 2018, Kris's dream became a reality. Mcdonald's and other fast food joints wouldn't dare venture into this part of Eastern Europe, it was too risky for their investors to put down money in a previously war torn nation. Kris's "Golden Bun Burgers" were finally seeing its days of construction, in a major city called Chernarus. Kris would then fly to Cherno, to oversee and promote his famous Burgers. He spent two years in Cherno from 2018, to the start of 2020. Kris would ultimately have his success and then try to leave, but things turned for the worst. Around early March when Kris had his flight planned, a large and dangerous flu would have already swept the region, essentially keeping him from leaving the land. Over this time things would take a grim turn. Almost what is referenced in movies, and in religious scripture would happen. Mass panic enveloped the city and soon Kris would be trying to fight for his survival. Around the beginning of June, Kris would finally escape the large confines of the concrete city named Cherno. Only a few months back were the stories of people eating eachother sounded like a horror movie, but people laugh about it no more. Mass rioting destroyed Golden Bun Burgers. All of everything Kris worked for, had been destroyed. Kris would still hear about mass evacuation camps in these major cities, though turned to be true, were only filled with the dead and corrupted. Slowly the Military started to abandon these places. Kris made the right decision to walk away from Cherno, now all he has is what he had learned while trying to survive during the beginnings of this outbreak. Kris's main goal though, is to eventually find an established living...By the people. Hopefully able to provide the same services as he did, in the old world.
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    For my homies at the shop F
  3. My POV: @Gavin and Seth (Not sure what his @ sign is ) Were on radio and Gavin said there was someone who was trying to break into his home, @HDragon and @TheGodPerre were entering the house, Seth came out on the radio and asked for help. I am the Shop keep for their group, and when I heard that someone was breaking into Gavin's home, I followed Seth. Seth and Gavin both asked the two of them to stop numerous of times, they kept running. They jumped out the second story window and sprinted away, even trying to shut doors on us before they dipped out the 2nd story window. So we had extreme suspicion that these dudes were the ones breaking into homes recently. (With fair reason to suggest) I stayed behind because I didn't really have the best of weapons, and only had 15 rounds for what I was carrying. The three of us split up and remained on radio with each other to find the two thieves. Seth radioed he found them, and I intersected the three of them, Gavin was too far away at this time. Seth was being lead into the forest, I knew at that moment they were going to initiate on him. They never asked me if I was affiliated with them whatsoever, or if I have any connections. I just spoke as if I was neutral on terms. When they initiated on a fellow member, I got behind the both of them and started to shoot. I killed one, and ran out of ammo, I started to hide behind a tree. In the nick of time, Gavin arrived and finished the other one off. Seth still had his hands up during the whole thing. V/R Kris
  4. Hey everyone, if you guys were at the Warband, I had alot of fun, I wanna kinda get a little group together from ya'll and see what we can do as a "Warband" I was the guy screaming motivational and war chants V/R Kris phin
  5. My In game name: Kris Phin There was a man being held up, and two were killed in a house we were all in. I told everyone the town isn't safe, and I convinced the most of everyone to leave, as we were heading out. One of the guys who was walking next to me, was just shot. Now I can see why both of you have your own terms of what happened, but im extremely curious, you did absolutely initiate a warning to him if he followed you. But we were leaving the town and going somewhere that was safe, does that not mean he cannot go in the same direction of you? (We had no idea you were there to begin with) Can he not RP with us, and avoid the Rp with you guys, like he was trying to do? Nobody was expecting you to chill outside of town. I believe there could've been more clarification instead of shooting him, and im not sure when that whole initiation happened. But the mate you shot with your sniper was with us in the house for a good 15-20 minutes, talking about how we're gonna deal with whats going on in the town. Right after that, we started to leave. In the video at 0:03 everyone was behind me, and I was in front, mainly because I was leading everyone away from the huge dangers of the town, he wasn't coming for you, and still had no perception of you staying inside that house. Once he was killed, we scattered because we had no idea where it came from, and we stayed in the town for an hour, thinking we were gonna get sniped. If anything I said was wrong, we can talk about it maturely, I hope whats being said here doesn't offend or make anyone upset. V/R Kris
  6. My Ingame name: Kris Phin Allies: @wirpy MY POV: Me and my friend @wirpy were walking with this larger group to the barn, we didn't know any of them well, we just know we were all heading in the same direction. So around 10 of us decided to tag along together. Originally, we were going to a town, but when we saw the barn lit up during the night, we saw it as a place of cover from rain and other elements. Im the guy who got the fire started during the video, Teran and I stayed quiet the whole time. At 1:33.25 I walk towards the mexican stand off without my gun, I got close because I thought they were trying to hold the guy up. I was gonna try to defuse the situation if I could in anyway, hoping to avoid a massive fight in the barn. When someone pointed a gun at me at 1:34:33 I pulled out my knife just in case. I thought they were trying to initiate or disrupt the dude with his hands up, at 1:34:35 I told them to calm down, but when they kept their guns aiming, I kinda figured they knew each other, and it wasn't a serious initiation, so I left that little circle immediately because I figured it was just a troll incident and I didn't want to be part of it. Even if it wasn't a troll incident, and they were absolutely being serious, I still wanted to be no part of it, since what I was saying wasn't doing much. Teran and I after that, spoke to Constance about there being a couple of bad guys in the Barn, and she allowed me to open up a stall to sell my various foods that I hunted, around the daytime, most of everyone left. During the whole pile on, I took a screenshots because I figured there would be a report made, and I just wanted to clear my name, since my voice is heard throughout the video. If theres any concerns of what I did, or what me and Teran had RP'ed just lemme know here. Im sure everyone can act maturely here. V/R Kris
  7. Your in game name: Kris Phin Names of allies involved: @wirpy @Conor Kodak @Tyrone Boone @kotito My POV and reasoning for everything is below: Good evening, I just wanted to talk about the things you pointed out and help clarify what was going on. 1: The reason there is disorganization and chaos, is because we don't like to use discord for our Roleplay, its much better to actually use your in game voice to your friends rather than just speak over discord. The group of us, have extremely unique background, and the initiation and storyline from the server, has changed all our character drastically, and not for the better, which is why you see the few of us going back and forth with each other, even pointing guns and shouting at each other, we're all extremely unstable people who have suffered the consequences from either other players, or the elements of nature, like temperature, and wildlife. We love to use actual in game voice rather than go the "Radio" route because it gives us as a group of survivors, more dialogue to everyone, and also helps us develop our character relationships to other friends, in game. I wouldn't go as far to say our disorganization is a contender for BadRP 2: In the video, when you guys started to type OOC about Bad RP, I stated their characters are genuinely like that. (29:50) The Reason I say this, is because as time moves on within the world, players will have unique and constructive dialogue with other players, good or bad, and it will change their character for either the good or worse, I actually believe Tyrone and everyone else's characters are just wackos and that's how they are. Kodak confirmed their character behaviors also OOC at the time I stamped above. Kris has also been living in the woods for the passed 16 weeks, and this is one of his first encounters in a long time, so he is extremely off putting and socially awkward. 3: The Singing. Kris's character is extremely patriotic, and also extremely holding dear to religion, he also holds Irish heritage which is why I wanted you guys to sing two songs, The National Anthem, and Amazing Grace. While being overseas away from the United States, Kris developed a hatred for what he saw as foreigners, and grew to dislike most of those who weren't American like him. I Rp'ed this route to in a sense, humiliate the three of you, not as "Bad RP" more confirmation to prove Kris's bias, at 20:23, when I demanded to hear the National Anthem, the response of "Im British" was followed up by "Fucking Redcoat". At 20:26 the conversation is transferred over to the topic of Irish enslavement, and the worsening of the potato famine, mainly because @Conor Kodak is Irish and Kris and him have spoken about their hatred for countries like The United Kingdom, and Eastern European nations, and how they have distaste for their country history, and their political affiliations in the passed. 4: If you have any evidence of anyone combat logging, we would love to see that, because after I and @wirpy left after we scarred Scarlet, that was done. I can tell you, after we scarred you, we split into two groups, I and wirpy wanted to circle around the North east, and we ended up in Grishino about an hour and a half later, we set up a campfire and "Went to sleep" for more immersive RP, way after the time you are accusing us. Conor and Tyrone, split and went North West, saying we would meet again the next day, and lay low from what has happened. We didn't want to offend you guys in thinking this was a shit RP, I am a bit rusty in terms of how to interact, and at the same time character development has changed how we interact with the other players in general, if you have any tips for us/me personally I would love to hear them you guys and I would take it as constructive criticism *While taking into account our characters are extremely unstable and aren't normalized like a lot of other characters*. If you wanna dispute anything I said above, that's cool too, im open for us to act like adults here and talk maturely. V/R Kris
  8. Omg! That guy sitting in the middle of the road with the Mosin and Hunters backpack is me, I went AFK because my dog was barking at something, I went into the bush right before he said "Hands up!" I come back, and bullets are flying passed me, I was extremely lucky not to get killed in that fiasco.
  9. That would be pretty alright, im trying to RP as a survivalist living in the woods, very simple but also can be very adventurous, its hard to do this mainly because every time I put a tiny base up, its destroyed a couple hours later.
  10. It was extremely fun, I was one of the pink armbands, maybe next battle would take place in the heavy urban area of Cherno this time, instead of outside, by the towers, loads of fun it was
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  12. Good evening, my POV is represented below. Met up with group of mates, was not part of their group at the time. Was heading into an opposite direction of friends. Was told to put my hands up, before I could put them up someone started to shoot at me, so I returned fire Died V/R Krisp
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