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  1. Reinstalled everything, and I was able to join a random Epoch server. I'll have to wait for DayZRP servers to come back online
  2. Here is what my Addons directory in Arma II looks like; is this normal? EDIT: I'm thinking that I should just wipe out everything and start fresh.
  3. The server is full at the moment, so I'll check when it's less busy. Thanks for all the advice; I'll update the thread asap.
  4. Still not working; here is my settings for Commander (I'll post the error I got as well) Commander settings
  5. It does list a bunch of pbo files as well actually. So when you say launch the beta,do you mean the "Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta" game in my Steam library? EDIT: Tried launching it from both Arma 2 OA and OA beta with no luck
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I'll try these methods shortly and get back you It was indeed aboutt he Epoch server
  7. Hey all, I have no trouble joining the Test server (i.e. RP1 S1), but I get a "signature error" when I join the other one. Any one have thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Jerry! What's up guys? Looking forward to logging in