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  1. Major


    Alright, I'm settled back in and have gotten most of my IRL ducks in order. The COs of the Muslims, Russians, and CDF already know a bit about what's cooking long term, but for now I'm going to start work on a medium size event that's going to be kinda do at your own pace due to the lack of tools. It's going to provide a sort of appetizer for later infection lore and broaden the scope of what we are dealing with. 

    Expect it before Friday. Aside from that, we have much larger projects that are getting put together, including the longest horde event in DayZRP history which will be whitelisted and limited to 45 participants due to the experience of past events. It should run well and last the better part of the day. Don't have a timeline on that but expect roughly a monthish give or take, with some buildup. 

    Also expect a number of Lore posts in various form sometime soon once events are back on track. We are also planning a big announcement that will be given a date with the next two weeks.



    1. Shiro


      Keep up the good work and thank you for the effort. 

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