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  1. It's not Chernorussian, Cherno-Russian, or Cherno russian. 

    Chernarussian. Perhaps Chernorussian is an inside joke from Chernogorskians?

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      I'll admit it, I always fuck it up xD

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      As former CLF member, it triggers alot sometimes.

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      Na man it's Chernorussian. All Chernorussians are born in Chernogorsk, that's why it's CHERNOrussian.  Filthy casual. 

  2. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    Anything we put in the tents I could care less about, but the tents that more or less keep the perimeter safe are the ones that suck.
  3. Černaruská Republika - Media Thread

    And now there is nothing because we get griefed daily. RIP.
  4. Ah the nostalgia.

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  5. Red this looks great man, sad that I am the first person to post here. Keep it up.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    I am generally concerned when my friends don't want to do that to me.
  7. RIP my fingers. Post 3 of the world Lore is live kiddos.


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      Nice work!

  8. World Lore Entry No. 3 - Primorsk - August 18th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) "The basis of optimism is sheer terror." - Oscar Wilde *John Langmore wipes the sleep out of his eyes as he turns on the light at his desk and sets his steaming coffee down beside the radio. He gets up and shuts the door to the little office and sits back down at his desk crowded by cardboard boxes and stacks of Chernarussian audit and legal forms for some restaurant in town that served food that killed somebody. The legal office was one of the few buildings that was quiet and unoccupied within the city after the evacuation of the capital. Langmore pushes down on the PTT broadcasting on an old police frequency that should reach survivors across the countryside and into South Zagoria.* "This is John Langmore of the Columbia Herald, broadcasting from downtown Primorsk to survivors and anybody who will listen. I was sent here to report on the martial law and military escalations and have been stuck here since then. I need somebody to talk to and to vent or inform, perhaps I can do some good. The situation on the coast between Primorsk and Miroslavl has been tense of late, but things have gotten a bit better since Novigrad was evacuated. I say evacuated, more like most of the civilians were moved to camps and housing on the eastern side of the city, and the government and military blocked off a portion of the area downtown, an entire section of part of a delta by all accounts. Who knows what they are doing, but nobody really cares at this point because the locals have been taken care of. They flew a lot of the tourists trapped in Kozlov International Airport to Stockholm and then across the Atlantic to Dulles near Washington DC. The government set up a big screening area and has based a lot of its quarantine efforts out of there since DC got locked down. The Chernarussians have really started to get organized here, they have set up a system of zones with all the refugee camps being guarded and have accepted people from the countryside so long as they work. There are frequent power outages but its not all bad." "After the Russians took over Belozersk they were driven out by a very well-armed group of armed men and locals, purported to be ex-Chedaki and their sympathizers. There are two men, a local ethnic Russian fellow and a Chedaki warlord who have formed the "Belozersk Federative Republic", but they don't seem to like the Russian Army as they kicked them out. According to CDF intel and broadcasts they have identified a handful of camps in the Black Mountains and across the north of the country. There don't seem to be that many actual vets of the Movement left but they have been recruiting. Estimates say somewhere around 350-400 militants, half of them new recruits from the past few years. The real power is in the ethnic Russian guy who is a big local figure in Belozersk. We don't know is name yet which is odd, but he is carrying the civilians there as part of this new enterprise. A couple people said they saw a whole gaggle of Chernarussian Su-25s in the Primorsk airbase being armed with guided missiles, which is odd because normally they only carry unguided missiles and FAB's. They also only fly individually, they don't normally focus their aircraft so this looks like they are going to hit targets there. The Chernarussian airbase near the Takistani border is close to Belozersk, and so it is likely this new Republic of sorts will attack it or try something. Unless they bring tanks and aircraft I wouldn't expect much out of it as that base is a fortress, even though it is cut off from everything. A whole slew of Takistanis have come across the border and all the US Army units along the border have been killed or pulled back to an FOB that is inside Takistan quite a bit. The NTA remnants that got deployed early got cold feet and withdrew back to Nasdara as the border situation got worse. These insurgents have set up a couple of camps out on the plains with a couple dozen trucks and technicals and a handful of tanks. On a separate note, the US Navy has dispatched a taskforce lead by the newly commissioned CVN-78 USS Gerald R. Ford has arrived off the coast and is recovering and repairing ships from the NATO fleet, the end goal appears to be to try and get to ground zero, but Chernarus is certainly still of importance to NATO and the US government." "The Russians have done something similar to what they did in South Zagoria in Luhansk and north-eastern Ukraine. They have sent troops in to secure the Ukrainian side of the border in the rebel-held areas. Apparently they have neglected to hold those areas and Russian wants to prevent crossover Outbreaks. They have also deployed a great deal of troops into Belarus at the request of the government to secure the Belarusian frontier with Ukraine. Aside from that, downtown New York was cordoned off and bombed but there were a great deal of riots and fighting in the streets. The army is stilling holding there but many regional hospitals across the US have been overrun so they got smart and started to move into schools and community buildings with screening centers. Lots of people in big east coast cities have been evacuated to the countryside as the army continues efforts to secure urban areas. Most airports have been shut down and only a few are opened for temporary flights in and out, many people in the Atlanta have fled to the coast in the Florida panhandle or to Tennessee and South Carolina. Most schools across the US have been suspended. The midwest has fared the best out of everywhere, the west coast got fucked and LA is a wreck. Vancouver and Seattle are in turmoil at the moment, a large civilian airliner went down in downtown Seattle and killed a great deal of people and demolished an entire block. Power to most major urban centers on the east and west coast have fallen or been shut down but many areas in the country apparently still have power which is the only reason I have been able to make this broadcast. Without Twitter I would still be in the dark like many." "Europe is a bit of a mixed bag of confusion and different scenarios playing out. Spain has sent police and troops to the border with France and secured Gibraltar with the help of the Brits. Paris is an all-out war zone, with citizens and the police battling the infection in different neighborhoods of the city. Eastern Europe has done fairly well, with Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic working to keep their corner of Europe as safe as possible, but things are getting worse in Slovakia which threatens the Czechs. However, a common pattern has been large areas of land falling to the infected and then safezones and quarantine zone being set up and keeping people separate from this strain. Plenty of people are researching this virus but only the Russians and the WHO in Chernarus actually seem to have made any progress. The UN has sent in even more peacekeepers and scientists to Miroslavl, and it seems as if there might be a major deployment of US troops to Miroslavl. These UN folks that have recently arrived have been dispatched to areas all around government held areas and even in the countryside. The US seems to have pulled back from many global bases to protect the homeland but has chosen several strategic bases to hold onto and to actually increase the size of troops and material stationed there. Ramstein Airbase in Germany has been secured as a staging point for flight from Charleston AFB in the US to Chernarus. Oh and before I forget, Amsterdam has become something of a haven since Brussels went to shit on account of the airport. Ireland was mostly spared from the large scale outbreaks seen in London and Manchester, and Scotland was teetering on the edge until people fled up from outbreaks further South creating a mess up there." "As far as the middle east is concerned the Russians sent 10,000 troops to Syria in late July indicating that they want to hang around as long as they can. Fighting in Syria has ground to a halt and many rebel groups in northern Syria have crossed back into Turkey. Israel quarantined early and has ruthlessly stopped any attempts by outsiders on the borders to enter. They have probably done the best job but who knows how long they will be able to keep it up. Iran and Saudi Arabia have had very intense clashes in the Gulf and in the air above Yemen, a country which has been forgotten in all this mess. I haven't been able to get any info from Africa, seems there are issues but it has been very quiet. In Asia, Beijing turned into a war zone rapidly as things got worse there with the spread of the first contacts of the virus who flew from Chernarus to Dubai and then to China or Bangkok. The Chinese have blitzed areas that were infested, but it is only a drop in the bucket as far as containment efforts are concerned. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam got introduced early to people who caught the virus on a plane, or fled Bangkok. So far only North Korea and Japan have done well, and for reasons that all of you can easily guess. The same story has played out across the globe in many cases. Some nations saw it coming or were alerted ahead of time by allies who had a stake in events in Chernarus. Others were too lax in screening methods and didn't keep outbreaks localized to airports. So wherever you are, keep your chin up and don't stop fighting, because God knows the whole world is bombing the hell out of itself to try and stop this."
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