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  1. Major


    Grandma's nuts


    > be me, just woke up at 820

    > yawn like a lion and start my day

    > grandma comes into room holding my dad's phone basically convulsing and manic as I get unsleepy

    > I ask what's wrong

    > She's supposed to take him to a Doctor's appointment but he left with her car

    > Tells me to call him

    > I say, well you have his phone what good is that going to do, as she paces around in circles 

    > she says her phone is in his car and I need to call it with mine, she says his name will come up on the screen, which it won't mine would

    > you'd think somebody died

    > I tell her to sit down and shush and relax while I call him

    > she repeats herself robotically 2 times while sitting on my bed

    > call and get no answer

    > she storms away

    > comes back

    > tells me I never ever ever listen and she actually said to call her phone with his phone

    > I tell her she never said that and told me to call with mine

    > GO nuts

    > Call her phone on his phone because she "doesn't know how to use it"

    > sonic runs away again

    > turns out my dad was downstairs


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