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  1. If by the time I get home from worky you still haven't fixed it I'll help you. I got s really weird fix but it's hard to explain.
  2. Major


    I vividly remember running into this group back in the last lore. That is if it's the same one. Best of luck.
  3. If the Russians end up dumping it in a well yeah. Nothing is irradiated enough to get you get yet. Also, it has been made abundantly clear by Jim that we do not use ext mods.
  4. - Major Zavodny of the 176th Gorka Mountain Battalion would be sitting in his command tent in a field on Utes Island. The rows of tents were bustling with people moving in and out for their duties. He would hear the transmission come in from the NATO troops and kick off of his desk and slide over to the other side of the room where his radio receiver sits - "This is Major Zavodny's of the CDF's 176th. We have bears and they will fucking eat you." - He would kick back and let out a roaring laugh before collecting himself and responding - "Sorry anyways, you boys need to compose yourselves. Do you even have a commanding officer? Either way. You need to move south, try to get to Kozlovka. We will assemble the troops at Balota Airfield. That is the main base. We will build outposts further north to use as FOBs once everybody gets here. The Russians already know we will use that airbase, so don't worry about OPSEC in that regard. The fog is too heavy to get warplanes in. However, we are able to fly in with Mi-17s. Get back to me with an answer soon, over." - fades -
  5. Solar winds are blowing Neutron star controlling All is lost, doomed and tossed, at what cost forever Meteors fly around me Comets die, and then they And then they, you want to see how they try to surround me I can say, here today, we shall stay forever If you want to find us in a hurry Oh let me tell you don't you worry I can't say, here today, we shall stay forever

    1. Harvey


      I work in a suit shop and can confirm this happens all the time...

  7. All that stuff that is specific and extremely detailed and is gonna be under the updated Book of Chernarus. That's not really that important now given what we have going on. New factions and new ideas mainly. We have had a lot of the same, both from the playerbase and from staff so I want to shake things up a bit and utilize tools and new features to progress the Lore in new ways. I basically want to use new features to implement freshness, while listening to what people in the community want and trying to improve their overall experience from the time they log in to the time they leave. New factions will be brought in to pursue their own storyline and carry everybody else with them, or they might simply give quests to survivors for stuff that they can do and accomplish. They do have as big problems as anyone else, but you have to keep in mind that what goes on in Moscow and what the loyalist generals and technocrats and oligarchs that have arrayed themselves around want is greatly removed from Chernarus. All of the loyalist military forces and security forces and the civilians that cling to the idea of the state are separated by hundreds of miles and have their own levels of responsibility and independence to take actions to uphold the system. Vladimir Putin - might - sign off on one or two things regarding Chernarus, but in the Southern Military region those responsible have specified jobs and limited resources. The Chernarussian border needs to be defended. The Chedaki coup failed in Belozersk, and they now hold the Black Mountains. The BPR has made an agreement with the Chernarussian government. So there are lots of people they don't want to let in. If they can make Chernarus unlivable then they don't have to dedicate troops to defend the border. It's that simple. If the water supplies are radioactive then everybody gets sick and dies. I can start Lore sections on those other locations, events are the focus currently but yes that can be done. I have wanted to do in-depth looks for all that. NO planned Lorewipe. Rolle's last word on this is that we will re-evaluate once the game has changed more this summer. Yes we do. Namely cheap tourism, the cruise ship that went down, and the various Russian sports events that were going on at the time. People can get creative.
  8. Reviving this thread as Loremasters are back. Ask away!
  9. On February 8th the peaceful northern countryside of Novaya Petrovka was disturbed by the movement of foreign men and machinery. Unbeknownst to them, the settlement further south was roaring with activity. Survivors trading, scavenging about, killing infected, some even boxing within the town's boxing ring. And as such the noise grew louder, to the point where an assembly had been called to investigate the source of the commotion. By that time those strange men had been notified of the existence of the town and its inhabitants, having not been previously informed by their superiors. The sound of several helicopters could be heard before everything grew quiet once more. The crowd of townspeople numbering around 20 cautiously worked their way north, apprehensive of the prospect of Russian soldiers just a stone's throw away from their homes. While they did not locate the soldiers, they were able to seize the compound that had been left mere minutes before. Sprawled around the yard were stacks of military equipment, uniforms, magazines, ammunition, generators, gasoline containers, tents, backpacks, and everything else that was needed to support an army in the field. Upon closer inspection the adjacent house was full of various supplies that had been dropped off. Gas masks were strewn around a corner next to a shelf, which contained various weapon attachments. Somebody had begun to stock the kitchen with supplies, and as such several potatoes sat in the sink waiting to be washed. A personal radio was also found, along with a conspicuous dossier that held several maps and a white sheet of paper that most closely resembled a set of plans or military orders, which was mostly ineligible due to being in code. Aside from this sheet several maps could be produced from the right sleeve of the folder, containing detailed and labeled markings and descriptions of an unidentified airbase. A map of South Zagoria was also found inside the folder, with several major hotspots and other places of frequent association marked with a blue pen, and the Russian term "ликвидировать" or liquidate alongside. Most alarming was a number of radioactive barrels with depleted nuclear fuel rods inside that were discovered locked inside the barn. Given the rather hurried nature of the Russian departure it was clear that they had not intended to leave them behind. As the survivors sifted through the wealth of items present at the yard a Russian Su-25 appeared in the air above, flying just short of it's intended point releasing a fuel-air bomb which sailed through the air, landing and exploding just short of the distance needed to harm the group of people. The attack jet disappeared and the survivors re-grouped, contacting the CDF's 88th CBRN Company for assistance on dealing with the radioactive barrels and the depleted nuclear fuel rods they contained. The Russian jet repeatedly circled over Novaya Petrovka, buzzing the various gatherings of survivors to make it clear that they were being watched. The waste barrels were brought to Vybor Airbase and stored inside an underground bunker complex, later being properly picked up and disposed of. Ultimately the spread of radiation was prevented and those in the north were mostly saved from crippling radiation sickness. The threat had abated for the time being, but the strangeness did not end with the fuel rods. On the 13th of February a badly beaten CDF soldier ran into Novaya Petrovka, rambling about being abducted by the Russians elite FSB security service before dropping off an encrypted radio that he had stolen from them in his flight. Later that afternoon, this CDF private was awoken by a group of people in a barn near Zelenogorsk. He had been chased south, stalked by those who sought the return of their stolen property. After the civilians calmed him down and helped him change, he was gunned down at range from the treeline, the perpetrators disappearing before they could be unmasked. A small incursion of Russian border troops moved beyond their lines into Tisy Military Base. Shortly following this an intense firefight erupted between the detachment and a group of Saviors. The detachment was mostly eliminated, but more importantly a Russian soldier's cell phone was recovered revealing selfies and various other details of troop movements. Another man known by the locals in the north was abducted off the airfield the day prior, beaten badly, and returned telling tales of little green men questioning him about various groups, numbers, and important locations. Finally, the secretive Chernarussian government's Chernarussiy Otryad Bystrogo Reagirovaniya Spetsnaz units managed to launch a surveillance operation on an early meeting of local Pamyati forces and their presumed FSB handlers. This was proof that a foreign and undercover intelligence operation had been taking place, which brought alarm to those initially shown the pictures. This eventually led to the rather rare issuing of a declassified intelligence report to better educate and inform citizens nearby of the nefarious Russian activities taking place. Reports sightings of troops moving along the border had reached an all time peak, and it seemed that something large was about to transpire. Even now, a secret network of individuals is working to bring the truth by disseminating the above documents to the people of South Zagoria, and make them aware of the approaching storm before it is too late....
  10. - an extremely odd voice speaking English with an American accent could be heard upon the frequency, it sounded as if it was not intended for the listeners and is bathed in static but is eeire nonetheless - "On the 19th rotation our Sun began to die......our eyes see no longer......all will turn to rain and fog and darkness will envelope existence......" - fades -
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