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  1. Eliska presses the PTT on her radio after having listened in to the conversation for a bit and Josefs … drunken outburst. She sighs. “By the Gods, Josef you sound worse every time I hear you on the radio… I really don’t think yelling like that was necessary” She adds in a whisper “My poor ears …” Her voice then returns to a normal tone. “I think this whole situation is … rather interesting. If someone really wants to do something good I don’t see an issue with it. However this just proves once more that there is good and bad to everything. Actually … more like everyone. This wh
  2. Finna do something like this again @Watchman I know you weren't around today but thank you for the awesome training to prepare me for todays fights >:D @Queerios thank you for the small meeting at Viktors grave! Was some awesome rp that kinda strengthend Eliskas current beliefs and morals @VolraSlava thank you for todays rp as well! You fucking scared the shit out of me at the docks @The Preacher I fucking loved the talk we had in Cherno, and the fight of course - that I almost won But I always enjoy our conversations - I swear I am not trying to make Yurij feel bad
  3. The womans voice returns on the radio. "Han Lee!? Oh - some more worthy opponents! My arm may be hurt but I can still deal out some punches! Bring it on you two! As I said I had some really good teachers so do not underestimate me!" The transmission ends.
  4. The female voice chimes in once again, filled with excitement. "That sounds like a challenge, man I love challenges! If I can be there, lets see what you got! Just be warned, I had some great teachers! And don't hold back just because I'm a lady, ano?" The transmission ends again.
  5. An overly excited voice comes over the radio. "Boxing champion?! Ohhh sign me up! Sign me up! Wait - actually I don't know if I can be around yet. But I will try. This sounds entertaining!" The transmission ends again.
  6. I'm a goal! .... I'm a ... goal? ... fuck. Anyway, good luck guys! Can't wait to run into ya all - or uh .. see how long I'll be able hide from ya all xD
  7. An End - A Beginning Once she felt a little better and her fever calmed down, she finally decided to face reality. It always seemed so … surreal. Hearing about death on the radio. Yet … when she heard about their deaths it was a mixture of grief and sorrow and … relief that washed over her. And guilt. As she heard Dameks maybe last words on the radio. Some people from the Coalition an Krystof contacting her … It didn't feel … real. More like a fever dream - which might have been an option given she probably still had a fever. But she eventually came to terms with
  8. Well, this was hell of a ride! After having had storylines with the CLF last summer and finally joining when they came back, Eliska has changed so much. I loved everything that happened and I am sorry I won't be able to mention everyone of you but I want to thank especially these people: @Hofer for even making this possible @SynO for the amazing storylines with Damek, it was hell of a rollercoaster from summer until now. Seeing how your character changed and how that influenced Eliska @Jackfish for playing Eliskas family members, first giving an amazing storyline w
  9. Character Name: Eliska Zelenkova Character Age: 24 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Sometimes pain in her right shoulder from being shot a few weeks ago. Does your character have a mental disability? PTSD, Insomnia, currently doing a lot better though Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Terribly afraid of heights. Does your character have a love interest? Krystof Beznak Does your character have any addictions? Kinda addicted to cigarettes, also can't hold her liqour very well - however she does
  10. I don't usually post a lot on the forum because I really don't feel like getting involved in the drama - however I do kind of want to comment on this whole thread here. The discussion of 'hostile groups' 'hostile vs campfire rp' etc. has been popping off way to often and it always keeps going in circles, when the main issue really just seems to be everyones personal attitude towards the topic. I haven't read all the replies here, but I want to adress the following points Creativity I don't see the lack of creativity as the main problem. Tropes and cliches are a thing because they
  11. A female voice with a chernarussian accent is heard over the radio. People of Chernarus - on March 22nd men dressed in black NBC gear crashed with a helicopter near Novaya Petrovka. It was reported that during the events a yellow gas started to leak and Infected were drawn in. Whether or not the Infected appeared due to the gas or the commotion has yet to be found out. However one thing is clear: the substance is very dangerous. So far known symptoms include: burns, blisters, skin peeling, nausea,breathing problems, in rare cases maniac and/or aggressive behaviour as well as blindne
  12. Best log lady 2020! 😂

    Women Feminism GIF by Women's History Month

    1. Franny


      But you are very close second! 


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      I tried my best 😄


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      Time to LOG out

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      That pun was too bad I am sorry Horfy, you need to pay 20 rubles for confession right now! @Hofer

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      Damn it I have no more beanz to give today XD 

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      Lettuce be real

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      Leaf...Leaf right now 😂 

  13. Likewise! I really enjoyed todays RP!
  14. Have some angry Eliska with a hurt arm
  15. A female voice with a chernarussian accent is heard over the radio. It is filled with determination. "People of Chernarus! Yesterday the so-called Anarchists attacked the civilian settlement in Cherongorsk, killing innocent people because their ridiculous demands couldn't be met. People who have done nothing to them. They call themselves Anarchists, promising ultimate freedom and peace. At the same time they invade our homes, demand our belongings and kill our loved ones over greed and hatred. Yesterday, Dima was killed by these Anarchists. Julian and I buried him near the tre
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