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  1. My Name will be Clyde scott, I am from Altis, where I was stationed with my Brother in arms named Clyde white. Me and my brother we were Spec-Ops, and where the only 2 left in the regiment. We picked up a few things on how to survive and take on our own. Once the news of the out break got out, me and my brother got separated, we were trying to get home and the plane went of track and crashed a few Kilometers outside of Chernarus. I have got word that my brother has died in the crash. so I Traveled to Chernarus after the out break because when me and my brother where kids we always talked about opening a store named "Clyde brothers" we would sell american guns in a Russian state to spread true democracy to those commies. we always talked about this one town "Sosnovka" and that where i was off to, I was going to start my gun store in my brothers honor but along the way i had met this stranger named Ian stone we talked for a bit had a beer or two and he asked my name I told him my name "Clyde scott", he said "i knew a Clyde once Clyde white is hit name unfortunately he got shot in the head and has memory loss" I was in shock we talked more about it and i told him my story. We then took are Separate ways and I headed west to go and find my brother and restore his memory.
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