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  1. Major




    Golden halos radiating higher!
    Diamond visions softly breathing fire
    Sky processions we are watching you arrive

    Silver crystals arching beams below
    What light spirals lifting up to go
    Glass formations solar angels spread their wings

    Spectral gliders drifting in the air
    Wheels of wonder floating everywhere
    Draped in rainbows gently we ascend!

    1. Harvey


      Major back at it again with the good taste in music.

  2. Major

    This event was literally cancer...

    *sticks head outta bushes* I'm not gonna sit and judge anybody seeing as how literally the only thing I have remotely paid attention to on this site has the thread for this event and then this thread. Events are bitch to coordinate and run, that being said, you have to eliminate the shit that can go wrong or eliminate variables that are easily fucked up, even if that means maybe cutting down on stuff you thought might have been fun but can easily go wrong and mess stuff up. Not saying I did a great job on events because after all we didn't have as many as I would have liked to but hey whatever. Go look in the mod archives. Do invasion style events like Tomeran did with strongpoints and defense lines. That way people don't get overwhelmed and raped in the booty by wolves or something like that, and zeds can be spawned in in such a way that is hard to fight but not crazy. Rolle has said he doesn't want LM's back, and given the conversation I just had with Spartan it seems that giving something like this to an admin given their other duties is a tad much. Previously LM's had next to nothing to facilitate events other than volunteers and planning. All you need is like one admin or handler and then your CDF or BPR or whoever bubbas. Bottom line, it would suck to be Spartan and have to come up with something on the fly without proper preparation and have the machinery and experience not in place before hand. TLDR. Simplify, add LM's back so it could be properly handled, and come up with something a tad more original. Events are a clusterfuck on a good day. *fades back into the woodwork*
  3. Major

    Post part of a song, that just speaks to you

    "I'll bring you the head of the demon, I'm peeling the skin from his face!" "Iron claws and fangs of steel Dripping from his tasty meal Now it's time to jugulate Feel your skull disintegrate" "Goin' under Hear the thunder Death defying grace Your condition breeds ammunition Shoots me in the face Vicious talkin' Stabs me like a knife Scratched and bruised, so abused I'm a human sacrifice" "Blastmaster racks the ground Bent on survival Full throttle hammers down A deadly scream!" "Red light, green light I'm coming home tonight Burning the freeway Out of control" "Red light, dead lines We streak from town to town I's too much, I need your touch I've been away too long" "Wrapped tight around me Like a second flesh hot skin Cling to my body As the ecstasy begins Your wild vibrations Got me shooting from the hip Crazed and insatiable let 'er rip" "Lunge to the maximum Spread-eagled to the wall You're well equipped to take it all"
  4. Major

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    Goddamn we sure to have a lack of honest-to-Lemmy musicians these days...

    I would say rest in peace but saints never die.



    1. Cobe


      Damn fucking right my friend! 

  5. Major

    Been a while..

    Holy shit I thought you died. Welcome back to the jungle.
  6. Major

    LORE Question!

    We actually never really did anything for Italy. I say it's a mixed bag in terms of deterioration.
  7. Major


    Allah Akbar!

    1. PCJames


      What happened to leaving and never coming back....? 


    2. Major


      @PCJames C'mon James there's always time for some jihad

    3. Mia


      Welcome back!

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      What is this disgusting Chechen propaganda?

  8. Major

    Lore poll

    Yes but Rolle has made up his mind that he can be LM for all 4 servers and still somehow be effectual and interesting. Until tools are available, LMs given some form of power, and the community picks up there is no point. The Lore doesnt really need changing, it's not a great lore but it ain't bad either. It was written with what most people wanted in mind. What matters most is what we do with it. I might no longer be an LM but it is good to see people who care.
  9. Major

    Lore poll

    Great post but what you said here is not completely correct. When me, Chief, and Joules sat down to write the Lore on that late May afternoon in 2017 we didn't do a timeline, we didn't draw out a detailed plan of what we wanted or anything thing like that. We immediately established ground zero, what occurred there, who it was perpetrated by, and the result, going all the way back to the original infection of the first CDF soldier and also what caused him to be infected. Hint he wasn't bitten. He had a name, and all the events following his infection, including the response by the state, and the arrival of the Russians is all documented. This past winter me and Taryn wrote an entire doc that was written to be a report by an FSB officer who was present. This doc was going to be partially uncovered in a Lore event but Rolle removed LM's so that sort of went out the window. Granted I do understand that some of this stuff was never published and hence very few know about it, but a TON of stuff was uncovered by the UN and other parties who worked with the LMs on ground zero RP and such. I have never been a believer of just releasing stuff to the general public, working for it is always better than just handing it out. My point is only that the infection Lore background (in terms of history and location), AND how the virus came to be a thing, has been written down or fleshed out. Specifically the original bits virus goes back thousands of years in one form or variant or another. So yeah that was a thing. On a side note, bear in mind people generally don't give much of a fuck about Lore details, or things like what I discussed below. We tossed out ton of fucking clues, hints, and in many cases even straight up told people what was going on only to have next to no interest or follow up. So I would focus on bigger events and battles and such. Getting people to care is the hard part. But I absolutely agree that having tools could make things amazing on the server. I know you and me have had some LONG ASS talks about what we could do, especially because admins and LMs would work in tangent. We had two principal ways I planned to take the Lore once we had tools. One was that we were going to turn Chernarus and Russia (and the factions occupying the outlying regions) in to a sort of Game of Thrones style environment. So wars, backstabbing, etc, etc. The other was going to be that the surrounding factions and settlements were basically going to be slowly degraded into feudal-style setting. We could have easily combined these two. I'd be down to return provided I could actually work with admins to do these events and have a tad more trust and freedom.
  10. Major

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Whatever Para. Either way it makes staff look pretty shit and makes the person on the receiving end look like a victim, so then all people say is "oh hey, he got banned for a +1". We can definitely argue whether or not they were banned for that or because they went over 30. *shrugs*
  11. Major

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    The one in question was on final but banning somebody for saying +1 is absurd.
  12. Major

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    Yeah especially considering people have gotten banned for posting stuff like +1 and such. On a separate note I know a lot of people who have been permed a while don't exactly want to return in the first place, and if this took place there would have to be enough to do and things would have to be set up properly.
  13. LukeRP

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    Thanks for talking about Art with me today it's great that we share the same interests. 


  14. Major

    Lore question - 1st Chernarussian Revolution

    How far we have fallen...
  15. Major

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    ^ I disagree with James. I would have voted NO but was too quick to see what everybody else voted. Leave it be, Loremasters going back to Tomeran have left or befallen a similar fate. I would have stayed as LM until I would have been entirely and totally prevented from IRL stuff from continuing or the community told me I was a piece of shit and I could fuck off. Leave the Loremaster team in the dust and just move on. Within a couple months this whole thing will be forgotten anyway. For whatever my word is worth here anymore, just close this thread because it isn't gonna come to anything.