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      Ocean man?

  2. Major

    Phoenix's very necessary Quotewall pt 1

    "Kuba is on Utes right now fucking his wife producing more babies for the state"
  3. Major


    1.0 first impressions.

    Once I got in-game and got my character model sorted out it was great. Better frames or just as good as before IMO. Definitively not worse. Cars work far better than the previous patch, they don't act as if they have no center of gravity and as of yet they haven't gone under the earth or flying at all. 

    New 1PN51 night vision scope is great, works on the AKM and the SVD. Hand guards and sights are fixed along with magazines. There are new dynamic changes to the weather, and it was slightly buggy at first because a big black cloud would spawn above you, but now it's better. I was up north and over an 1.5 hr period it went from overcast, to sunny, and then got darker and got really creepy and foggy. 

    There are animals in places where they would realistically be, chickens in yards and occasional herds of deer in the woods. Lots of new sounds and stuff. Overall it seems like there was a lot of stuff they didn't put in an official post that has been tweaked, fixed, or added. Other than a few missing textures it was much better than last patch. Looking forward to seeing what else we come across and testing basebuilding to see if it's as messed up as before.

  4. Major

    How do you connect to the DayZRP server on the new update.

    Go into your parameters, and add in all the server details.
  5. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    Perhaps dealing with it isn't the correct phrase. And yes it is sort of a job for me because of the fact that I am in a staff rank that is entrusted with Loreish related things and making events based off that. A broken game makes it hard to do my job, even if I volunteer my own time and am not being paid for it. I enjoy the experience of the game itself much as you do, walking around through the woods and paths and taking it all in. It is very unique and I still am awed by the beauty of it. I hopped on a public server today during dusk in Electrozavodsk and it was neat with the lighting effects and such. I expect implemented features to work properly, and given that repeated updates have broken working features or added stuff that has not worked I do not think it is unreasonable to have that bar set in terms of expectation, constant delays, bugs, dev-related mistakes, and development timeline aside. All that 95% of people here want is a game whose implemented features work well, and they are fully aware of the fact that we have devs who are making items. These issues include vaulting through walls, crashes deleting everything base building related in proximity to barrels or tents, gun sounds, gear not swapping out, a whole host of weapons being completely gone out of the game. Some of this stuff has been fixed but I think that it isn't unreasonable to expect this stuff to work, it doesn't detract from the experience as long as you are not actually using those features.
  6. Major


    Let's give our devs a chance. They are working their ass off and haven't really gotten started and all you guys wanna jump ship. Sure DayZ sucks but I think we need to give it more time for our ACTUAL devs to work on things some more.
  7. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    Because base building is a fundamental next step in progression and adds an entire aspect to a game in dire need of something more to the endgame other than clothes-gun-barrel/tent-vehicle. Base building is less about hoarding gear and more about staking claim to an area. If we don't have it or it doesn't work and people's stuff gets deleted then we are basically playing an updated version of the exact same game we have been dealing with since .62.
  8. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    Did you try to basebuild yet?
  9. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    Arma 3 when?
  10. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    https://forums.dayz.com/topic/241861-experimental-update-063149918/ Patchnotes.
  11. Major

    1.0 Countdown

    If I understand correctly we will have to wait for them to release server files to actually play, so it might be longer.
  12. Major

    156.8 hz

    *Stráž would be waiting for Dědic's call, of which he had been notified prior by his superiors. He hear the transmission and would quickly walk out of his bedroom and into the living room where his long-range transmitter sits to respond* "Dědic this is Stráž. We have been awaiting your arrival with great anticipation. Myself, Mozek, and Tulak are ready to rendezvous with you as soon as a location is decided upon, and more of my men will be joining momentarily to ensure our priorities are upheld. Contact me as soon as you enter the province and we will make our way to you." *end transmission*
  13. Major


    Yee yee backroad time boys let's go


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    I move away it don't do me no good
    Three thousand miles don't help like I thought it would
    Help me, beggin' you please
    You got the power down on my knees
    Give me some kind of life
    Leave me be

    Take these chains off
    Take 'em off my heart

    Reach out to me, as if from the grave
    I tried to run but I'm tied to you like a slave
    It's my fault loving you so
    You were so precious, how could I know
    You turned mean overnight
    Poor poor me

    Take these chains off
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    I don't owe you anything
    Why don't you get out of my life
    Through it all the memories cling
    And I can't sleep at night

    Help me I'm beggin' you please
    You've got the power, down on my knees
    Give me some kind of life
    Leave me be

    Take these chains off
    Take 'em off my heart

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      Ocean man, take me by the hand

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    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    All hail.