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  1. My name is Blue Walker, I moved to Chernarus with my dad when I was only 7 years old after a divorce between him and my mom. My father decided to take a flight back to chernarus where he was born instead of just finding another place in America. I guess he just felt home sick and wanted to be surrounded by the people he loved and grew up with and I was lucky enough to come with him. I started college at 18 to become a medic. It was a rough few years training especially when your dad is fighting for his life due too cancer. I was 21 when my dad passed away. It was rough for me I felt like my life had no meaning after that. One night I had enough and took my dads gun out of a drawer and pushed it too my skull then that's when it happened, a girl I have been talking to called me and asked me if we could meet. I took that as a sign that it wasn't my time. After being with this girl for 3 years she became my wife. We were sitting at the dinner table when an emergency broadcast came on the tv and announced some kind of outbreak. At the time we didn't know anything about this and just thought it was just another outbreak like ebola but no this was a lot worse. After a few days the power went out and the phone lines were down. We didn't know what was happening so we waited it out for a day or two. We got a knock on our door and too our surprise it was the army. They closed all the roads down and zoned us off to keep us safe. We still didn't know from what but I don't think we wanted to know. A few more days passed and we woke up from the sound of gun fire. We looked out the window and see the army gunning down innocent people, well we thought that but what we didn't know what those people weren't alive anymore. They were trying to bite others and eat them like some kind of cannibal. Nobody understood what caused this but we all knew that we had too survive, The area we were safe at was no longer safe. The army got over run and left us all to die. My wife and I tried running away but how long could we run for? Where would we go? We were in the woods and my wife and I got into an argument and she stormed off. I stayed by our campsite giving her space. A few moments later I heard a scream and I ran towards the sound of her voice. When I got there she was on the ground and this thing was on top of her biting her. I grabbed a rock and smashed it into its skull over and over until it stopped. I picked her up and carried her back too our campsite. I bandaged her arm up and laid her in a sleeping bag. I thought everything would be fine and I went to go put out the fire, she went too sleep so I thought and then I wen to go pee behind a tree not too far so I could keep and eye on her. As I started too walk back I noticed she got back up and stumbled towards me. I was confused how she had the energy to do so after what just happened so I want to make sure she was okay and when I looked into her eyes it wasn't her anymore... She wasn't the person I married she was one of these things.. She tried too bite me and I grabbed her and pushed her down to the ground. I couldn't do what I did too the other thing too her, I wouldn't be able too live with myself so I ran away until I reached a city filled with smoke clouds. I am now 24 years old and I'm just trying too find anyone like me... A survivor
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