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  1. Aww dang.. there goes my medical supplies. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
  2. Pretty much what the title says.. It's gone and I really need it back
  3. Reinstalled everything, and I was able to join a random Epoch server. I'll have to wait for DayZRP servers to come back online
  4. Here is what my Addons directory in Arma II looks like; is this normal? EDIT: I'm thinking that I should just wipe out everything and start fresh.
  5. The server is full at the moment, so I'll check when it's less busy. Thanks for all the advice; I'll update the thread asap.
  6. Still not working; here is my settings for Commander (I'll post the error I got as well) Commander settings
  7. It does list a bunch of pbo files as well actually. So when you say launch the beta,do you mean the "Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta" game in my Steam library? EDIT: Tried launching it from both Arma 2 OA and OA beta with no luck
  8. Hmm installed Epoch but I am getting the same error.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I'll try these methods shortly and get back you It was indeed aboutt he Epoch server
  10. Hey all, I have no trouble joining the Test server (i.e. RP1 S1), but I get a "signature error" when I join the other one. Any one have thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks!
  11. Hello... Newman.

    Hello, Jerry! What's up guys? Looking forward to logging in