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    Don't talk to strangers
    'Cause they're only there to do you harm
    Don't write in starlight
    'Cause the words may come out real
    Don't hide in doorways
    You may find the key that opens up your soul
    Don't go to heaven
    'Cause it's really only hell
    Don't smell the flowers
    They're an evil drug to make you loose your mind
    Don't dream of women
    'Cause they'll only bring you down

    Hey, you, you know me
    You can touch me - I'm real
    I'm forever the one that lets you look and see
    Can you feel me?
    I'm danger, I'm the stranger
    And I, I'm darkness
    I'm anger, I'm pain
    I'm the master
    The evil song you sing inside your brain
    Drive you insane
    Don't talk
    Don't let them inside your mind yeah
    Run away, run away, go

    No, no, don't let them in your mind or catch your soul

    Don't dance in darkness
    You may stumble and you're sure to fall
    Don't write in starlight
    'Cause the words may come out real
    Don't talk to strangers
    'Cause they're only there to make you sad
    Don't dream of women
    'Cause they'll only bring you down yeah
    Run, run, run, run away

  2. Major

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    We will be adding the Lore timeline back to the site soon, as Rolle has coded it and I'll be filling it in from all the way before the Outbreak to now.
  3. Major

    Jasper's Avatar Thread

    Wow now I'm crying about my boy and reporting you for blatant necro.
  4. Major




    1. Aisling


      Loved volunteering for your events! 

    2. Major


      @Aisling one of the few

  5. Major

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    That's a tad dramatic don't you think? This is a hiking simulator after all.
  6. Major

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    That's a scandalous accusation that also happens to be true.
  7. Major

    Need something to do?

    One can only hope so. That will fix all of our problems for sure!
  8. Major

    Need something to do?

    We have an abundance of volunteers, just few that show up. Details there.
  9. Major

    Need something to do?

    With pleasure. Unfortunately, if people don't volunteer for dynamic events we can't do them, and often times even when people say they show up they don't. So if you want this stuff to happen, send me a PM and I'll add you to the event team server.
  10. Major

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Wrong group homeslice that's next month.
  11. Major

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Nice Commisar hat there Stalinsky.
  12. Major

    Priority Queue

    Even if it is allowed I wouldn't touch it, but that's just my advice as your most respected consigliere.
  13. Major

    Priority Queue

    Absolutely not. The only exception should be for GMs, Admins, and Owners, and LM's only if there is an event on. That's entirely unfair for people who don't drop that much money on a rank especially to have to wait in line behind people who have. Out of everything you can make money off of my advice it to leave this alone.
  14. Major

    Need something to do?

    Thanks for the vote of confidence...
  15. Major

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Members of the Kanec and COBR Spetsgruppas conclude operations in Kabanino Kanec and State Security meet with a group of extraterrestrial travelers at Vybor Airbase
  16. Major

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    1. StagsviewRB


      A very cute picture...I don't know wat u are trying to say though.

    2. Major



  17. Major

    What do you want from us?

    @Roland Make this happen, and oh, uh, give me tools while you at it. tyty Staggs put in a staff app so they know. Major-Staggsy-Phatal LM team best team
  18. Major

    Large Groups

    Can't exactly take a superior ground when I still haven't a clue what we are talking about. It's not about being in a superior position, you haven't made a proposal, it doesn't matter your position. What is a common "nesting" ground in your eyes?
  19. Major

    Large Groups

    I'm still not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish here? There's a lot of "I'm not sures" and "I feel" and "my opinion is" without actually putting forward what you want. Roleplay is at a fundamental level the playing of a character in circumstances completely foreign to you and stepping into that character and doing as that character would, including allegiances, beliefs, etc. People say "I had some fun RP with X" but in reality it's just playing the game. People interact, some groups of people break against others like cascading waves upon rocks. Sometimes those rocks break and make room for new people, sometimes people pool in stagnant ponds and don't move or change, and only act if something is put into their environment. It's not about forcing people to do anything. It's an open world game, and the only thing that should force anyone to do anything should be forces within the world. Every attempt to artificially enhance or change the face of groups and interactions with staged settlements and things decided on an OOC basis upon a certain framework to obtain an outcome has failed miserably. It's like expecting something to come from nothing. The game world is an ecosystem with sharks and minnows. That's literally it. It's best when two groups that are large and can hold their own have a conflict because the ecosystem is stabilized in the conflict. It's like trying to control nature.
  20. Major

    Large Groups

    I'm not gonna force base RPers to go out and interact with the world at large just like large groups that project power and influence things shouldn't be shackled for being large.
  21. Major

    What do you want from us?

    Me too boo. And based off the responses to this thread dynamic LM-GM fueled dynamic events are what is gonna have to happen.
  22. Major

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    So they can endure the sadomasochistic pain and fury that is Day Zed
  23. Major

    What do you want from us?

    This thread is half level-minded rant and half inquiry so just bear with me and read the whole thing before you respond and I'll read all of your responses. So I'm making this thread not because I'm cynical and burned out or anything like that, if I was that way I wouldn't make this thread, but rather because we are at something of a crossroads. @Phatal is about to go on break for a little while to get settled into school and new stuff, which is well-fucking deserved and the fact that most of you people haven't given him a lick of a chance to actually do the job and just write him off as some guy who just happens to occupy the same position as me is a fairly sad statement as to the state of things. Of course that's partially due to me hanging in this position for so long and trying to scrape by and actually be in-game and see what's up and try and move things in a productive direction. Phatal outright ran the Prodejna Series until he was physically incapable of doing so, and if it weren't for him the Molotok thread wouldn't have happened because I got stuck on the objectives. On that topic I'm basically left with trying to get an enormous whitelisted event back on track after certain people didn't do what they said they would, which is fine I've already yelled and screamed in LM chat and me and Rolando have kissed and made up. We either just whitelist people in two weeks or whenever for the event based on what phases they were going to take part in, in fact we may just open the event up entirely to those people for all phases given how tepid the actual response to the event was. We barely got enough people wanting to take place in the first half at any rate. Which is fine, it's an event that's meant for people to come and enjoy if they want, and I'll just take that as a sign that the community prefers another type of event, which is fine I'm not necessarily going to insist upon shoving a massive PvP event down people's throat every month. ToeZ gave a great suggestion in the event Discord which I'll leave below: He's right. And I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to have events and Lore stuff that is more centered and helpful to the actual shape of things on the ground for players. Problem is that people do not like Lore or staff getting involved and making events that force or otherwise influence their stories. I am not at all opposed to doing stuff that can get more people involved, but I really need the Council to discuss this type of thing and then I'll read it. There seems to be a resurgence of people asking for World Lore entries and specifically clarification on pre-Outbreak Lore. Also, keep in mind that I am functionally just a community member, despite the fact I'm an LM. I can make canon Lore all day, I can post events large and small, but if Rolle doesn't have time or something happens then whitelisting for big events can go tits up, volunteers might not show, or any number of technical things that can go wrong WILL. I'm not trying to go after Rolle, the man's got two growing kids and a waifu, a job, and runs this place and has a number of more important stuff like site work, dev shit, mod stuff, and general stuff that goes on. LM's have not had tools since February, and while I have blown my vocal cords out asking for them I'm just not going to anymore. GM's occasionally have tools and many if not most have proffered event advice and offered help. Problem is that Rolle and Jim want large events over smaller dynamic ones. People are also much less likely to volunteer for these events for some reason. We have TONS of things written on the event front but the problem is that support for said events can sometime be lacking. In the meantime I made the thread for OREL and got them in-game so that we actually have Lore Factions running around that can influence things. So this is why I say I'm honestly just a member of the community with some perks, and I really want to help the community and do stuff that isn't only fun in the short term but also long-term things that we can build on. A lot of people have discussed a Lore jump and at the 1000 day mark we are going to be doing a Lore Part 2 which is going to mark a major shift in the Lore and properly take us to that wasted future so many want. Me, Phatal, and the rest of you have no shortage of ideas about how to go forward, and despite some calls for a wipe which tend to get outvoted we want to build on what we've managed to accomplish. I love doing this even if there are limitations and issues to be faced, If I didn't I wouldn't have hung onto this little pink tag and stuck around like chlamydia since Jamie added me as I graduated high school and then on through the various LM teams as I have done college right up until now. So by all means, drop your opinion, ideas, wants, desires, and ambitions below and help me make them happen with what's at my disposal. Thanks guys.
  24. Major

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Making the Hospitallers so we can do a joint heavy cav charge against the Takis brb
  25. Major

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    But what'll all the edge meme lord 420 blz it RPers do now? Time for the fucking boogaloo ya'll.
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