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  1. Major

    Server = Dead

    It's a shit game and the community is in a terrible state right now because we have been around forever and everything creative that could be done with the current game has been done. Trying to inflate it or do some new schtick IG is only going to lead people to a burnout like we always have. This community has less to do with the game and more to do with the people that play here and play other games with each other. Just sign off and do other shit till .63. Deep down NONE OF YOU want to play the current build and the only reason most of you do is to "keep the fires burning" so just let things run their course and keep waiting like we always have as opposed to clutching our pearls and scratching our heads like we can't figure out why people don't want to touch it right now. The landscape is a constant cycle of people getting fucked on by other people who can PvP, massive supergroups and coalitions, and hubs where people jack off and meme. That's it.
  2. Major

    • Major
    • Corry

    I miss u 😥

  3. Major

    • Major
    • Jamie

    Not gonna lie I had to do a double take.

    I am gonna nibble on yo ear now until it falls off.

  4. Major


    Tasty as fuck


    1. G19RP


      Just like you 😘

    2. Corry


      oh we got a Instagram girl here 

  5. Major

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    My job as an LM is to powergame. I am guilty as charged.
  6. Major

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    Yeah everything I said was correct, you can be "immune" but you are only really a carrier.
  7. Major

    Goodbye for now.

    Buh-bye Felicia.
  8. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Nyet. We are anti-Antifa reactionaries of the Right.
  9. Major


    Don't know when I will be able to come back to staff. Just got laid off from my job that I thought would have at least lasted the duration of the summer. My old job won't give me enough hours to pay the bills and the other job I was looking at is about to get shut down for poisoning people with improperly stored meat and apparently they were stealing money from their employees. 

    Shit's fucked.

    1. Brady


      Youll figure it out brother, we can wait 4 u

    2. Mexi


      PCJames reading this:



      In all seriousness good luck with the job hunt Major, hope you get shit sorted fast.

    3. Eddie


      Sorry to hear that Major, don't worry, hopefully something will come through for you man. You take care of yourself Major, this place will still be here when you get straitened out. 

    4. Anouk


      Everything will work out Major, I’m sorry to hear and hope things will come around sooner rather than later.

    5. Dvlinhb


      Don’t worry dude, do what you gotta do. We’ll all hold the fort until your return.

  10. Major

    European Net Neutrality

    You Euros have tolerated this one world government wannabe bullshit for far too long.
  11. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Squad in front of our Humvee shortly before nocturnal shenanigans commenced.
  12. Major


    I voted no, but honestly I'd make a lot of changes to the whole fucking system but I dont have the powah. There needs to be balance, I shouldn't have to re initiate for crap like that.
  13. Major

    Can anyone help me write lore?

    Need to let me pay for that tag still.
  14. Major

    Real life picture Thread

    Lent him my Russian patch to wear for memes
  15. Major

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    The base .63 stuff is all great and neccessary but let's face it, that will age and what we need most is new faces, tools and basebuilding. This place needs fresh blood to replace all the banned talent and to give new clay to mould into community members.