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"Creativity takes courage - Henry Matisse"

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  1. Franny

    S1 Combat Logging 7/19/19

    PoV: I got lost in a forest for like 10 minutes and eventually find the base due to the shots fired by @groovy stannis After meeting up with @groovy stannis we run around the base to make sure no one leaves the area from inside. I have no recordings of the situation.
  2. Franny


    When your innocent, pacifist nurse just gets turned into a soldier ... >> 
    Wanted to draw some different outfits for Katerina ~ 
    Maybe gonna finish and colour it after my exams are over 🙂


  3. Franny

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @CDF - was nice rp with everyone again! @Watchman @Imation11 @Osku finally ran into you with Katja! Although I just met you briefly, I enjoyed the rp. Also, thanks for the pants @Firemoiselle just got kicked out, nothing I can do I guess ^^' was nice hanging around the past three days though have some normal talks! @everyone in Berezino in general ? I love what this town turns into!
  4. Franny


  5. Franny


    Just stuff were I post all my drawings and progress
  6. Franny


    finally uploaded something again xD hope I got some more time in the future ...

  7. Franny

    Frannys Artworks

    I finally did something again Drawing my character Laska I should probably try to finish all those sketches that still lie around ...
  8. Franny


    Your group is in a firefight but you're stuck in a queue ? Time to draw I guess 😄


    1. APositivePara


      That's actually p sick ngl

    2. Franny


      Thank you 🙂

  9. Franny

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Slava Chernarus! This will be great
  10. “Maybe I have been destined for this … Helping others, saving lives. I may not be a doctor - even though it was always my plan to become one, but fate had other plans for me it seems. I’m still learning though. Helping. Wherever I can. Because I can be happy with my life so far. I’ve had a family, the chance to learn, to grow up relatively safe. Sure - it wasn’t always easy … but there is always people who were less fortunate than I. So I might as well share some of my luck and happiness and help in whatever way possible, right?” - Growing up in Berezino - - The civil war - - The Outbreak - - optimistic - naive - honest - caring - compassionate - empathetic - fair - gentle - patient - forgetful - insecure - Katja takes her job very seriously and would offer her help to whoever needs it. Despite never being able to study medicine, she believes she is able to help with the knowledge she has gained so far and his happy to put it to use. She believes in the good and people and thinks that everyone has a reason for what they are doing. Instead of solving conflicts with violence she’d rather find out about the reasons behind a person's decisions and sway their opinion. Mechanics/repairs Meleeweapons Endurance Guns Rifles Strength Gardening Hunting Fishing Scavenge Survival (making fire, etc.) Sewing Medical - Likes - Books Cats Sunflowers Spring and Summer Starry Nights Music Seaside - Dislikes - Darkness Loud noises Cigarettes Alcohol Arguments and fights / / - Fresh - / - Healing - / - Scar - / Help as many people as she can [infinite] Help with the research of the virus [infinite] Visit her old home in Berezino [by day 750] -WIP-
  11. Franny

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    This looks awesome! Good luck
  12. This looks great! Good luck
  • Franny

    Memories of Laska Vrubel

  • Franny

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Ducky @ToeZiesOG @-Chow- Had a great time hanging with you guys at the shooting range at NWAF Also - Laska definitely has more skill than Dominik @Derek Steel funny running into you accidentally ! What a shame it didn't happen like ... 5 minutes before. I actually just talked about you xD I hope Viggo appreciates the glass eye !
  • Franny


    @ the guys I met near the airfield at the barn in ghillie suits - I'm super sorry but my Internet just stopped working and with the queue it sadly takes some time to get back on the server  😞

    1. Kattica


      How dare you. 

    2. Franny



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