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  1. Major



    Take out your whip and give me the pressure I crave
    Put on your leather and beat me until I behave
    Woman, you know that I love to be punished by you
    Now take off your clothes because know it's my turn to be cruel

    Dominate, dominate
    Welts all over my chest
    Discipline, discipline
    Baby, your pain is the best

    Inflict me with bruises and watch as I scream with delight
    Humiliate me, I last for your violence tonight
    Kiss me, then hit me, then tease me, then boss me around
    My body is aching with lust so we'd better get down

    Hurts good.

    Back at your apartment you turn out your lights
    Light a few red candles, I'm gonna spend the night
    You tie me to your bed with rope, you've got some heavy chains
    I'm getting ready for some love that's painfully insane
    My clothers are gone, the candle wax is dripping on my chest
    Your fingernails into my flesh, you put me to the test
    I love the fire in your eyes, I wanna be your slave
    Tomorrow I'll be feeling all the pressure that you gave

    1. Brayces



      oh my god omg GIF

      T-This is about kinky sex!

    2. Major


      @Brayces It's just a dope song, but yes😄

    3. Ducky


      💦 🍆 😩

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