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    Server = Dead

    It's a shit game and the community is in a terrible state right now because we have been around forever and everything creative that could be done with the current game has been done. Trying to inflate it or do some new schtick IG is only going to lead people to a burnout like we always have. This community has less to do with the game and more to do with the people that play here and play other games with each other. Just sign off and do other shit till .63. Deep down NONE OF YOU want to play the current build and the only reason most of you do is to "keep the fires burning" so just let things run their course and keep waiting like we always have as opposed to clutching our pearls and scratching our heads like we can't figure out why people don't want to touch it right now. The landscape is a constant cycle of people getting fucked on by other people who can PvP, massive supergroups and coalitions, and hubs where people jack off and meme. That's it.
  2. Major

    • Major
    • Corry

    I miss u 😥

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    • Jamie

    Not gonna lie I had to do a double take.

    I am gonna nibble on yo ear now until it falls off.

  4. Major


    Tasty as fuck


    1. G19RP


      Just like you 😘

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      oh we got a Instagram girl here 

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    DayZRP Group Advertisement Board

    DayZRP Group Advertisement Board This thread is dedicated to accepted and approved groups that are present in this section of the forums. You can add an IC note, poster, or advertisement for your group here that is of a high quality. Anything added here could reasonably be found stuck to the side of a building, a wall, or some other place. Nothing that looks like a 3 y/o drew it out on Paint is allowed. Below the image feel free to add an OOC message as well. This thread is purely dedicated to advertisements, no discussion or questions are allowed here and will be deleted. Example:
  6. Major

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    My job as an LM is to powergame. I am guilty as charged.
  7. Major

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    Yeah everything I said was correct, you can be "immune" but you are only really a carrier.
  8. Major

    World Lore Thread - Broadcasts, Stories, Rumors and Facts

    This thread is dedicated to providing the community with a peek into the state of the world outside Chernarus. This is an OOC thread so feel free to chat, discuss, and ask questions below. World Lore Entry No.1 - Faces of War - July 25-27th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) As Europe struggled to fight off the infected and contain the virus old rivalries and feuds between nations reared their persistent heads. As Russia was being blamed by the international media for the entire debacle in Chernarus, the Chernarussian State began consolidating the thousands of troops that had been saved pulled back to the coast and began planning a campaign to re-take key areas that had been lost. The US had pulled back troops from South Zagoria to Utes Island, and was calculating the next move as the NATO fleet ambled off the coast of Chernarus, unsatisfied and annoyed with losses and failure to reach ground zero. The Russians seemed content to continue their air campaign over all the areas near the border that contained infected or "unknown armed entities", killing everything unidentifiable or unreachable that moved and not allowing refugees to cross the border. Western Europe was in chaos dealing with local Outbreaks, while the Czech Republic, Poland, and many Balkan states refused entry and held thousands of civilians in airports and opted to contain the outbreaks there. It was clear something very serious and dangerous was afoot, but the inkling of really how dangerous the situation was about to become had been muffled as it appeared things were under control. People were content to turn the TV off after finishing their breakfast and head out to work or drop the kids off at daycare and ignore what was going on, which isn't to say they didn't notice more than they tuned it out. If it wasn't in their faces or hindering their daily lives they were content to forget it, but not for long. On the 25th an event would occur that everybody thought would be ten times less likely now given the circumstances, an unfathomable and unthinkable occurrence that belittled all the crazy events in Chernarus and around the world. At exactly 5:00 PM GMT-5 Eastern standard time the NATO fleet off Chernarus was struck by what can only be described as a massive underwater nuclear device of uncertain origin. No warning, no provocation, no indication of such an incoming catastrophic event taking place or being expected. This was the only moment from here on out that the drive-by news media stopped talking about the Outbreak. A veritable shock took over the world as everyone waited for what they thought must be an imminent massive nuclear war. Russia denied having any involvement and in fact several Russian vessels miles away were capsized by the waves and blast, which had been subdued by the ocean which was the only thing that prevented complete destruction. Russia denied any connection to the event, but at that time many neither cared nor wanted evidence to prove otherwise. Like during 9/11 people wanted blood to flow and heads to roll, but it was becoming ever clearer as that what had taken place would not be explained away easily, and that Russia had neither the desire or the gall to try such a thing. Many suspected a false flag or a trick, an attempt by some entity to get the world to destroy itself. The NATO fleet had gone dark, and the Russians sent seismic graphs and all manner of evidence to the US and the UN, in a desperate attempt to clear their name. Later that day, US President Donald Trump tweeted out that "A thorough investigation is being carried out, all military authorities are on high alert. We are prepared but will wait for evidence." Many Americans took to cellars and old Cold War bunkers in their backyard, everyone else sought whatever refuge they could find and proceeded to glue themselves to their TV or phone as they waited in anticipation of things to come. In the afternoon Washington DC was locked down, and shooting was heard from the vicinity of the National Mall and the White House. Smoke billowed from the city as onlookers tried to determine what had transpired, and the Pentagon was rushed by hundreds of armed men wearing no insignia. Minutes later Air Force One was seen heading west, and the president's personal twitter account was erased. The Pentagon released a brief statement saying that it was clear that Russia had conducted the attack and shortly following the president's staff quickly issued another statement denying this and claiming that there had been a coup. European NATO countries began a massive air assault on Russian military facilities and air bases in western Russia and the Baltics, hitting the Baltic fleet at Kaliningrad and missile bases there. The Russian air force went into action immediately, generating an enormous air war over Europe's skies as Russian bomber and fighter bomber squadrons attempted to strike NATO airbases in a bid to bring an end to strikes. The Luftwaffe, RAF, and Armée de l'air were the only air forces that actively struck Russian positions, where as US Air Force jets merely downed Russian planes as they flew in to bomb joint bases occupied by the US and its European allies. Russian troops that had been massed in Pskov flowed across the border into Latvia, pushing towards Kaliningrad to reinforce its isolated troops. As ground warfare rages in the Baltic states and the Russian advance drives through Lithuania 3 small-scale nuclear bombs dropped from French aircraft took out the vanguard of the Russian advance and decimated the remainders of Russia's ground force, killing 35,000 troops and 50,000 local civilians. Despite such an act, Russia refuses to retaliate accordingly and cites that it is only seeking to defend itself in the midst of airstrikes and the deployment of nuclear weapons against another nuclear power for the first time in the history of the world. Polish troops massed at the border move into Lithuania and with allies begin to drive Russian forces back. As the fighting escalates in the Baltics the outbreaks in and around airports in western Europe spread to the surrounding area, and one by one the fighting begins to peter off as France and Germany are forced by dire internal circumstances to combat the outbreak rather than attack retreating Russian troops. Mayhem ensues as the strong border protections of eastern European nations are undone by the fighting, allowing the Outbreak to spread into previously safe areas. Russia is the only nation that maintains territorial integrity as its troops retreat back inside its borders. It seemed as if order had been restored in the US, as the president's twitter account was reinstated and he retreated to the Cheyanne Mountain Complex. However, throughout the conflict in Europe an official declaration of war was never issued, and many people wondered what the nature of relations with Russia would be in this crisis and beyond. Many troops didn't know whether or not to fire on Russian troops in the distance, to talk or reconcile or to attack. That was unclear, but what was clear was that the Russian state and people were not interested in fighting people, rather the outbreaks that were popping up all around its territory. Outbreaks in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle were being responded to by the National Guard. A Chernarussian memo to the US government containing information about the spread of the virus was sent allowing containment efforts to be properly implemented. The meek Chernarussian Navy sailed out of Miroslavl and Novigrad to reach the initial site of the blast in an attempt to rescue survivors and find any remaining ships that were still occupied or operational. While the attention of much of the world was turned away from Chernarus, Russia annexed Belozersk city in north-western Chernarus, with the declared goal of securing the Nuclear power plant based near the lake. The 500 CDF troops there didn't fire so much as a shot and appear to have been overwhelmed or defected to the Russian side, as the area is known for the heavy ethnic Russian population and sentiments. The mayor of the town and a handful of military officials and COBR and OREL police departed in Mi-17s from the airbase as the local Chernarussian Mig-21 squadron fled the base to fly escort on the way to Primorsk and the CAF's Il-76 airlifter evacuated remaining ground crew and many civilians loyal to the State. As the transports flew away over the expanse of the western Chernarussian plains the Russians closed in on the town center, where a silence greeted them from locals that were left within the city walls. Nothing for them was certain, and the glorious sunset that day was barely noticed as those who had lived there wondered what the future held for them... Translation for the background.
  9. Major

    Goodbye for now.

    Buh-bye Felicia.
  10. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Nyet. We are anti-Antifa reactionaries of the Right.
  11. Major


    Don't know when I will be able to come back to staff. Just got laid off from my job that I thought would have at least lasted the duration of the summer. My old job won't give me enough hours to pay the bills and the other job I was looking at is about to get shut down for poisoning people with improperly stored meat and apparently they were stealing money from their employees. 

    Shit's fucked.

    1. Brady


      Youll figure it out brother, we can wait 4 u

    2. Mexi


      PCJames reading this:



      In all seriousness good luck with the job hunt Major, hope you get shit sorted fast.

    3. Eddie


      Sorry to hear that Major, don't worry, hopefully something will come through for you man. You take care of yourself Major, this place will still be here when you get straitened out. 

    4. Anouk


      Everything will work out Major, I’m sorry to hear and hope things will come around sooner rather than later.

    5. Dvlinhb


      Don’t worry dude, do what you gotta do. We’ll all hold the fort until your return.

  12. Major

    European Net Neutrality

    You Euros have tolerated this one world government wannabe bullshit for far too long.
  13. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Squad in front of our Humvee shortly before nocturnal shenanigans commenced.
  14. Major


    I voted no, but honestly I'd make a lot of changes to the whole fucking system but I dont have the powah. There needs to be balance, I shouldn't have to re initiate for crap like that.
  15. Major

    Can anyone help me write lore?

    Need to let me pay for that tag still.
  16. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Lent him my Russian patch to wear for memes
  17. Major

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    The base .63 stuff is all great and neccessary but let's face it, that will age and what we need most is new faces, tools and basebuilding. This place needs fresh blood to replace all the banned talent and to give new clay to mould into community members.
  18. Major


    They need to add Vietnamese operators to Siege that have rice hats, bamboo spike traps, and throwing knives. They would all wear black uniforms and you could shout "Fuck you GI" from a distance to destroy morale.

    1. UncleB


      "GI GO HOME!"

      @-Chow- Time to go back to unsung....


    2. Whitename


      jesus christ

      on a somewhat related note maestro is fucking hot

      usually i’m not into bearded muscle dudes but hooooo boy

  19. Major


    What have you achieved now you're old
    Did you fulfill ambition, do as you were told
    Or are you still doing the same this year
    Should I give sorrow, or turn 'round and sneer

    I know that the prospects weren't all that good
    But they improved, and I'd have thought that you could
    Have strived for that something we all have deep inside
    Not let it vanish, along with your pride

    Now with the aid of your new walking stick
    You hobble along through society thick
    And look mesmerized by the face of it all
    You keep to the gutter in case you fall

    I can't go on
    I can't go on
    I can't go on
    I can't go on

    I, I, I, I

  20. Major

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    My first rp character was Major "Doc" Garrison so most people called me Major or Garrison and Major stuck.
  21. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    I like to say I am not an Iron Maiden fan so much as I occasionally consume their music.
  22. Major

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    As long as nobody makes me rp out a 7.62 round to the skull I'm up for anything. I think this entire perma thing has got to walk a fine line between realism/rp and having fun. Lots of people have brought up good points on both sides but everything has a sticking/stopping point.
  23. Major


    My day in a nutshell



    1. LouieRP


      Holy shit them graphics are sick guy. 

    2. G19RP



    3. OskuRP


      Why the helmet?

    4. Dvlinhb


      I don't see a DP-28. I am of the disappoint.

      But other than that, looks like fun my guy.

    5. Major


      @OskuRP For catching lead

    6. OskuRP


      Oh i see...you guys will be shooting at eachother. Nice! 😉

    7. Major




    8. Strawberry



  24. Major

    World Lore Thread - Broadcasts, Stories, Rumors and Facts

    Fucking beautiful
  25. Major


    "Weakness is a great thing, and strength is nothing. When a man is just born, he is weak and flexible. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree is growing, it's tender and pliant. But when it's dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are death's companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being. Because what has hardened will never win."