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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
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  1. So excited! Can't wait to discover Nyheim with all of you !
  2. Ekaterina was born in St Petersburg in the White Palace. The settlement there was founded within the safe palace walls and upheld by a small community that was formed by Russians and later on some eastern Europeans, upholding the knowledge of the old world and mainly consisting of scholars. Her grandparents and parents came from central Europe, formerly Germany, to find a new home where they would have to deal with less Infected. After being nomadic for a few years, they eventually settled down with the community in St Petersburg. It was here where Ekaterina's mother, who arrived here as a c
  3. I'd rather see some new textures for clothing in general that make them look more worn and patched up or dirty. I just don't really like how the damaged states in dayz look so adding some clothes with patches, holes, etc would be something I'd rather like to see. I know its work so if no ones got time I might just use my week off to look into textures and stuff myself.
  4. FrannyLR?

    1. Woodzie




    2. Hofer


      @Ryan Shepherdlook it's your favourite gif

    3. Duke


      How the hell did you corrolate @Franny with us

    4. Maybelele


      gå vekk

    5. EddieLR


      The Big Lebowski What GIF by MOODMAN

    6. Franny



    7. Franny


      I woke up to this and I am confused.

    8. Hofer


      GIF by Brittany Broski

  5. Hello, me again with the arttt ~ here is a thing I did for @Ethan-J. hope u like it
  6. Hello everyone ~ POV: We went back to the Cordis camp after the event, where I backed off a little because I wanted to keep my distance from the C-Block since we had a not so nice "chat" before the event started. I was standing nearby @Nonplayer someone from C-Block came walking up to us and asked for a gun. @Nonplayer replies something about not getting a gun from us and a few seconds or so later @Jackfish dropped the initiation. Some of the C-Block people that were standing in the group started to move so a moment later @Nonplayer fired the RPG and I tried to run for cover.
  7. And my time is precious
  8. There is so many people asking me currently ... I might actually start doing comissions ...
  9. So while I am still postponing working on a background for this thing here with @Niveous and @Lettuce characters (because I hate backgrounds) I decided to draw @N1RU s character. In a suit. Because ... why not. Enjoy
  10. Pretty sure we were spying on the neighbours ... >> but uh sure! SURE. Jana definitely just helped her reach the top shelf xD
  11. I tried coloured lines for once 😄 now the only thing missing is a background... have I mentioned I hade drawing backgrounds? I started on one but I took a break already ... I uh ... try again tomorrow ... or maybe the day after.


    @Niveous @Lettuce
    I guess I can also upload one with black outlines for comparison if you ladies wanna see... 

    1. EddieLR


      Damn Franny that looks great! Good shit!

      GIF by MOODMAN

    2. Franny


      Thank you ❤️ 

    3. kalyri


      Amazing Franny \o/

    4. Niveous


      AHHHHH, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Our girls look so adorable here

    5. Lettuce


      THIS IS SOOO AMAZING! ❤️ I love how each of them look so uniquely different ^^ P.S. Thanks for including my visible from space white leggings 😂

  12. Mr Mayor Waiting GIF by NBC

    1. Franny


      Bored Music Video GIF

  13. Holy shit this thread looks amaaaazing! I think I always missed out when our groups ran into each othe rbut I hope I'll get the chance to finally rp with you folks too
  14. Last update before I finish shading. Taking suggestions for a background now xD


    1. DrMax


      Background: Ellis Mayfield’s Warehouse for Women

    2. Craig


      Background should either be something resembling the Transporter Compund or the new Medics place.

  15. Got an update on this! Colours later or tomorrow I guess  ~


    1. Craig


      Really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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