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  1. It has been tons of fun playing, dying, rping, killing, and running around in the current Lore with all you folks. I can't say that I don't regret how our ending event went for it, it truly did not do it justice and we should have found a better way to end this story. Unfortunately, when you don't keep up a story and keep it going it can be very difficult to wrap up. 

    I think the new Lore and wipe will freshen up a great deal, but we can't forget that every action we do or don't take affects everything. 

    Looking forward to what comes, good and bad and everything in between.

    1. Eagle


      Just drop a meteor on the whole planet, it seemed to do the dinosaurs justice.

    2. PCJames



    3. HALEZY


      first person to get 25 kill streak in the KOS hour gets the nuke! they earn there place ontop of the wall no one will ever see...... seems legit