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  1. Namalsk Map for .63 (Plus bonus dev stream recap)

    Yay. Namalsk already has a pre-written Lore that is more coherent and exciting than the A2 devs ever did for Chernarus. It's really cool and involves this secret corporation and all the usual NATO and Russian stuff minus the typical NATO intervention and Russian invasion. Hope the server pop would last though
  2. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    This^^ If it gets abused don't clamp down on everybody else. Just have harsher punishments and ban repeat offenders.
  3. Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    Tell me about it...
  4. To Chernarussian Interior Ministry Personnel - 177.91

    *a local South Zagorian accent with a hint of northerner could be heard over a local police frequency* "This is Sekacka to all Interior Ministry units, you are hereby ordered by the highest local authority to transmit your personnel code numbers for orders to come. Those who fail to do so will be considered dead or deserters. Sekacka out." *voice fades into static*
  5. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I wonder if this is the case for more defined Lore related factions. If I am a CDF Major with a CDF squad and we bump into a squad of Chedaki or vice versa, I wouldn't really blame either side for killing each other fairly close to right off the bat. Granted I wouldn't want just firefights and no good hostile rp or hostage situations or tense negotiations, but don't tell me that if the Ukrainian army ran up on some guys from the Donetsk People's Republic that they wouldn't off each other.
  6. Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    The simple fact will remain even after the launch of .63 that the game is lacking in basic features/gameplay mechanics, AKA things to do and a progression system. No mention of basebuilding was made yesterday during the Stream to my knowledge, and even that in and of itself is not enough to keep people occupied with a lack of working vehicles, not to mention no aircraft. Even with basebuilding what we seen thus far is vanilla Arma 2 level of basebuilding. A grand total of 9 years have elapsed since the release of Arma 2 in 2009 and they mean to tell us that we have waited 4 years since the release of THIS game for just that? DayZ cannot complete on a market level with PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, Rust, or even shittier new titles like Next Day Survival, all of which have infidelity more playability and sense of accomplishment/progression then DayZ. The endgame of DayZ at this point is simply geared wandering or building tent bases in compounds. The latter of the aforementioned games is developed by a pretty rough, underfunded Russian developer that is more consistent and has created a better more entertaining game with worse graphics then DayZ in a fraction of the time. Switching engines and teardowns is not an excuse considering all we have gotten is an Arma 2 reskin with animations, better survival mechanics, and immaculate terrain. Modding is the only hope for this game given the fact that Bohemia seems to have discarded this game like a sugar daddy keeping a used Brazilian hooker with a botched botox job on life support after a cocaine fueled bender. Making excuses for the game or waiting longer isn't going to change anything, and will only serve to prolong it unless we can actually have enough room to make and develop a great mod of our own. I don't want it to fail, on the contrary in fact. But we need to come to terms with the basic facts at hand. I don't know why the devs would blue ball the fuck out of people with this Stream, I guessed they couldn't be arsed to write a nothing-burger grammatical nightmare of a status update instead of pissing people off even more.
  7. What do you listen to ?

    Oh God yes.
  8. Any Dreams you had in RL?

    Okay bear with me. I went to the Syrian border once IRL and looked at some pics i took the day before i had the dream so that explains it i guess. I dreamed i was at the Turkish border on a tour and heard very loud explosions, then i got press ganged into a simulator, then to flying an actual jet in combat. (I am a student pilot IRL), then i crashed into the midst of an airsoft game and got killed. Lucid dream, but seriously fuck that shit.
  9. Real life picture Thread

    Damn you two now I'm hungry again and jealous all at the same time!
  10. The Railroad

    I remember getting a random kill over the wall at Solace against SVR with a random RGO grenade. Those were some good times. Anyway back on topic.
  11. The Railroad

    Nice simple group thread guys! I really enjoyed the read. It is very to the point. As far as DayZRP groups go this is pretty unique. I'd like a bit more info on all the character and their motivations, and maybe one more good SMART goal with a measurable, set time for completion. Other than that you guys look great! Hope to run into you.
  12. Potius Cras

    Interesting group. Hope you will be hitting me up for lots of tasty bits about ground zero and investigation you can do where the UN left off. In short, South Zagoria is not Zangoria, the thread needs some colour coordination, headers, and smaller text. Run it through a grammar generator of some sort too. I really like the goals and the mysterious air of the group and its purpose and background. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. Let me know if you need any help, just chat around for graphics help. Good luck folks!
  13. The Seekers

    Yes, just specify a bit more about what type of info you want.
  14. The Seekers

    Day 500 or 600 for goals is way too long. Shorten them down and make them more measurable in terms of accomplishment and timeframe. Make them a bit more concrete and attainable, something you can easily show people that you have done that isn't as nebulous as helping people or collecting intel. If you want to collect intel, be specific about what kind and how much for how long. Fix that stuff and I'll hand it over to the admins. Good luck!
  15. Padalʹniki

    Read over it again. Fix your broken link, compare your goals to SMART goals and fix them accordingly, and get people and more importantly get in game.
  16. The Free Wolves (RECRUITMENT OPEN)

    Just gave it another read over Shanoby, looks great. Love the way you did the background all IC and the graphics and flow of the thread are fantastic. Compare your goals to the SMART requirements and make sure they fit. Good luck!
  17. The Pedlars - OPEN RECRUITMENT

    Make sure your goals comply with SMART requirements, AKA put all the completion dates and all the other stuff. Looks like James covered everything else. Good luck fellas.
  18. Belozersk People's Republic to Partisans of South Zagoria - Old Chedaki Freq

    *a strong Russian accent could be heard over a long-dead Chedaki frequency, along with some music playing in the background* "Privjet! To any and all fellow Partisans of the Movement who still fight the imposters and criminals of the Kozlov Regime and the capitalist aggressors. We have been made aware of your activities in South Zagoria Oblast and would like to extend the olive branch of good will to you and your people. Many of our scouts have been to your area, even assisting locals in the shoot-down of a CDF warplane last December. We would like to arrange a meeting for the benefit of both our new socialist state of the north and your efforts locally. Beware the regime has infiltrated South Zagoria with many spies and informants along with the degenerates and Nazis of the Spravny Sektor. Заводы рабочимъ! Земля крестьянамъ! Миръ народамъ!" *the frequency cuts out*
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  19. Sandline International

    First off. Your background is comprised of a bunch of stuff about Afghanistan that doesn't really add to the overall background. If it was complimented by a competent and thorough description of exactly what your group is and does then it wouldn't be as bad. If your group did stuff in the 90s then how old were the original members? Realistically they would be recent ex-army or Vietnam vets, which makes them much older now either way. Are you a PMC group, mercs or a company? You go into no detail whatsoever on your work in eastern Europe, and your Ukraine sentence doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. You were gathering weapons spread by the infection? Help me understand and give more history and please run it through a grammar checker. Read it out loud to yourself. Your goals need to be aligned with the current timeframe. So no Day 0 or anything like that. Today is day 246 so if you want a goal complete, say, in a month you would do 275 or something like that. Keep it realistic. Your goals overlap a lot and don't really develop the group at all. You say you want only US weapons, then go to both RU and US. Your two Tisy goals at the start aren't really any different at all. They could easily be lumped into one. So you will oppose people who rob others or you won't rob them of weapons? Why the US weapons exception? Are you a company or something else? AND! You are also doing peacekeeping, making a government, and doing weapon hording/confiscation/whatever. Forming alliances is also not a valid goal. I really want this group idea to succeed and want to help you focus on a couple things and really work hard on them as opposed to doing everything under the sun. Let me know if you are available to talk to we can sort all this out.
  20. The Free Wolves (RECRUITMENT OPEN)

    Awesome man. Glad to finally see this idea take flight.
  21. The Black Roses

    Love it. Well written and eloquent, definitely breaks the mold of "basic bitch survivor group" and goes in a different direction. Your goal timeframe is a bit long, but if you keep going and don't archive then that's fine. Shoot high. I am passing this off to the admins for approval. Good luck fellas.
  22. Padalʹniki

    If you don't get people this time and this slick group idea gets archived I will rip off your gas mask and toss you into a pit of Sarin gas. <3 Love you babe.
  23. The Stamina Bar and how it will effect DayZ SA + DayZRP

    If this actually turns it into official Eastern Europe Walking, Apple Picking, Humanoid Killing Simulator 2666 on speed super-slow I might actually commit seppuku once I finally reach my destination.
  24. Lopatino Announcement.

    *the commander of the 93rd Brigade of South Zagoria sits in his office on the Utes airbase and is scanning the frequencies when he overhears the chatter taking place and cheekily decides to chime in, albeit with rough English in a deep Chernarussian accent* "Eh, this is commander of the South Zagorian 93rd brigade of the CDF, I can confirm all of our troops are accounted for here." *the loud roar of a jet would be heard and violent vibrations could detected through the radio as the commander paused* "Anyway it seems like Severni Fronta is giving you socialists some trouble! You know you people in South Zagoria are a bit of a mystery to the rest of us in Chernarus. We have more shit to deal with and yet all of you kill each other and squabble daily! We are united behind the State and Duke Kozlov, and you fight over dirt. You should learn to count your blessings instead of killing one another over land that belongs to Slavs and polite visitors only, you besmirch it with needless bloodshed. Anyway, if any of you want help or need somewhere to go just mention it on the radio. We have rooms of people listening to frequencies and local spies so somebody will hear you. Dlouho žij Duke! Dlouho žije Stát!" *the transmission would cut off*