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  1. Major


    Clean your room.

  2. Major

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Then we have to ask, what are they doing differently? And do they experience the same full server we do.
  3. Major

    A shell's fissure.

    Anal fissuressss. Sorry I had to. Good shit.
  4. Major

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I voted yes on the PvZ in my pre-coffee stupor without reading it. Fuck no to that. Fast travel should be tried for two days just so everybody can see how it's going to be abused. Airdrop only if we can actually control it. Not going to lie, this thread should have been made two months ago. We need new features like a junkie needs a score. These vehicles are great but if they turn into aircraft when the server gets a decent pop then meh.
  5. Major

    My life on this piece of shit earth thank you

    Well that's an expressive title. Tell me how you really feel?
  6. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    //Not off the bat. It looks like it might fit into a larger assembly and looks important.
  7. Major


    Grandma's nuts


    > be me, just woke up at 820

    > yawn like a lion and start my day

    > grandma comes into room holding my dad's phone basically convulsing and manic as I get unsleepy

    > I ask what's wrong

    > She's supposed to take him to a Doctor's appointment but he left with her car

    > Tells me to call him

    > I say, well you have his phone what good is that going to do, as she paces around in circles 

    > she says her phone is in his car and I need to call it with mine, she says his name will come up on the screen, which it won't mine would

    > you'd think somebody died

    > I tell her to sit down and shush and relax while I call him

    > she repeats herself robotically 2 times while sitting on my bed

    > call and get no answer

    > she storms away

    > comes back

    > tells me I never ever ever listen and she actually said to call her phone with his phone

    > I tell her she never said that and told me to call with mine

    > GO nuts

    > Call her phone on his phone because she "doesn't know how to use it"

    > sonic runs away again

    > turns out my dad was downstairs


  8. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    You would get away successfully just as you heard the commotion and noise. You are relieved to see that its only a stagg some 30 meters away in a thicket. You'd bump into a metallic object that strikes you as rather out of place, grabbing it and placing it in your pack before heading out safely into the foggy woods... //Also note that this is just outside of the playable map west of Pavlovo.
  9. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    "Ano, we are going to head out and make camp to the west before we do an analysis tomorrow, perhaps interview witnesses. Dobre den." The men traipse off into the woods and as you say goodbye, the scary looking guy winks at you before turning and departing.
  10. Major

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    Agreed. If we gonna have it make it that one.
  11. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Major Kralik listens to you carefully before he responds. He takes the phone you hand him, passing it to the 3rd guy. "Ano, I understand. We are forward air controllers sent to investigate the area and conduct BDA. This all started after some of our militant friends from one of the brigades near Severní Fronta lost sight of a Chedaki patrol they were tracking. They ended up being less Chedaki and more Russian from the looks of the mess. Seems like they took that kid hostage on their way in. They called for a gunship as they didn't want to risk their own ass in unfamiliar territory with potential Vympel or SVR on the move. It was the right call. Seems to us this lot was setting up some kind of hidden site to launch sabotage operations from, it would be much easier if we had word from whoever found the site right after it got attacked by our vertolety. That way we would have been able to do our job without interference. We still don't know much, and as for the notebooks, well. Most foreign fucks here seem to think we are trying to scare them when we talk about the Russians. I don't think it's an accident that these notebooks were here. They have files on everybody. Don't ask how." He pauses again and stares at the ground, almost as if pondering their situation. "But we can only make assumptions, we need to know more."
  12. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    The 3 men seem to ease up a bit as you drop your weapon and give an explanation as to who you are. The guy on your right comes into view, and he appears about 31 in age, with a nasty scar down his face and clean shaven. He says nothing but looks at you with a scowl and lowers his rifle to low ready. He looks like one of the meanest men you have ever seen. The man with the deep voice behind you starts to talk once again. "You were smart to drop your weapon Radek. We dropped some gangster wannabe an hour ago who didn't do the same." "Schwuler!", says the scary looking guy to your right. Before turning to check the perimeter. A Chernarussian-German? Interesting. The one that seems to be the commander behind you extends his hand to you. "My name is Major Zivan Kralik. Manage to find anything at the site?"
  13. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    You know why? Because it contains a phrase. Heidi-Heido-Heida in the start, which Poles and French people get upset about because Nazis or something. Use a VPN. Its Fast As A Shark by Accept.
  14. Major

    What do you listen to ?

    This song is amazing and you should always try new musik.
  15. Major

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    //Just so you know this is west of Pavlovo. Most people have a dingy or small RHIBs. Perhaps a fishing boat so going in between places fairly quickly is realistic. The general idea is that what we are RPing out is what happened after you left there.
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