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  1. My POV: @daizchen and me were heading to GM after just having met up, we were trying to find others to RP with. Having arrived on GM we saw a base which looked pretty much abandoned, these guys in blue camouflage approach us. When they started asking questions where we're from etc. I did get a pretty odd feeling something was going on, they tried to spread out so what happened was the guys infront of us and me both pull our firearms pretty much at the same time. I opened fire and my pal got wrecked without really having a chance to do anything, these guys got a trigger-finger which is understandable I would've probably killed someone accidentally if I was in your position. But in the end it is what it is, sorry that this happened.
  2. Wish you guys all the best of luck with this.
  3. Mr Fantastic

    S2 - Metagaming / Griefing / OOC Hate - Rifty Cargo

    Actually, the thing with the nails is mostly not true, they did take some boxes of nails. But not 20 or more, I was with them at the time and I scavenged most of these boxes for them. So don't go ahead and tell us that we took 20 boxes from your base, we mostly took your guns and ammo etc. But the boxes of nails are scavenged, I wasn't apart of the raid however so Imma try and not get involved in this too much do whatever you want.
  4. Mr Fantastic

    S2- Double RDM- Severograd Area

    Well, before the incident happened I was basically chilling in Severograd while it was all calm and the server pop was more or less just average. I gave them a car and stuff, traded with them and I already knew them from that point on. Later we kept talking on radio and when I found my buddy near Devil's Castle we even were communicating Icly. So pretty much all the way before the incident until it ended really.
  5. Mr Fantastic

    S2- Double RDM- Severograd Area

    I think you guys got me wrong here, I wasn't any of the guys inside the base. I was the sniper, the people in the base were my friends who told me that they got into a shootout with you. And you being the aggressors caused them to get defender rights, and they shared it with me. I think you'd need to talk to the guys that were actually in the base. Since it started there really.
  6. Mr Fantastic

    S2- Double RDM- Severograd Area

    Hey look pal, I'm sorry if I did something wrong, I simply got told that your guys were breaking into a base, and that my friends apparently shot one of your guys while doing so, after they were in hiding I came up on ya. If I did do a mistake here then I am really sorry, I'll let the staff decide what they wanna do as keeping this up back and forth won't get us anywhere.
  7. Mr Fantastic

    S2- Double RDM- Severograd Area

    Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members. According to the rules I don't need to be apart of an approved group, people I've recently rped with are enough to be able to receive defender rights. You initiated on one of my guys is what I heard, so that's why I engaged you.
  8. Mr Fantastic

    S2- Double RDM- Severograd Area

    Now, lemme clarify things from my perspective. And what exactly happened, now it all started at Devil's Castle, I sure you guys remember approaching us and you were definitely looking for us. Luckily you guys didn't recognize us, so what we did was we immediately left after you guys bounced, around 30 minutes to maybe an hour later or so I hear that two of our friends in Severograd that were inside their base were being raided by maybe at least two of your guys. Apparently, you guys got into a hostile engagement with them, and since I recently had rped with them I had defender rights on you, we were all talking over the radio so what we did was me and someone else went up there. And I started engaging you, you were in the territory of our friends, and you decided to cause issues and getting away with it would be that simple. So to send a message, I shot Brandon. I can understand however why you'd think this might be RDM, I came out of nowhere so I'm not blaming you guys. I think those friends of mine will be able to give their perspective at a later time once they're online. I'm not sure about those other people that might have died, I only shot one of your men and then left.
  9. Yeah dude, the guy in the feed's actually me and I'm really sorry. I was in discord and everyone was talking so I didn't really realize anything. And it was about 6 AM my time since I live in the EU. So I was not paying attention to anything really, I'll take any punishment and I'm sorry for ruining your experience.
  10. Vittore Marcolini, referred too as Vito was born in Sicily on July 31st, 1950. Born and raised in a broke neighborhood they were struggling for survival. His father who struggled to find a job that made decent cash tried his best. The few coins which he brought onto the table mostly went to his alcohol addiction, his mother decided to make him go to a public school, where he'd go on to learn english. It was an important language to learn at the time, so that's what Vito managed to do, he learned the language and everything else he needed. His father died before he left school, the cause of death was unclear. Rumors say he drowned, Vito knew that an honest job wouldn't cut it, so he managed to establish connections to some old friends of his. They'd take on small scores like Gas Stations ect. They were swimming in cash, well sorta. It wasn't long until the feds managed to bust him, after he'd go to court to receive a lecture from the Judge, being sentenced to six years in a federal Penitentiary. He learned a lot while he was spending time inside, his mother died while he was stuck in the can. There wasn't much left for him in Sicily, so he decided to move to South Zagoria, he had connections there. And a better shot at life, it wasn't long until shit hit the fan...
  11. Mr Fantastic

    Can't compile "world" Script Module

    I've tried the exact same methods, I'm getting this error too and it won't let me start up DayZ. Whenever I deactivate the mod it works without any issues, anything you guys recommend for me to do? EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to fix this issue after having tried for hours yesterday. If you're experiencing issues with this try and force your DayZ launcher to connect to the DayZRP server immediately on startup. Simply go to parameters, client and then fill in the three boxes which say. server address, port and server password. Did it for me.
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