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  1. Born may 31st 1987 in a hospital in the city of cherno. Nicolash Mcgee would be raised by 2 shoemakers. His mother from ireland, and his father from cherno. He would grow up learning how to make and repair shoes. Along with his buddy jeremy, who worked at a nearby store as a clerk. Or a trader if you will. Eventually his parents fell ill and the young lad would have to work at his friends store, where he discovered his passion for trading. The civil war had shaken up things at home but nevertheless, life continued, until it stopped. On november 11th he would be exposed to the horrors of the apocalypse. He saw people being eaten in the streets and the city falling to ruin, terrified he ran home to get out of town with his family, only to find both his parents were both in their room, dead. An empty gun on the bed. They had known what would happen and elected to take the quick way out. He didnt know what else to do, he gathered anything usless and fled to his friend's house. Only to find blood smears along the walls and no sign of jeremy. He ran to the woods scared and lost not knowing what would happen. Weeks later he would hear the explosions as the country was seemingly wiped away. But he would live in the forest, scavenging, and hiding from the dead. With nobody left he remembered the only time he was truly happy, trading with his friend jeremy. He had heard of other people surviving the dead and the bombs and even met a few. He would start a new trader, somewhere safe, happpy. There he would find home.
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