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    I got home late this evening, stumbled up the stair
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in the bedroom there
    My woman with a man was lyin' fast asleep
    I felt a rage inside me, control I couldn't keep

    She was a cheater

    I reached the dressing table, kicked away the door
    I gripped the cold black metal, a loaded .44
    By this time they're awake and they don't know what to do
    I scream you cheatin' bitch here's what I think of you

    You are a cheater

    They both pleaded for mercy, I said no way
    When you do this upon me, you have no say
    I treated you so real good, and this is what you do
    Oh no I've finished with you, your time is through

    You are a cheater

    If you need a cheater there's nobody sweeter than this one
    There's no neater, come on here and meet her
    Cheater, cheater, cheater, come on and meet her...

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