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  1. Hello! Just got accepted! can wait to jump into my story and meet everyone! hope to see yall soon!
  2. Back in Peter's high school days he didn't really excel in many subjects. It was a good thing that the school provided a wide range of vocational options. He enjoyed working in the retail store, computer lab and most of all the restaurant class. He excelled beyond anyone in his grade in Culinary and for the first time he felt like he had a purpose. When Peter graduated he perused a college degree in Culinary Arts at one of the most top ranked schools in North America. He began travelling all across the world, interning for some of the most amazing chefs. Paris, Italy, Japan you name it he was there learning the different styles and arts of food. When he got a call from a chef in Elektrozavodsk for a full time position as a Suo Chef he knew this was his chance to make it big. He was successful and became a local favorite! Moving his family closer to him and even opening his own restaurant. He had it all.
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