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  1. It was extremely fun, I was one of the pink armbands, maybe next battle would take place in the heavy urban area of Cherno this time, instead of outside, by the towers, loads of fun it was
  2. Krisp

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    Happy wife happy life
  3. Good evening, my POV is represented below. Met up with group of mates, was not part of their group at the time. Was heading into an opposite direction of friends. Was told to put my hands up, before I could put them up someone started to shoot at me, so I returned fire Died V/R Krisp
  4. Lamilton was born in Chicago IL, off of lake Superior, at a young age, his mother and father did not attend to him often, due to their lifestyle of drug trafficking and human trafficking. His family had very well known ties with the famous drug lord El Rapo, who his parents, knew fondly and had very high hopes for him as they were his family's boss. Lamilton grew up without the second opinion of his parents, at the young age of 15, they moved to Mexico, although his family almost like strangers to him, he tried to become closer to their lifestyle. With the bad influence of drugs and alcohol in the house, Lamilton started to use at a young age, getting high almost every other day, and missing school. His family, so busy within their line of work, decided one day, their son was too overbearing. Lamilton's father, decided one day he needed to get his son into the business early, so Lamilton can carry on their legacy of a coke slinging scarface fantasy. For the next two years, Lamilton would undergo a long education process on the drug game. He turned 18 years old, and his mother and father believed he was ready to be taken into larger scores more risk, and much more danger. He only lived this fantasy for his family to only accept him, but he had no idea it would be his demise. On the Mexican-American border, a large sale of Cocaine was to be made, Lamilton, was in charge of the deal. The Cartel worked well with the Lamilton family, so this was to be an easy task. As Lamilton and the Cartel met up in the cover of the night, the deal began, and within a couple of minutes of the sale, the DEA, American Border Patrol, and Mexican police sprung out of the shadow to meet with the drug lords. In only a matter of seconds, gunfire was exchanged. Lamilton being inexperienced, went to cover, but as he found cover and returned fire, he was shot and wounded in his right arm, the Cartel pulled him away and proceeded to retreat. At one of the hideouts for the Cartel, Lamilton was interrogated, believing to plan the set up to take down Cartel influence in that area. He was beaten, tortured, and when he found out his mother and father found out, they sided with the Cartel, well knowing their son never committed a set up and ratted out the Cartel, they knew they wouldn't reason. So they disowned their son from their family, and the Cartels kept full captive of Lamilton. For weeks, he was tortured, and eventually became a slave of the Cartels, he would work long and laborious hours, he was then transported to an unknown location on the Mexican-Guatemalan border and slaved there. five years into his captivity, there was a chance to escape. Locals from a town nearby has seen the Captives come into their sight and have seen their harsh treatment, almost like an underground railroad, they would drive a group of them to Mexico City, only in 4 month intervals to avoid suspicion by the Cartel, once in Mexico City, Lamilton made the long journey to the Mexican American border, which took him a week, hitch hiking, walking, and working his way to smaller cities heading North to the border. Once there, he was taken in by the American government, telling them he was a captive of a Drug Cartel, and his citizenship still stands. His story only got minor attention from the news, soon he decided to move to California, but soon, he became another homeless nobody on the streets of Los Angeles. For a year, to pass the time, and make a little bit of money, he would make chump change rapping on street corners, only getting by with Quarters and Dimes, live seemed to be at a standstill for Lamilton, he didn't want to see his family, in fear of them turning him in to the Cartel. One day, while making some sick beats, a more luxurious vehicle broke down across the street, as Lamilton was continuing to rap to make money, one of the men emerged from the broken down vehicle. He was famous rap producer Andre E Young, more known as Dr E. He introduced himself to Lamilton, telling him he wants to take him to a more quieter place, to hear some of his raps, Lamilton was ecstatic, when they sat down, Lamilton went in, spitting some sick bars, Dr E realized he had soul, and his rap would bring a change to the game, and wanted to help his music get up into the airwaves. After a couple of weeks, Lamilton was put into a luxurious hotel, and was given new clothes, he was worried about his possible fame giving him attention from those who wanted to kill him from his past. He told Dr E. about his past, and concluded that he needs a new name, and a new look to help him blend in, instead of Lamilton, he would be known as Biggith Cheese, rapper from Los Angeles, he had his birth certificate altered, and Dr E helped him obtain a new look. Over the next year, Biggith's music blew up in the rap game, his first hit song called "The Message" spoke about Inner city poverty, and soon, his career took off. Playing all around the world, Japan, UK, Canada, he even did tours in the Middle east for American and British troops. As Biggith continued to make music, he decided to do more tours in the Eastern part of Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania were some of his favorite places to tour. Doing tours in Chernarus and Takistan a year before for American troops, decided to come back on more peaceful terms for the Chernorussian people. Dr E, before having Biggith leave over seas for his next tour, spoke to him about when he first found him on the streets, they both exchanged great stories from their adventure, and Biggith thanked him for saving his life, they both then gave the most sickest fist bump the world has seen, and Biggith was on his way. While in Chernarus, stories of the sick became prominent in daily news, although this was quite popular in Los Angeles, outbreaks of the flu was common, although Biggith's advisers exclaimed to cancel the show because of the tension between the civilians and military was high, but Biggith ignored his warnings, and decided to play. Throughout the month of being there, the news played more and more about the outbreak of sickness, now Riots, and possible miilitary action from the Western world. Biggith started to worry, he decided it was time to leave, once at the Airport, he was confronted by security forces, saying he cannot leave. Biggith was furious, he yelled, used his status to sound condescending to the men, but he was aggressively escorted away. Biggith Called Dr E, but there was nothing they could do. A week later, American Forces landed into Chernarus to help provide military aid and humanitarian aid. Once Biggith had taken to the streets, to perform a concert in Down town Chernogorsk. Biggith believed those who were sick, were contaminated with a cold, or a flu, but not until he saw the horrors of the plague, he realized how serious the issue was. One of the stage managers have been sick for a couple weeks now, during the Concert, Biggith played his music, the sick Stage manager started to heave blood, and soon collapsed, only a few feet away from Biggith, he flinched, and went to go help, the paramedics surrounded the man, and the concert stopped, in a split second, the man who was pronounced dead minutes ago, soon leaped up and started to bite one of the paramedics in the neck, blood and flesh flew all over the stage, some even landing on Biggith's sick gold chains. In panic, the public of Chernogorsk started to flee the concert, once Biggith escaped the scene in one of his vehicles, shots could be heard in the area of the Concert. For the next couple of days, Biggith hid in the International Hotel where he stayed, and watched from above the riots and the sick overtake the city, he needed to escape and fast. As Biggith was trying to get down to the Lobby Floor, the lights went out, and shots could be heard from the lobby floor. He reversed his position and stepped through the door of his room, out into the lobby, only darkness, he ran to the elevator as quickly as he could, only to be forced down by an infected man, his face, completed bloodied, and his shoulder blades exposed, he smelled of rotting flesh and his teeth were almost as if they rotted in minutes. Now on top of the rapper, he reached for Biggith's neck, Biggith then deflected and rerouted his jaws into the floor to his right, he noticed a sharp steak of glass to the left of him, shattered from the Emergency Fire Alarm case, as the struggled continued, Biggith was able to grab the sharp object, and repeatably stabbed the infected man, blood would fly all over the walls, onto the floor, and on Biggith's clothing and face. In complete shock he made his way to the elevator, before the elevator doors close, he would take one last glimpse at the infected body laying in front of him, completely drained of blood and life. In the elevator, explosions from outside would shake the building, the light in the elevator would flicker with every explosion. Once to the lobby, he would then see chaos, the lobby, would be filled with people trying to flee, some being attacked by the infected, and some trying to defend the building from more infected coming in, Biggith searched around, the front door would mean suicide, With too much time put to thought, a small group of infected started to approach him, in an extreme panic, Biggith look towards the hotel lobby windows, one was especially weak from gunfire. With the hotel lobby now lighting aflame to the panic, the room started to heat up, and oxygen started to become rare, without anymore thought, Biggith jumped out of the weak window, and landed head first onto the concrete, in a daze, he laid there, he would then hear an explosion within the Hotel, if he were only seconds late, the flames would of killed him. as he laid there he would see feet pass by him, panicked civilians trying to escape the infected and into the military barriers. as Biggith started to get up, he realized his arm was broken due to the fall, he started to run towards a nearby alleyway to gain his bearings, he sat near a dumpster in the corner of the alleyway, this was a nightmare come to life, as he quickly tried to open a backdoor near the dumpster to seek refuge, it had already been opened by another man, he then jumped at Biggith and then tried to thrust a knife at him, but only to see that Biggith wasn't an infected. The blood on his clothing and face made him look as if he was, and he quickly apologized. In a panic Biggith asked what was going on, but no answers could be given. What people thought was a simple flu, turned into a nightmare, as if there was no more room in hell for evil, it has now come to Earth. The man exclaimed to Biggith that he could help fix his broken arm, and tend to it, he had a group of people hiding in the bar, and asked if Biggith wanted to seek refuge. For the next couple of hours, they hid, and listened to the screams and gunshots, Biggith tried to get sleep, but he couldn't nobody could. In a swift discussion, the group has decided to leave in one of the Restaurant's food vans. Seven people piled into the van, Biggith, sat in the front with the driver. Not alot of words were exchanged while there, but people started to calm down when they finally had left the city. The Driver, also the man who saved Biggith's arm, introduced himself as Dobry Vasiliev, who was a baker in the pub they had taken shelter in earlier. Biggith and Dobry exchanged their reasoning for being in Chernogorsk, Dobry worked in Drozhino, but moved to Chernogorsk because work was slow. As quickly as day became night, they had to become more aware of the road, Dobry believed there would still be refuge in Pavlovo, he had friends there that could help protect the group. During the long drive, a beam of light became more prominent on the road as they got closer. It was a Military checkpoint. The van came to a stopping halt, shifting the people in the back towards the breaks. Guns aimed at the van everyone was ordered to get out. As everyone was searched and lined up, they were detained until the Van was inspected. Almost to be over, one of the Checkpoint guards noticed a small bite mark on one of the females traveling in their group. Another man exclaimed his wife was injured in a cooking accident, and their dog bit her. Although they never told their group about the incident, and went as far to hide it from them when they were in Chernogorsk, the Checkpoint guards didn't believe their story, as one of the guards, who was completely covered from head to toe in military style gear, grabbed the woman, the man lunged, putting the guards at a panic and raising their guns, Dobry's group scattered amongst the road and into the fields and forest, Dobry and Biggith take off into the direction of the forest, but the Checkpoint guards started to open fire on the fleeing group, one by one, everyone was shot in their back and they collapsed as the force of each bullet hit them. Biggith kept running, he turned back to speak to Dobry, but as Biggith reached the treeline, the body of Dobry could be seen outside of the treeline in the light of a Soldier's flashlight. Biggith, having no choice, ran deeper into the forest. When Dawn came, he realized what type of situation he's gotten himself into, in a motion, feeling sick from the thoughts of a group of civilians being murdered, he puked. Biggith knew if he was going to survive, he needs to find other survivors and somehow combat the sickness, or thrive in it, all of what Biggith was before the outbreak, had no meaning anymore, he knew nobody was coming for him, now he must begin his journey to survive, or die trying.
  5. Kris Phin was born in Florida in 1998 2nd of June. His early life consisted of playing with Legos and going to the Parks to play Baseball. His father, a contractor, his mother, a working class woman who led a business dealing with moving equipment. Growing up Kris never had any family issues, or any dramatic changes in his life, though he wanted to be part of something greater than himself. So once he graduated highschool, he joined the Navy Reserves. Though he was still close to home, Kris was part of an HM unit. Corpsman were deployed all around the world for the United States benefit. They were used as Medics for the Marine Corp, but Kris wasn't a combat medic, his unit was tasked in providing Humanitarian aid to the people of Chernarus. The world never really knew of the epidemic for the first couple weeks before it spread globally, but the OHSU unit from Jax FL, joined the Fifth Fleet which was stationed in Bahrain, to provide medicinal and any other humanitarian aid to the populace of Chernarus. The Fifth Fleet arrived, and alongside with it, came Military intervention from the United States and its allies. There, Kris helped the population with what time was left before another major disaster occurred. July 17th, bombing campaigns committed by Nato and the CDF forced to stop the widespread undead, was beginning to be ineffective. That morning word of a large force of the sick were heading towards Chernogorsk, the siege of the city began early, and US forces were beginning to crumble under the intense fighting. The Fifth Fleet departed a week before, to continue the blockade into area to disrupt anyone from entering into the Peninsula, so escape wasn't an option, soon panic overtook the town of Chernogorsk. Kris's Unit, OHSU Jax was nearly wiped out in riots that night overtaking the city. US forces were either dispersed and lost, or completely destroyed. That night Chernogorsk was set ablaze by riots, and many knew the city was going to fall under the chaos of the sick. Defeated by monsters and demoralized by the loss of his friends and the fighting force in Chernogorsk, Kris fled to the East, only to find the same conclusion of destruction and panic. Although Nato forces continued to fight through Chernarus, it soon became too much. Evacuations zones that Kris planned to be at, were never fulfilled, now he must survive and do whatever it takes, to secure himself from the crime of others, and the undead that plague the cities.
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