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  1. HE is 50yo. Black hair, black eyes and black beard. Ex-military. But nobody knows what he did in the past. Everything had that stamp: TOP SECRET. Went to Chernarus for a very promising job offer. He was already looking for some place to live with his family... at Vysoto buildings. All he wanted to do is provide a better life for his family. But he lost everything at the outbreak and now just he want to live with all the enviroment has to offer. Hunting, looting, buildind a place where he can store his things, helping others if what they want.. but always with his eyes opened. He can defend himself. Knows how to use weapons and where to find them. But he needs a compass to walk though Chernarus. Doesnt know the place that well.. yet. He knows that Chernarus is a dangerous place. He knows how to survive. Who can be trusted or not. Just a survivor living day after day without leaving his humanity behind. Looking for a fresh start in a community where he can has his role. All he wants is to help build a new place and try to get his new friends in safe.
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