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  1. Oh hey dude

    Anything is better than running between towns, as long as it was a bit entertaining.
  2. Westerly to Utes

    *a response would pierce the static* "Yes Lead 1 we read you, over." *fades*
  3. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    You need to evaluate why the things you are doing aren't motivating you to accomplish more, and if these things are indeed things you want to spend time doing.
  4. What do you listen to ?

    Bit of a Priest binge here.
  5. Major

    I love this sport.

    1. KyleRP

      What is this? Looks like a KOS spree to me.

    2. Major


      Milsim airsoft @KyleRP

      In this case the guys killing the NATO dudes are Serbian special police who betrayed them in this scenario.

    3. KyleRP

      Doesnt sound like airsoft lmao

  6. Oh hey dude

    Nah it's both. We need an ecosystem when it comes to groups and we also need a higher standard of individual rp. Anarchy is one piece of a puzzle that ain't going to be complete for a while.
  7. Oh hey dude

    I want to be held at knifepoint on the coast and forced to be a pack mule for some guy. Used have the funniest interactions that were either hostile or just funny. Used to be you wouldn't be caught dead in certain places during daylight but now there isn't a sense of danger. I'm not recommend people just running around robbing for the sake of it, but the hostility and conflict that came with having 3-4 groups in separate coalitions having massive wars and all sorts or territory struggles created a sense that you should be careful. Currently it seems we just need some more folks to spice things up on an individual level with those neat interactions that'll take place at an area you wouldn't expect.
  8. First Responder - last Survivor

    Nice snow in July for your pic. Memes aside good entry bro.
  9. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    I still would like to meet Crowder in person. Got to meet Milo and gave him a really dirty and slightly racist birthday card. That man can give some hugs.
  10. What do you listen to ?

  11. Airsofting

    No such luck with a DP-28, unless you wanna buy a real one.
  12. Sandline International

    As you command. If you want help I'm always here. /Archived.
  13. Airsofting

    Well, here is your kit list for Tachanka. From top down. https://grey-shop.ru/Helmet/Replica-Helmets/Tachanka-helmet http://www.soviet-power.com/gorka-3-russian-yellow-oak-berezka-camo-suit-spetsnaz-uniform.html Accurate gloves: http://www.policesupplyonline.com/lrfiharesw.html LCT VSN: https://www.evike.com/products/63269/ Black Defender 2 Boots: https://grey-shop.ru/tropic-m DP-28 Pouches: https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/DP28-DPM-3-DRUM-POUCH-POLISH-UNISSUED-p3789.htm
  14. Airsofting

    Couple of the various kits I am working on now. SOBR "Lynx" Moscow District FSB Alpha VV MVD (2000s)
  15. Major

    I saw that @Mr. Blue posted his Ancestry DNA results and I thought I'd post mine too. White as fuck.


    Apparently I am also <1% South African.

    1. Mr. Blue
    2. Major


      I actually didn't know I had any Balkan or Scandinavian, and I was surprised that I was equal for British Isles compared to mainland Europe. (Netherlands, Germany, France)