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  1. All my GenZ people @Voodoo @Phoenix @AlanM @Nevo @Limpan @Watchman @Derek Steel @WaterAzuroth was having a great time with you guys again! Was also great to meet that many people at the summer camp in Tisy. Although it was a bit chaotic. Also, sorry for scaring you - chernarussian kid - whoever you may be ! Nas will forever be grateful for that cigarette and will try her best to find a map
  2. Anastasia Vrubel POV So me and @Voodoo are at the clinic in stary when we hear that @Watchman met a guy on the road, so we proceed to make our way down there, because apparently that guy is saying some weird shit. After the server was back up I give @Phoenix my gun and we then initiate on the guy. He continues to act weird and talk about beeing “glitched” while we escort him up to the barns were we run into a little trouble with infected. While the others fend of the infected I walk the guy into the barn and patch him up because he got hit by some of the Infected, while he says stuff like “His asshole is bleeding” (not sure if that can also be heard in @Phoenix video). Once everyone is in the barn we proceed to torture the guy, @Watchman waterboarding him to which he reacts with weird Fish noises and @Phoenix dislocating his kneecap, to which he doesn't react at all at first. Thinking he might have not been reading the text chat I point out in voip that maybe @Phoenix needs to dislocate his other kneecap too - still no reaction. When she asks him if his knee hurts at all he says “yes” but also something along the lines of “beeing a strong man and not showing his feelings” After he wants to talk on the radio and @Watchman shoots it, he starts to talk say something about talking ingame. Since we told him several times to stop doing that weird shit he got shot. It's basically all in the video. If I missed something it'll be there since I basically was with @Phoenix who did the recording the whole time.
  3. Nastja takes out her radio. She hesitates a moment, then presses the PTT to talk in Chernarussian. “Hello? Viktor-6? I wanted to ask if there is … any -” She stops and starts to cough. She sounds annoyed when she starts to talk again. “Urgh. Sorry for that. Is there any progress? Can you contact me on the frequency we gave you? There is also some other -” She stops again and coughs. “Ah. Shit. Where was I? Other things I'd like to talk about. Yes. Just contact me on that other frequency.” She releases the PTT.
  4. Franny

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Ohh I like it! Good luck guys!
  5. I just decided I'll get a little bit organised and write down my to-do-list for all those drawing requests and ideas ... there is more than I thought there was. 

  6. She also answers in her native tongue again. "Think we're there. Where are you?" She releases the PTT.
  7. A woman with a chernarussian accent it talking on the radio. “Hummingbird. If you hear this, contact me on the frequency we gave you. Just want to let you know about … stuff. That happened.” She releases the PTT and waits for an answer.
  8. She replies in Chernarussian again. "Alright. Will be heading in that direction. Not sure if I will be around there today though. I might bring one more person. I'll contact you again once I'm in the area." She lets go of the PTT.
  9. Thanks for the profile-gif and picture  @Ducky ❤️ 

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      diggin it

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      Song is giving me spn vibes so is the pic. Miss Charlie 💔 

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      👌glad I can help! 

  10. She waits for a few minutes after she heard someone respond, thinking about how to answer. After a while, she finally replies - again in Chernarussian. “Viktor-6, eh? I’d very much like to take that lead. Just tell me when and where I can meet you. Or however you want to do this. Thank you for your help.” She lets go of the PTT.
  11. Nastja smiles nervously at the man next to her before directing her attention to the radio in her hands. She fumbles around with it a bit, then takes a deep breath before pressing the PTT. She starts talking in her native language - Chernarussian - and sounds excited but also very nervous. “Hello. Uh … it's Nastja, or some people just know me as Nas I guess ... I'm searching for local Chernarussians. People that are old enough to maybe remember events that happened in the year 2000. Or … uhm … people that are good with politics. I guess. Well errr… not good with it but maybe having a decent knowledge of it.” She coughs, hesitates a moment and then continues to speak. “The reason why I'm asking is uhm … a very personal matter that I'd rather not discuss over the radio. But if whoever listens to this thinks they can help me out … I would appreciate it very much if we could meet up.” She pauses one more time. “Also if you got the information I'm searching for and want payment for it, I'm sure we can figure something out. That's all.” She releases the PTT, but then remembers something and presses the PTT again. “... slava Chernarus.” Nastja sighs after ending the transmission and impatiently waits for people to answer.
  12. Franny

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Gather Information on Nas' Family and find the missing records (By Day 640) aw Also, welcome @Fontaineaux
  13. @Revie great to finally meet you ingame ! @Malet @Carved_ @RoCKiE @BlackPaw hope to see you guys again in the future. Nas is really looking forward for that meeting that Jona hopefully manages to arrange @Voodoo great rp, as always I'm curious on how Nas and James story will continue!
  14. Had a very productive day today 🙂

    Also, I'm relevant now! Jay ❤️ Thanks to all my wonderful Bean-Donators ❤️

  15. Franny

    Bild (9).jpg

    @Beni thank you! It depends. I still have a lot of stuff to draw. Just send me a DM and maybe I'll add it to my list
  16. Franny

    Frannys Artworks

    @YungBrandonRP gonna be a challenge with all these people I'm kinda thinking about how to fit all of them on one piece of paper right now @Ducky I already plan on draw ing you guys or at least some of you
  17. Franny

    Bild (9).jpg

    From the album: Artworks

  18. Franny


    Just stuff were I post all my drawings and progress
  19. Franny

    Bild (5).jpg

    From the album: Artworks

  20. Franny

    Bild (4).jpg

    From the album: Artworks

  21. Franny

    Frannys Artworks

    I FINALLY DID IT. It took so much time Q_Q but I'm really happy about how it turned out! @Voodoo @Phoenix @Watchman hope you guys like it
  22. FqbPGxI.jpg


    I finally finished this thing T.T ! 

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  23. +1 It would be great if that's possible!
  24. Server down? Time to continue working on this! @Watchman @Voodoo @Phoenix




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      @Osku learning from the best 😄 

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      That is fantastic 👍

  25. Well, if the server won't cooperate, at least I can use my time to finally finish some of the drawings I started ❤️ 

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