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  1. Major


    Listen for a moment, lads
    And hear me tell my tale
    How o'er the sea
    From England shore
    I was condemned to sail
    Jury found me guilty, sir
    And said the judge, said he
    "For life, Jim Jones, I sentence you
    Across the stormy sea"

    "Take my tip
    Before you ship
    To join the iron gang:
    Don't be too gay in Botany Bay
    Or else you'll surely hang"
    Or else you'll surely hang says he
    "And after that, Jim Jones
    High up upon the gallows tree
    The crows will pick your bones."

    "You'll have no chance of mischief there
    Remember what I say
    They'll flog the poachin' out of you
    Out there in Botany Bay."
    Waves were high upon the seas
    The wind approached in gales
    I'd rather drowned in misery than come to New South Wales

    The waves were high upon the seas
    When the pirates came along
    But the soldiers on our convict ship were full
    Five hundred strong
    They opened fire and somehow drove that pirate ship away
    I'd rather join that pirate ship than gone to Botany Bay

    And one dark night
    When everything is quiet in the town
    I'll kill you bastards one and all
    I'll gun the floggers down
    Give them all little shot
    Remember what I say
    They'll yet regret
    They sent Jim Jones in chains
    To Botany Bay

    1. Xavier


      shut up nerd

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