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  1. Good work ya'll. Nice to see the flag still flying and new people about.
  2. People don't play for Lore they play for features. Ones which are old and tired on Chernarus. Hence why Chernarus is down population-wise. Craig wrote a Lore for Livonia before he was removed, you should read it instead of posting all over the place about how there's nothing to read. Livonia is a real region that has fascinating history. We have beaten Chernarus to death, give it a rest.
  3. Cause you're the Green Manalishi with the two-pronged crown
    All night dragging us up, or you're bringing us down
    Just taking my love, and slip away
    Leaving me here, trying to keep from following you...

  4. In Chernarus there are government cell towers, aswell as ones across the border in Russia that have poorer connection. You could feasibly connect, and charge with whatever electricity source you have.
  5. Things such as that tend to go out the window as long as the Lore gets released. After that as long as people play who cares? And so far they have been, in greater numbers then Chernarus i might add. To be expected somewhat given the winter map. Livonia is new and fresh. And the snow is kinda boring after an hour or two of looking at it. But as far as somebody taking the initiative to separate the two and actually do it well... The people who care enough don't have the power and the people who do have better things to do or can't be asked I guess. Although I can only comment on what occurred while I was still in there. I don't pay much attention here anymore so I might be talking out my arse. Craig is the newest LM and I wanted Livonia to be his flagship project so he could establish himself, at least before I got ushered out. Best thing to do for separation is to wipe the Lore and set it in a time that is drastically different.
  6. We did one of these last year IIRC, I just took pics and did OOC tools support. Prison Island even on a server optimized with no loot or zombies with 40+ people is laggy beyond the point of being tolerable. Stability may have improved since then, but we still ended up moving it to VMC. It wasn't that bad for me and others, but enough complained to where we moved it.
  7. I got removed. Wrong tree to bark up pal.
  8. Welcome brother! Mighty fine state you come from. SC boy here.
  9. Oh look who be back lurkin

  10. Nice. I gave Livonia to Craig to a project before I got removed. When I looked a couple weeks ago I didn't really see anything on the actual Bohemia Lore of it. Good to see you found it. We never used CSAT in the past just due to it being in the future for A3, but technically still in the same universe. Good stuff Ducky-san.

    1. Kordruga


      Good morning Major! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. Scientific studies have found people actually come together during times of adversity. But that doesn't make for an engaging game or narrative.
  13. I lost six points on this because I completed my assignments for the week on one day.





    1. DeeBlack


      I bet your teacher is a commie fuck

    2. Major



      He's actually not, but he plays this cringy game of jumping between political outlooks to seem objective. He's a right winger but sometimes I wonder. The guy actually linked me a thing talking about how Trump's tax cuts only helped the rich, and I just responded with "Those guys sign my checks"

    3. Jamie



  14. Question for @Roland You removed me from staff with no warning other than this message: You said that "to go as far as to recommend people to go to other servers to play crosses the line for me..." You deleted my original post that I presumed got me removed: In the last paragraph I said "I'd suggest looking elsewhere for fresh new stuff outside of changing dates or server Lore". I'm not sure how that could be construed as me recommending people to go play elsewhere. You don't stay in a Loremaster position for the better part of 2 and a half years in the community to simply throw it away by telling people to leave. That is absurd. I told people to look elsewhere for solutions outside of changing Lore. My 2 posts in this thread were not inherently positive, but neither is a doctor when he walks into the room and tells you that you have a serious disease and that they are going to treat you for it. We were discussing a problem in the community, I didn't agree that the proposed solution would work and was advocating for my point of view. If you think that the view I put across or the way I got it out there was unbecoming of a staff member then that's understandable. If a larger enough portion of the community wants a certain course of action I will help them achieve it, even if I personally don't think that would be the best option. At the end of the day, I'd just like a little more explanation regarding my removal, maybe even to come back if we can talk and come to some sort of understanding as to how you expect things to be. This is extremely unfair to me to just simply be removed over something that I can distinguish as none other than an incorrect opinion held by myself, and wording that made you believe I was telling people to go to other communities.
  15. Well I've been carved from the herd and left to die in the wilderness.

    I don't regret any of it, not a second of the 2 and a half years. All of you are magnificent bastards and you deserve more than what you've been allowed to have. 

    I'd do it all again if I knew the end would be the same for ya'll. 

    Don't get captured...


    1. FalkRP



    2. DeeBlack


      I'm sure I can spin this to blame /You know who/ Somehow.... 


      Your honor was loyalty. 

    3. groovy chernon

      groovy chernon


    4. Scarlett


      Sorry to see you go, thank you for everything that you have done 👋

    5. Major



      Just remember your opinion can get you removed, and if they dont have a reason to axe you they will just make one up.

    6. Aisling


      Im sorry Major... youve been an amazing loremaster, the server wouldnt have anything to do if it wasnt for your creativity and keeping it going during dark times

    7. Camo


      Well god damn... another devoted community member bites the dust... Sorry to see you go. 😟

  16. I never suggested that. Not a single time. This is what I actually said. I told people to look elsewhere from wipes and time jumps.
  17. LOL This thread got me permanently removed from LM. New blood indeed. Now there's two openings.
  18. Miroslavl hasn't had UN there since like 2017. Aside from that you are playing deserters, which is fine. Good luck.
  19. Decent group, but you need to work on your goals. If they were anymore generic they'd be in the bargain bin at Walmart.
  20. It's in the past, and the tense change is a conscience decision. It helps with flow and makes it to where actions feel more immediate. I figure if you paid that much attention to the passage it's obvious that it's entirely in the past. Then again some of that is done to confuse and blend the lines between the two. Thanks for reading.
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