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"'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away..."

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    1. KordrugaRP


      Good morning Major! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Major

    Thoughts on banditry?

    Scientific studies have found people actually come together during times of adversity. But that doesn't make for an engaging game or narrative.
  3. Major


    I lost six points on this because I completed my assignments for the week on one day.





    1. DeeBlack


      I bet your teacher is a commie fuck

    2. Major



      He's actually not, but he plays this cringy game of jumping between political outlooks to seem objective. He's a right winger but sometimes I wonder. The guy actually linked me a thing talking about how Trump's tax cuts only helped the rich, and I just responded with "Those guys sign my checks"

    3. Jamie



  4. Major

    Question for Rolle - Staff Removal

    Question for @Roland You removed me from staff with no warning other than this message: You said that "to go as far as to recommend people to go to other servers to play crosses the line for me..." You deleted my original post that I presumed got me removed: In the last paragraph I said "I'd suggest looking elsewhere for fresh new stuff outside of changing dates or server Lore". I'm not sure how that could be construed as me recommending people to go play elsewhere. You don't stay in a Loremaster position for the better part of 2 and a half years in the community to simply throw it away by telling people to leave. That is absurd. I told people to look elsewhere for solutions outside of changing Lore. My 2 posts in this thread were not inherently positive, but neither is a doctor when he walks into the room and tells you that you have a serious disease and that they are going to treat you for it. We were discussing a problem in the community, I didn't agree that the proposed solution would work and was advocating for my point of view. If you think that the view I put across or the way I got it out there was unbecoming of a staff member then that's understandable. If a larger enough portion of the community wants a certain course of action I will help them achieve it, even if I personally don't think that would be the best option. At the end of the day, I'd just like a little more explanation regarding my removal, maybe even to come back if we can talk and come to some sort of understanding as to how you expect things to be. This is extremely unfair to me to just simply be removed over something that I can distinguish as none other than an incorrect opinion held by myself, and wording that made you believe I was telling people to go to other communities.
  5. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    Fuck that sappy shit
  6. Major


    Well I've been carved from the herd and left to die in the wilderness.

    I don't regret any of it, not a second of the 2 and a half years. All of you are magnificent bastards and you deserve more than what you've been allowed to have. 

    I'd do it all again if I knew the end would be the same for ya'll. 

    Don't get captured...


    1. FalkRP



    2. DeeBlack


      I'm sure I can spin this to blame /You know who/ Somehow.... 


      Your honor was loyalty. 

    3. groovy chernon

      groovy chernon


    4. Scarlett


      Sorry to see you go, thank you for everything that you have done 👋

    5. Major



      Just remember your opinion can get you removed, and if they dont have a reason to axe you they will just make one up.

    6. Aisling


      Im sorry Major... youve been an amazing loremaster, the server wouldnt have anything to do if it wasnt for your creativity and keeping it going during dark times

    7. Camo


      Well god damn... another devoted community member bites the dust... Sorry to see you go. 😟

  7. Major

    It's that time of year again

    I never suggested that. Not a single time. This is what I actually said. I told people to look elsewhere from wipes and time jumps.
  8. Major

    It's that time of year again

    LOL This thread got me permanently removed from LM. New blood indeed. Now there's two openings.
  9. Major

    The Peacebreakers [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Miroslavl hasn't had UN there since like 2017. Aside from that you are playing deserters, which is fine. Good luck.
  10. Major

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Decent group, but you need to work on your goals. If they were anymore generic they'd be in the bargain bin at Walmart.
  11. Major

    Memoirs of a (Fallen) Doctor: Unbecoming

    Good stuff.
  12. Major

    Through Lines of Black - A Sentinel's Tale

    It's in the past, and the tense change is a conscience decision. It helps with flow and makes it to where actions feel more immediate. I figure if you paid that much attention to the passage it's obvious that it's entirely in the past. Then again some of that is done to confuse and blend the lines between the two. Thanks for reading.
  13. Major

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    Yeah I'll take it.
  14. Major

    Priority Que

    Yeah I agree with the OP, that'd be nice. Also get rid of the priority queue. Find another way to make money off people.
  15. Major


    Something personal I've been working on for my character. If you'd give it a read I'd appreciate it. 


  16. Major

    Through Lines of Black - A Sentinel's Tale

    "The autumn moon shines through the Venetian blinds. The great clock in the hall down from the bedroom gives a great dull chime, echoing through the doorway. Midnight. Rain begins to slowly prod at the window, like a sedated animal making a last desperate attempt at a door far too small to traverse. The apartment is unlike most in the city. A cavernous penthouse from the Romanov period left mostly derelict, with space only for some 4 tenants. The ceilings and high walls were covered with elegant but rapidly fading ornamentation, vases of flowers laid out like the Sistine chapel, their paint hanging off in patches." "It was a parting gift left to her by parents who gave even less attention to her than they did to upkeep the very walls that made up her gilded cage. Neglect. Disuse. Abandonment. Rot. A baby crying endlessly in the depths of night. They passed somewhere in Europe. Car crash. But none of that mattered now. He was there now, which as far as she was concerned was more than enough." "I suppose that is what connected them. Parental ignorance, or in his case the unyielding and perpetual burden of his last name and all the dramatic expectations attached. One he had since buried with pseudonyms and nicknames, because nothing was worse than the thought that the past would become the future by way of birth right and vainglorious pride. His brothers excelled in taking every natural gift with heads raised high as if they hadn't merely been given it. Kopriva. "She stirs in sleep and rolls away from him as he gets into bed, but as the cover slips it reveals her white slender form against the light of the pale moon. Her shoulder blades expand and contract as she breathes and cups her chin with hand. He smiles at her gesture and gently flings his black shirt over onto the chair, landing next to her thick coat." A young Borivoj Kopriva "His form is tense as he lays sprawled out over the edge of the bed, eventually bringing his knee down to side of the bed as his foot falls to the floor. It made him feel grounded. His dreams of falling into a bottomless abyss had returned, but only now that he was off assignment. The facade and defenses that stood for so long in duty had worn and fallen. He was opened to the world now, but most importantly to her. Here they could be vulnerable and exposed with each other. God knows the fading wallpaper didn't care." "The dim lights of the street cast a shadow up into the apartment ceiling as the wind carried the fog onward. The moon no longer existed. The darkness of night suffocated him. He wanders over to the low dresser by the twin windows, picking up his long leather service jacket from the back as he extracts his pistol slowly. He glances at it for a moment and contemplates the events of yesterday before laying it gently down on the dresser, letting the barrel slide along before dropping it by the rubber grip. He sat down in the chair by the window, letting the shutters open to reveal the street several stories below." "His zippo sparks twice before lighting his cigarette, he leans back to relax as his one knee falls down once more to the floor and his other drops onto the dresser. He could sleep propped up like an old man. His shadow dances on the ceiling as he takes a long drag, letting his head fall back as the smoke emanates upward. His cold, sad eyes watch the street below as a vulture perched atop a tree would. Their new counselor said he was taking his work home with him. He wouldn't admit it but it was undoubtedly true. That would mean his axiomatic framework of how he rationalized the world and his actions was eroded beyond repair. That he couldn't accept. But what he did at work, so he did at home. He watched, and inside him a storm brewed. Even as he sat there it stirred silently within. She was his only remedy, at least until he confronted the inevitable truth and rearranged himself accordingly. A crutch? Or a foundation? Time would tell." “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”
  17. Major

    Toxic zone mod gone...

    Forget the mod and the actual effects. TLDR Kamensk Military base has had mostly trace amounts of radiation since Soviet times in areas of the base that were not used often, hence a lack of symptoms. The current and main reason of the contamination is the invisible toxic agent being emitted from underground at the base which makes people there sick and turn.
  18. Major

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    The WWW is still functioning. You'd need to be in Miroslavl for wifi probably.
  19. Major

    S.S.S. Media Thread

    The regime would like a word Kozlov or we burn the country
  20. Major


    Apes stronger together

  21. Major

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    Massive litmus test going on here
  22. Major

    What do you enjoy seeing in Dayzrp? what makes you come back?

    Rolle's positive father figure influence on me and the structure it provided following my turbulent childhood. Also the game is pretty on occasion. Watching people cry about losing gear is fun too.
  23. Major

    Need a female RPer to play my 15 year old daughter

    The Federal gubment says I can identify as whatever I wont I be your daughter sir
  24. Major


    Дома тихо

    1. ZeroRP


      Lore wipe when 

  25. Major

    Fangs Are Back

    "B-b-b-uutttt what was so great about mod anyways?"
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