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  1. Major

    Post your Rainbow 6: Siege clips

    Brandon is a God tier Vigil. Spanked my ass.
  2. Major

    My immersion is ruined and so is my day /s

    OGs will remember when whats-his-face made a thread asking if because Arma is DayZ canon then his character could have played Arma and known the map.
  3. Major


    We fixing to get! 



  4. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    A tad occupied IRL atm, about to take off to go get my little bro. I'll read all this and post later, but if one more person dms me about this my head is going to erupt in an arch of bloodspray.
  5. Major

    The Vale (Recuitment Active - All Welcome!)

    I'd get rid of the non-original graphics. Good luck.
  6. Major

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    Be great if a questions thread didn't turn into a 55 reply goatfuck but what do I know? Seems like the pertinent individuals should have responded and then solved it. If we want to have a discussion on this matter, then there are sections of the forum for that. *sips tea*
  7. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Yeah we just discussed it, looks good. Just read my Lore entry when I post it.
  8. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    By the way I would leave out the "Civil War remnants" bit. Be better to call it a Sotnya.
  9. Major


    New profile because Deus Ex and neo-Noir.

  10. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    That's a realistic goal to be honest. Despite the attributions of being a bunch of communists or complete Soviets the Chedaki mainly wanted independence for SZ for themselves, that was always their main goal. They fucked the Russians over and as such that's not an option considering the Russians want the Chedaki dead like the rest of the world.
  11. Major

    Černaruští Zdejší - Media Thread

  12. Major

    DayZRP Group Advertisement Board

    Bump for attention.
  13. Major

    Staff Productivity/TeamSpeak

    Teamspeak, at least in my view provides a more direct and personal link between community members and staff. I don't think it has reduced staff activity, but it's harder for me to talk to people and help folks out in Discord. With TS everybody was right with each other, now nobody uses the Discord channels and we are all segregated on our separate Discord servers. But that's a separate topic.
  14. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Our goal is not to steer you in a way that we feel is best according to some precept. I have been working on a large Chedaki/Black Mountains Lore post, and I knew you guys existed I just didn't know there would be a group so soon. Chedaki is one of those faction I have always let people take liberties with. I'll get that post out. Don't hesitate to pm us.
  15. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    Fantastic album. Utterly without peer. In the last rays Of the setting sun And the past days, (yeah) That's where our memories run And all of those times Still race through my mind I'm shattered inside to find When the night comes down And I'm here all alone When the night comes down And there's nowhere to go Call me and I'll wait till the summer You never understood Then I will wait forever For a love that's only good As the light starts to dim The fear closes in And the nightmares begin When the night comes down And I'm here all alone When the night comes down And there's no place to go Oh no! You won't be there tomorrow Oh no! Say it isn't true I can't take this pain and sorrow Oh can't you see my heart is broken in two I'm shattered inside to find When the night comes down And I'm here all alone When the night comes down And there's no place to go
  16. Major


    Flying Russian Man!


  17. Major

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Not sure how I feel about this, given recent events. Good luck.
  18. Major

    Bratstvo (Open Recruitment)

    My goal was to mind fuck the shit out of actual Russians.
  19. Major

    Tally Your Bans

    11/30 What can I say I told PsiSyndicate to get fucked at one point.
  20. Major


    Watching GOT with the fam


    1. Mexi


      Watching Bronn get his dick wet must have been a nice viewing with the family 😂

    2. Major



      I shit you not. As soon as the broad sat on his dick my brother got in the way of our flatscreen and I audibly remarked in front of my mom and dad for my brother to fucking move cause my man Bronn was trying to get some slatch. My dad thought that was funny.

    3. APTerminator


      How about that end scene tho?

  21. Major


    It's coming along well.



  22. Major

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    Forget that, just make food and drink less common so it's actually a survival game and not a glorified battle royale with hiking added in.
  23. Major

    Make the AK more common again.

    They literally manufacture them in Chernarus. It doesn't matter how long into the outbreak we are. If you read the description of the CR-75 it describes a plant in Kirovograd that makes weapons. Where plants are matters zilch. There would be tons of guns in circulation. It's not as if once they are picked up they magically disappear. They would circulate in from Takistan, Russia, and other places. It's the most produced weapon like ever. I have 3 of them IRL and all my neighbors and my town have oodles and oodles of them doesn't matter how far we are from a Tula or Izmash plant. If we started killing each other there would be more guns and less owners. So yes.
  24. Major

    Can a character have arrived in Cherrnarus recently?

  25. Major

    What kind of group do you want to see?

    I'd like to see a sort of firm that is comprised of private noir style detectives that hunt people and get info about various goings on on the behalf of others.
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