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  1. Major


    I try to do my job effectively and give people cool experiences to take part in and facilitate roleplay or advance or do things that haven't been done or are ambitious. 

    I try to organize a base of people around something so that with tools and manpower we can create something larger and exciting for even bystanders to take part in. 

    I network with dozens of individuals, talk to leaders of multiple groups to get the ball rolling and get feedback on what to make the server more fun.

    What comes of this? I get 10 or so people to make characters for dynamic events, half a dozen groups squabbling over the same old repeats of shit I have seen for the past 3 years, everybody wanting to do the exact same thing within their comfort zone with the people they are okay with while they nitpick and trash talk everybody else, people fence-sit, and then they bitch about a lack of progression and things being boring. Nobody communicates, everybody expects to be pandered to, and at the end of the day everybody who has something to say is just thinking about what clever thing is gonna fly out of their mouth while the folks across from them actually provide them with a perspective they might not have thought of or considered. Everybody talks, nobody listens. 

    Every single person in this community needs to take a long look at how they are helping or hurting the above situation. Sure we are human, we aren't inclined to our better angels for a decent portion of our interactions, but for God's sake give it a chance. 

    For those of you who do care and do listen and do contribute and work daily to improve this place, thank you. It means more than you will really ever know. Maybe I'm off my rocker, maybe I'm out of line, maybe I'm expecting too much and I'm being a whiny bitch. I dunno. I'm just tired of having everybody and their mother make big talk and only have a handful answer the call. 

    I'm going to take a step back over the next two days and re-consider what is the most effective and take care of some IRL shit I have kicked down the road that needs handling. My PMs are wide open. Perhaps a fresh mind will be a tad more able to think outside the box. I'm just done with the trivial shit. Have a cool song.


    I strive, strive, strive To get everything done I’ve played by all the rules But I’ve very rarely won, I’ve smiled, I’ve charmed, I’ve wooed I’ve laughed, Alas to no avail I’ve run round like a moron, To unequivocally fail!

    I’ve no more fucks to give, My fuck fuse has just blown, I’ve been hunting for my fucks all day, But they’ve upped and fucked off home, I’ve no more fucks to give, My fuck rations are depleted, I’ve rallied my fuck army but It’s been fucking defeated!

    I’ve no more fucks to give, My fucks have flown away, My fucks are now so fucked off They’ve refused to fucking stay! I’ve no more fucks to give, My fucks have gone insane They’ve come back round and passed me While they’re fucking off again!

    I’ve no more fucks to give, My fucks have all dissolved, I’ve planned many projects But my fucks won’t be involved! I’ve no more fucks to give, My fucks have all been spent, They’ve fucked off from the building And I don’t know where they went!


    1. Highlander


      We'll miss you while you're gone!

    2. groovy xavier

      groovy xavier


    3. StagsviewRB


      I read what happened... It's shit....but it happens sadly, you try to lay foundations but people rather do their own thing.

    4. RogueSolace


      I will miss you, I’m really sorry that that is the reaction to all of your hard work. I didn’t know anything was going on that direction until I was a quarter way across the map and couldn’t turn around.

      you put a lot of work into this game and making it more and are definitely the best person to do that job. You work your ass off and I always feel really bad when things in character get messed up or in general things like this. 

      Being a Lore master is hard on it’s own, But you actually do something that i believe makes the best LMs. You let everyone participate regardless of their levels of experience or character qualifications. You make everyone matter in someway

      to me, you’re one of the reasons I even came back. You make this game more than just a bunch of people running around and doing whatever. You give us the world story what’s actually happening that makes everything as interesting as it is and I never understand why people choose to simply ignore things.

      You make actually trying to do things worth it when I’ve seen a lot of cases just completely be ignored and favoring only information coming from certain groups even when plenty of people are qualified to get some bits and pieces. You actually help those people get bits and pieces that make them want to continue. 

      I’ll try to talk with you soon about that PM I sent. For now step back and do what you need to do. You are super loved and I hope you get the recharge you need because everything was missing that story aspect that you bring into this game while you were gone before. You do what you need to do, I’ll support you no matter what 😊❤️

    5. Samaritan


      People moan that there needs to be more organised events to progress lore or to create new avenues of RP and yet they do not embrace it when it's organised.

      Unfortunately there is lots of talking the talk but not much walking the walk. People feel comfortable in staying with what they know then after a while day things are boring. Step outside your comfort zone, embrace the events and just try out new things.

      @Majorthere aren't many more people who I see are so dedicated to progressing the lore, providing events or being as helpful as you. I understand it can be frustrating but remember that you do a great job and I hope more people join in with your hard work because of they did things would be more exciting.

    6. Shanoby


      I honestly do not partake in those events for OOC reasons and depending on event IC reasons.

      1st question I usually ask myself, is my character even interested in this? If no, then I wont partake.

      2nd, if the event is close by to a hub, I tend to PRESUME there will be loads of people and cluster of shooting and not fun.

      But if the event takes place far away from my current location, I am forced to check how much time I have to play, can I make it there in time, how long will it take and if I start going there, will there be even event still going on by the time I get there.

      So, I always find excuses not to take part event.

      Sorry... I know I must be one of the people that is a problem for you because of it, but that is my honest PoV.

    7. RogueSolace


      I have do i know about it/when/travel/life issues too

      it makes dynamics sadly really hard to make, because we want to help but may not be able to get where the action is happening in time. Maybe having an estimate of where its starting and how many hours are expected? Not exact, but would help

    8. Major



      That doesn't make you part of the problem bud. If I craft a tasty pumpkin pie that is heralded as being the best in the world but you don't like pumpkin pie that doesn't mean you just hate it and are a problem, you just chose not to take part. 

    9. RogueSolace


      For us its making sure we’re on time, and at the right address for the pumpkin pie. Then no drunk relatives about 💕

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