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  2. Origin Born in Kamensk the year of 1997, in a family that was minding its own idyllic life as farmers. His father was a local farmer, and his mother helped out with the local grocery shop back then. His two older brothers had already left home to who knows where. Pre-War His father and his two brothers were called into service. His father joined with the security forces down in Chernogorsk, and his brothers to Balota. All three were never to be seen again. Civil War His mother was killed when a mortar round hit Kamensk's local grocery store. During this, Sacha was on his way back from the small school they had set up in Kamensk, consisting of twenty children, including Sacha. The year was 2010, since then he was an orphan until the day he came of age. Outbreak Notibly healthy, finished school and gathered some friends, they set out on the road to flee the roaming sick, rioters, criminals and military. They managed to stay hidden in an abandoned farm for about one year until recently. When a group of highwaymen found Sacha's group of friends, they were either murdered, raped or taken in to become one of their own. One of the victims was Sacha's girlfriend, Mila.
  3. I picked to play for a Lore Group because I want to give other people, that does want to play a civilian, have a good experience. I can't play an alt because we constantly need attendance in the compound, or else, everything will be BadRP stolen in the compound which will as a result, affect our lore play in future events. I've not seen one Server Message that enforces the Drop of any modded guns, ammo and attachments. I think a repeated message about that every now and then, will maybe help a little.
  4. Trying to push the issue, here.
  5. Seriously, all food supplies and everything. Got deleted by Stagsview, and none of you will do anything about it. Fix it. Your event that didn't make much sense, and crashed everyone, resulted in our things in our base getting despawned. Accept the criticism, we're trying to make your lore work. Now work with us instead.
  6. We CAN'T patrol outside, because we need to deal with all the civilians all the time. Now the whole base got "blown up" and purely crappy RP. Stagsview accidentally DESPAWNED some of our buildings and constructions and won't deal with it. He went offline to play HOI4 instead.
  7. Well, you do have the ability to: 1. Enforce people who carry modded guns to drop them and make them despawn. 2. Figure out which mods that makes things go this bad. To start with...
  8. Hello. Playing for one of Lore Factions, which does try to have a great impact on your experience on Chernarus 1! Many times our group's bring the problem up to the Admins about the constant crashing. Removing a loot table is clearly not enough, also removing all the modded weapons that are still in peoples equipment needs to be removed. Ultimately, the server's health and crashes makes things unplayable, and allows civilians that enter our compound without consequences to loot everything. We literally cannot play military and enter firefights without 3 out of 8 crashes constantly... This server health makes a lot of people unhappy about even trying to play on Chernarus 1. It's a major issue that needs to be dealt with ASAP. By the end of this month, if things hasn't gone better, I'd like to request refund on my premium... Do NOTE that everything above does not represent the people and group I play with. Regards, Turboslash
  9. Thank you for the feedback! We are trying to find a way on how to make things work!
  10. Born in St. Petersburg, joined the 104th Logistics Brigade and aided the brigade's encampment building and its logistical solve. Not needed anymore, and replaced by fresh conscripts. Nikita immediately sought to be relocated to the 320th Battalion, due to good reputation and rumoured to be one of the greater battalions in the country. Nikita has a truck license, also trained to be driver in convoys, supporting his teamleader. He has good understanding of order and prestige thanks to his background. He takes initiative within his limits to make sure his tasks gets done with finesse. He has no criminal background, and he is an ordinary man. He comes from a good family who owned a jewelry store in St. Petersburg. He did not go AWOL because he is single, and his parents were already in good hands, thanks to his brother who's an officer in the Baltic Fleet. Nikita's also single, so he doesn't have anything that can distract him. Nikita is privately a "joker", he loves to joke around and boost the morale of his fellow soldiers. He does not appreciate heated discussions, ballsy people and those who does not obey direct orders or who questions them. Nikita's an idealist, he believes in Russia and in his command. He believes they're doing the right thing in Chernarus.
  11. I cannot wait! Slava Russia!
  12. FAS2 pleb.

    1. Turboslash


      Best car is Toyota. Supra fast. 

    2. Hampze


      Do u mean Volvo FAS2? 🤤


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      Yes! 😛 

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