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  1. the story of arie alblas born in zelenogorsk on 1988-11-05 mother died at birth he is a twins his brother is called dave alblas also raised in zelenogorsk by his father there was litle money when he grew up that is why he had to work at a young age in his father's garage with his brother he wanted to study but this was not allowed by his father when arie was 21 years old, his father died, this brought a wedge between arie and dave because arie wanted to keep the garage and dave wanted to sell it the relationship between arie and dave is no longer good and they no longer spoke to each other when the outbreak started, dave was working in the garage that he knew what was going on he fled into the woods because it was no longer safe in zelenogorsk he built a hut and hunted game and hoped for evacuation of the army when this did not happen he decided to explore zelenogorsk (here the rp starts)
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