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  1. Major

    Held Captive [Event]

    Gonna be lit Looks like we gonna do it on the event server so I can admin it and handle all the stuff. Should be fun.
  2. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    Not my typical listening material but it fucking shreds.
  3. Major

    Really cool game mechanic

  4. Major

    The Embassy [SPG-24]

    ITS ABOUT FOOKIN TIME Great to see this up! Glad I could help out with the thread.
  5. Major

    Require Immediate Assistance - Lore Event

    *Ethan would run over to his radio as the horde grew nearer on the horizon* "My name is Ethan Lautner. There is a big fuckin' horde headed towards long Green Mountain barns where my cargo is. The barns are just south-east of Pustoshka and north east of GM. If you fellas come help me out we can share. Hurry!" *ends*
  6. Major



  7. Major


    Header for an upcoming event...


    We will also be having a fresh rally race event posted in a couple hours as well...

    Stay Tuned....

  8. Major

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    That bad? Well I haven't been on since yesterday during the Outbreak at Novy Summer camp. If that's the case then yes, I'd remove it for now.
  9. Major

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    Tweak it, but keep it in. Even if it is broken it generates rp in a way we haven't really seen.
  10. Major

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    Not a fan of this idea. The general courtesy rule I follow is if I come across a base or something that has tents or barrels I'll take one or two things but occasionally I'll re-arrange stuff just to mess with people. If it's a base then when it comes to groups I like to leave people's stuff alone. It's one thing to take a couple things and another to completely empty their base of everything, dump it on the floor, and let it despawn. You should only occupy a group's base with your group if you have actually fought a battle and have wrestled it from their control, not sneak in during low pop and fuck them. Taking a sledgehammer to a base when they are offline is also scummy. We don't needs rules to legislate this though.
  11. Major

    A bridge to prison island

    Yeah fuck that. I'll never go there again in that case.
  12. Major


    Server be like:


    1. Zero


      I guess this gives me a reason to aim my gun at people and scream at them. Stay the fuck away from me you sick bastards. 

    2. Major


      Then get killed by their group who was around the corner.

  13. Major

    A bridge to prison island

    Yes, I agree completely until boats now that you mention it. Boats will make sense for the island once we do that. Things are kinda glitchy now as it is. Honestly we should do like mod days and open up a section where people can submit PCBs and potential settlements.
  14. Major

    A bridge to prison island

    Absolutely not. It removes the entire point of a prison island. It makes it easy to just get across when it should be something you have to actually swim across to get to. If anything add it to Skalisty Island as it's more of a tourist spot. -1 from me boss.
  15. Major

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *Straz would hear the next transmissions and get an idea* "We have secured some supplies. Please give me your exact location we will be on the way with proper protective gear and chemicals along with a possible treatment, over." *ends*
  16. Major

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *Straz hears the transmission as he scrapes the blood off his boot* This is Straz. I just executed a Communist who had the flu. He said he had had it for a while and it wouldn't go away but didn't bother to tell us until after he had been with us for a while. Probably wouldn't have kept him alive on account of his genocidal political beliefs but this flu is serious. I'm no doctor, but if I get sick I'm gonna isolate myself to a cabin. Keep us posted, Straz out." *Straz ends the transmission*
  17. Major

    Quotes we like!

    "True friends stab you in the front...." "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess...." "Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same...." - Oscar Wilde
  18. Major

    201 Chernorusskiy Aviatsionnyy Shturmovoy Polk (CASh) [Recruitment Open]

    "Major commanding forces in the field with a large tumor afixed to his spine" (December 2018 - oil on canvas in the night vision variety)
  19. Major



  20. Major

    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Lol means nothing. They had Brandon to carry them and flex on everyone.
  21. Major

    Survival mod?

    6000 calories per minute of course
  22. Major

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed RP with @theduckman936 @steeltalen a John who we bumped into in VMC area. Fun RPing with all the medic guys and the other randoms who showed up. Got some screencaps from tonight too. Had a laugh OOC when we bumped into a very sober (not) @Aeryes and @Lyca on the road. Also fun playing with @Combine @pijkaCZ @Brodie and @Greener161 today. Screenshots below of recent travels.
  23. Major



    1. Spartan


      Ocean man?

  24. Major

    Phoenix's very necessary Quotewall pt 1

    "Kuba is on Utes right now fucking his wife producing more babies for the state"
  25. Major


    1.0 first impressions.

    Once I got in-game and got my character model sorted out it was great. Better frames or just as good as before IMO. Definitively not worse. Cars work far better than the previous patch, they don't act as if they have no center of gravity and as of yet they haven't gone under the earth or flying at all. 

    New 1PN51 night vision scope is great, works on the AKM and the SVD. Hand guards and sights are fixed along with magazines. There are new dynamic changes to the weather, and it was slightly buggy at first because a big black cloud would spawn above you, but now it's better. I was up north and over an 1.5 hr period it went from overcast, to sunny, and then got darker and got really creepy and foggy. 

    There are animals in places where they would realistically be, chickens in yards and occasional herds of deer in the woods. Lots of new sounds and stuff. Overall it seems like there was a lot of stuff they didn't put in an official post that has been tweaked, fixed, or added. Other than a few missing textures it was much better than last patch. Looking forward to seeing what else we come across and testing basebuilding to see if it's as messed up as before.