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  1. When my microphone randomly stops working and people start wondering why I went mute.
  2. You know what's good. I wish I could go back to them, I prefer them over my Astros But OP, I've been doing some research and from what I found and of course past experience I think either the Siberias or G930s (or the wired version of them) would do you good.
  3. I've gone through a couple headsets (Razer Carcharias, Steelseries Siberia V2, Logitech G930 and currently Astro A40s) and I have to say, my favorite probably was the Logitech G930s, but they are very pricey. So out of all of those that I have tried I can really recommend the Siberias, they aren't too expensive and have been my favorite low budget headset so far, I recommended them to a couple friends and they all loved them. So I suggest you check those out.
  4. Welcome! I don't believe whitelisting costs anything, donating merely puts you further ahead in the queue.
  5. M4A3 CCO with MG36 mags. I'll wreck anyone with that. Sniper would have to be a tie with DMR and SVD. I'd pick a SVD over the DMR any day, but the DMR used to be a lot more common, so I had more practice with it.
  6. Wolf.

    December 2013 News

    o7 Gijs, you will be missed as an admin.
  7. Hopefully see you soon man, take care.
  8. o7, I haven't had the honor to encounter you in-game, but I wish you all the best.
  9. Wolf.

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year. I'm a day late but that's because I didn't even make it out of bed yesterday that's how hung over I was lol.
  10. Since we're making south park references too.
  11. Wolf.

    DayZRP Epoch Rolling Changelog 1.1.5 Redone

    This is great, most notably the disabling of side chat. It got too annoying.