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  1. Mr Fantastic

    Can't compile "world" Script Module

    I've tried the exact same methods, I'm getting this error too and it won't let me start up DayZ. Whenever I deactivate the mod it works without any issues, anything you guys recommend for me to do? EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to fix this issue after having tried for hours yesterday. If you're experiencing issues with this try and force your DayZ launcher to connect to the DayZRP server immediately on startup. Simply go to parameters, client and then fill in the three boxes which say. server address, port and server password. Did it for me.
  2. I Dimitri Vasilievich born in Russia's capital city Moscow on November 11th, 1988. I grew up in a rather small apartment, my family was struggling to make an income suitable to sustain themselves. My father Oleg was still an enlisted soldier within the Soviet Union or soon to be known as the Russian Federation. And my mother Komarova worked at an ordinary garment factory, the salary at the time didn't come close to average when compared with other jobs. Therefore she had to borrow an excessive amount of rubbles, which of course got her into great trouble. She never revealed to me from where she has gotten the extraordinary amount of rubbles to sustain ourselves. But I for sure know that she somehow had to work the rubbles back which she borrowed. Otherwise, it might have been a harsh ending for her. Regardless we've made it, my father also returned after two years in 1990 on the 3rd of January. Around a year before the USSR's collapse, as I grew older I began to realize that he wasn't only a man that strived to achieve great success. But also told me stories about the USSR in his time back, how great the army actually can be when you judge things from a different perspective. The new army of the Russian Federation was different from what it once was, or was it? Perhaps it was, regardless. I came to be encouraged to volunteer as a soldier, to fight for my country. My president and I indeed have joined the armed forces of the Russian Federation when I became nineteen after I completed the International School of Moscow and having succeeded with grades more or less above average. I completed the Bootcamp to then join the VDV also known as the Russian airborne troops. I was enlisted within the 106th Guards Airborne Division in Tula, served for a total amount of nine years until 2017, a few months already into the outbreak it was clear that the world that once existed was gone. Russia's borders and soon Russia itself experienced severe outbreaks. As the news stated, first Chernarus.. and then soon to be Ukraine, Turkey and it was all ongoing. I returned to the city of the angels, my home. I couldn't believe the virus which was spreading like a flue all across the world. I drove two hours from Tula to Moscow, I will never forget this experience. The dead walking around on the streets, terrorizing all life which these monsters came across. But I would finally have arrived at my destination, as I stepped out of my jeep I saw what is now post-apocalyptic Moscow. The temperatures were frightening. It felt as I was having a mental breakdown. Seeing my own city gone and never to return. Only the dead seemed to walk the streets in a rather slow tempo. They seemed to pay attention to the engine of my jeep after a while. I wasn't too frightened, not until they started running and screaming. It seemed just as I scrambled their eggs in a basket, they certainly didn't appreciate my presence up close. I drove around them, in an attempt to find what was once my home. It took me a while as I wasn't used to the environment in my old capital city. But after a while, I had found it, well. Not exactly, it appeared to be completely different when I compared it to the past. It was very silent, even the rats were absent and couldn't be heard. My family had disappeared, I refused to accept this tragedy which happened. And this is where my journey started, to find the origin of this virus. And to what happened, so I set off to move to the state of Chernarus... or what was left of it.
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