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  1. Story My name? I’ve had plenty. Friends call me Nastja, but I’ve been going by so many names by now, it doesn’t really matter anymore. I don’t know my last name. Don’t know if I ever had one at all. My age? I don’t know. Something in my twenties I believe. Birthday - I don’t have one. I grew up in the streets of Novigrad. Spend my whole life there. I tried to survive through stealing and robbing people - what choice did I have? How I ended up on the street? I don’t really know to be honest. I never knew my parents. Sometimes I wonder of they were superstitious because of my different coloured eyes - I met some people who are. Or maybe they died. I don’t know. Together with some other kids we roamed the streets. More than once we got in trouble with the police. Drugs, weapons, mayhem, … the list goes on and on. Even though we all had the same hopes and dreams. A family, a home, a good life. Yet, everyone was just fighting for themself. We just used each other for our own benefits. If one of us got caught by police, they were just left behind. I never did anything for one of them. They never did anything for me. It wasn’t expected. We were all egoists. Nothing really changed for me after the world went to shit. I remember that night, when we were sitting in that run down bar and this thing just … stumbled in. Everything happened so fast. Someone got attacked. Everything was chaos. Someone started shooting and I just grabbed a weapon someone had left behind and made my way out of there. I’m just kind of wandering around ever since. Nothing has really changed for me. I’m still homeless. I still have to fend for my life, just like I did before. The only difference is - that there are no rules, no laws anymore. No one and nothing who can tell me what to do. Personality - adaptable – outspoken – daring – practical -persuasive – spontaneaus – egocentric – impatient - Anastasia seems tob e cold and practical at first, due to her upbringing, but she is actually a gentle person at heart, who simply wants to survive and have people to care for and who care for her. She usually does what is best for her and that has never changed so far. Skills Mechanics/repairs / Meleeweapons *** Endurance *** Guns *** Rifles ** Strength ** Gardening / Hunting / Fishing / Scavenge **** Survival (making fire, etc.) *** Likes & Dislikes Likes - cigarettes - tattoos - sunsets and sunrises - candy - thunder storms and rain - dogs Dislikes - being cold - heights - police and military - licorice - stupid people Relations N/A Features - Some tattoos on her arms and back Injuries - A few minor scars from fights she got in Goals - Find a family - Find a home - Survive at all costs - W.I.P. -
  2. Franny

    Frannys Artworks

    Oh my! Thank you so much everyone! Honestly didn't expect that much feedback! o.o
  3. RP inspires me. Gonna draw all those people I meet ingame. Well, at least try. Here ya go @Watchman, @Phoenix Luca and Caleb are SO ADORABLE Used this for reference since I still got problems with poses n stuff: https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Kyle-Please-761296593 Edit: Just scaled it down a bit so it's easier to look at
  4. Franny


    I'm happy to be here Thank you!
  5. @Watchman @Phoenix , as well as all the guys from Vox and whoever we met on our way ! Really enjoyed today! Was great to meet you all IC ?
  6. That moment when your game crashes just MOMENTS before you want to log off. I'm staying off now. Goodnight ~ 

  7. Franny

    Hello ~

    After my first day of being actually involved in some RP I'll say hello, too. I'm excited to meet everyone IC :3
  8. @ItzTyler Thank you very much for today! Very much enjoyed the rp :3 also, thanks to whoever is playing Randy and thanks to all the other guys I was able to meet today ~ !
  9. "None of us wanted to believe what we saw on the TV back then. The news of an unknown infection, news of war flashing across the screen. We thought of ourselves as invincible. We should have known better. It's too late now … far too late … Just like everyone else, I too, did not want to believe what happened. I voluntarily decided to turn a blind eye on the events happening that July, until my world came down crashing around me. I was leading a pretty normal life back then. I grew up in Germany in a small town near Dresden. Once I was done with school, I went to study there. Fine arts. I could have gone anywhere else if I wanted to, but I always loved staying close to home. So studying there had to be my first choice. I wasn't an only child. I had two brothers. An older one, who was living in Hamburg and a younger brother, who back then, was still living with my parents. I worked part time in a small café and remember being just there when I heard about the infection for the first time over the radio. I remember hearing about war with Russia a few days afterwards. I remember thinking I'd still be safe, that everything will sort itself out. I guess in the end - it did. Just not the way I was expecting it to. I guess I survived just out of sheer luck. When they lost control over the infected at the airport, I was on my way out of the city to visit my parents. We managed to get by - for some time. In the end we realized we couldn’t stay. It was taking mere days for the infection to have spread to even here. So we decided to leave. We didn’t really have a plan - just got our stuff and left. Surely there had to be someplace safe. I remember my father checking the radio whenever he got the chance. I remember my mother being worried all the time. I remember my little brother trying to cheer us all up. Needless to say … it didn’t work. Big cities weren’t an option. Most of them were overrun by those … things. So we tried to stay away from people. Trying to stay in rural areas mainly. Eventually, our way was leading east. Things went south from there. We lost our parents to the infection, when they gave their life to safe ours. I swore to keep my brother safe, but I was not able to keep that promise. Because, as much as I wanted to keep him safe, he wanted to keep me safe. He was taken by a group of men that tried to rob us and do god-knows-what to me when we encountered them. Having worked at a hospital before, my brother tried to bargain with them, proof himself useful as long as they would leave me alone. I don’t really know what he told them - but they accepted. And even though I’m sure he is not dead, they took my brother from me. They seperated us. And now I’m alone … trying to follow them. And it brought me here." Clara does what she believes is right and will always try to solve a problem without violence. Of course, during her journey to Chernarus she learned how to use weapons, but isn’t the best shot due to her short-sightedness. She is very clumsy, shy, and tries to avoid trouble at all costs. She may come across as nervous and jumpy. After everything she has been through, it is hard to earn her trust, even though she longs for someone to talk and socialize with. Once she is close to someone, she would do almost anything to protect them. Here in Chernarus, she is in search of her brother and/or the men that took him with them. She believes they are still alive. Once she found her younger brother, she will probably try to return to Germany to reunite with their older brother - who she believes, still lives in Germany. - W.I.P -
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