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  1. is there any other way to do this? This is exactly what I do! LOL Have your can of beanz for the sarcasm, it made me laugh.
  2. The great filter is a theory of why the universe is so dead, which ties into the Fermi Paradox. The Fermi Paradox tldr; There are 40 billion habitable planets, probably more, because the Universe is massive. Even if 0.000001% of those planets actually had life, that would mean 400 planets have life. With this number and basic probability, many people believe we're not alone in the universe. Now discovering alien life would actually be bad, because it would reinforce the idea of a great filter, but it also explains why everything is so dead. There are two theories, either humanity is behind the great filter, or ahead of it. If we're ahead, great, problem solved. If we're behind that means we're bound for an event that is so critical it leads to our extinction. For example, the dinosaur's "great filter" was the meteor. Thoughts?
  3. While I don't support the idea because of realism, it's a prison island. I support it for the roleplay value. Prison roleplay would be an interesting type of roleplay. And it'll be very difficult to do that type of roleplay, because getting a prisoner to swim ten minutes across the channel to get locked up might not go as well as we would hope. The idea is good, but just not realistic.
  4. I have two characters, Brad Whitfield (Which I joined Potius Cras with) and James Gliff, a priest. Now, today I logged in as James Gliff, one not considered to be in Potius in my mind, and was subject to hostile action, does that automatically grant the group kill rights even though I don't consider James Gliff in Potius ? Are all characters considered in the group that are linked to my 'manage character' page?
  5. I really wish I knew who all was involved this night, but it was absolutely amazing what happened. I was heading north to Zelen and I stopped in Sinstok after getting ambushed by zombies. I locked myself in a house and along comes a guy screaming "FRIENDLY, FRIENDLY." to which I reply "Me too, got a zombie problem though!" He says "I see that, I'll see what I can do!" I open the door and see him running them down a line, so I pick them out and start whacking one with my axe. The guy that saved me gets killed by zombies, I take care of the rest of them and two other gangsters wearing purple show up and ask me what happened. I explained what happened and they didn't buy it, seeing as I had literally just got done taking his gun when they had come up on me. Now they whisper among themselves and then come to agreement that everything checks out. Now, I was 2 V 1, so I was just trying to be honest about what I looted in an effort to not get gassed. I handed them an unloaded MK 22 Pistol and they start SLOWLY backing up and saying "Nah *bannable word* I ain't touching that murder weapon" I really wish I knew who yall were, COME FORWARD PURPLE BANDITS AND GUY THAT SAVED ME!
  6. Tolya Gliff is a Chernarussian American, he was born in Chernarus, but left when he was young as a refugee due to the political situation. Tolya spent most of his life in America, but at the end of the civil war he returned and took up residence in Chernarus. One night he was mugged, and he fought back and killed the man. From that day forward he vowed to hurt nobody, and joined the Church, vowing to be a pacifist in all situations. The guilt ate him up inside, and two years after, the outbreak started in Chernarus, and Tolya offered refuge to those he could, he remained in Chernaus since, getting around by sneaking, but never by hurting.
  7. Wait, this ISN'T an 18+ only community?
  8. I have found there is much RP to be had when you have a lot of loot. I get talked to a lot and traded with when I carry my Field pack on my back and one in my hands. I have yet to get robbed, and I've even had people volunteer to escort me to settlements for trade. This one guy wanted my scar and I gave it to him after I gave him a flare and told him it was a "vape." It was probably the best thing ever. Gear is good for roleplay. The one time I did get robbed was because of gear, in fact, my friend gave @N-Tox the weapon he used to rob us. I'm not too proud of it either.
  9. This is exactly what many people here seem to agree on. While I don't support changing the rules, I do support hearing about potential solutions?
  10. Gaden

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    I roleplay an Atheist to keep the complexity of moral choices down. Less time to believe in hellfire means more time to make the right choice. I have yet to see where religion has played a good role on a character. Perhaps I will make a pacifist priest character that hermits himself in a church at a major city and see how that interaction goes.
  11. So your grievance is that people do it for the edge instead of in a manner that makes proper roleplay sense. Which is a valid point, and I can agree with it. But I still support speaking freely and unhindered in all situations. (I myself don't take part in any racist RP, I want to point that out. But I'd have no problem encountering anyone who did.)
  12. I have not experienced racism in any capacity, I understand that it is terrible, and that racist people have done terrible things in history. But this is not real life, so why does it matter how we act in this virtual reality? If someone does not like it they're not forced to subject themselves to that situation.. Unless they're being held hostage and just being mocked repeatedly, which is a report and the staff can take it from there. But if it's done IC, even if it's to be edgy, it's fine. It doesn't represent real life. It may represent how they feel, but that should make the roleplay more real.
  13. But that shows a deeper issue, someone that can't separate video game reality and real life. Things that happen through a video game shouldn't be taken AS SERIOUS as something done in real life.
  14. I will state that I disagree with you, and would like to hold a friendly and civil discussion with you if you will. Yes, this is obviously the line. OOC attacks are not tolerated. I think it should also go as far as if you knew the person was a particular background through the forums and met them in game, you should refrain from racism in that manner, if for no other reason than courtesy.
  15. It comes up blatantly in one report, I do believe there have been a decent amount of mentions though, in both reports and community discussions. I personally am still learning the forums. However, I disagree with your analogy of the rules. Many variations of that type of book have existed throughout the years, basically saying both the morals you referenced. There is much reading material that says let's not break rules. For example, the DARE program in the US. What I'm saying is, making a post supporting the ways things are isn't personally as pointless as you see it, but I still completely agree with you nonetheless. This is funny, because this is going to sound like I'm no longer supporting my own point. But I have yet to see a case where IC racism was actually just classed as being a troll? I don't actually think IC racism has been punished no matter how stupid it was? I can VERY easily be wrong here, because I have only been here for a few months. I completely agree. People have lost their balls at the rate the sun puts out heat.
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