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  1. Mojmir was born on September 8th in 1966 to a broken home, his father was a drunk and his mother was the victim of repeated physical abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. When Mojmir was six his mother had gotten pregnant again, but his father caused her to miscarriage after she was pushed down the stairs. Mojmir killed his father when he was asleep after the death of his unborn sibling, the authorities came and hauled Mojmir off to a detention camp at six years old in ‘72. Mojmir spent all of his youth in a detention camp and was forced to grow up quickly. However in ‘84 Mojmir was approached and offered a job, the description was simple. Mojmir was recruited into the 40th Army so he could prove himself before he was officially recruited into Alpha Group, he participated in the Panjshir Valley Offensive, and when Soviet troops were caught informing the Mujahideen, Mojmir carried out reprisals, executing twenty seven Soviets caught leaking information. After the success of his reprisals, he was formally inducted into Alpha group in ‘89 at the age of 23. Two years later came the collapse of the Soviet Union, he had no idea where his mother was nor did he care. He left for Chernarus in January of ‘92 and given his experience was officially inducted into the COBR at the group's inception in March. Years passed and Mojmir stuck with COBR, his loyalty solely to them. When the outbreak came, the mission remained the same, he stuck with COBR through the initial chaos, then finally left for Jelení Ostrov with the group when the ‘dust’ settled. Once they arrived at Jelení Ostrov, Mojmir was separated from his team and he caught a sickness, he was inches away from death and far from any medical clinic or doctor that could save him.
  2. I just want you to picture for a moment that you are completely ignorant of DayZRP and everything it contains, and you're browsing the character page for whatever reason. And you find your picture(s) attached to a random story. Ever wondered how that would feel? Good thing we don't have to worry, because that will likely never happen, but still, I just had that thought a moment ago.
  3. My very first experience on Miscreated was the best... I spawned in and found this guy and we started talking, then some guys came by and tied us up., forced us to strip naked. We were being questioned for a few moments when some guys from Brazil came along and rescued us. I ran with them for about two hours, then logged off and never played again.
  4. I actually had a chance, although very briefly. They had a base near Stary Yar, and we stopped by to trade because I was sick. They asked us to unload all of our weapons, and so we had to wait for me to unload six different weapons before we could go inside. Then my buddy, @Laroche said, "Forgive him, he's a walking armory." And then one guy on the wall said "I dunno, I like him." Gratz on staff too
  5. Sounds like a little bit of justice given the circumstances, but holy that's a situation that still went out of control. As the rules say, we should take frequent breaks if the lines get blurred! That's a very unnerving situation, I hope everyone is safe, and we probably shouldn't be openly discussing this, I'm not sure if there are rules against it or not, just want to be certain that nobody gets in trouble!
  6. If this happened, it should honestly be forwarded, because there are lines that should never be crossed and this is one of them. I don't know who all was involved and obviously don't state it here openly, you should honestly take it to the appropriate individuals, because that is entirely uncalled for.
  7. Gaden

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    I do not support this, for one simple reason. When I browse Twitch clips and such, it's great to see the watermark to know the content and where it's basing from. I really like to know as soon as humanly possible that this is a clip from DayZRP. It's not even in the way, I could see if it was splattered all over your screen like a closed alpha testing version of Ghost Recon Break Point - Case in point: http://prntscr.com/p6izt1 -1, leave it how it is, it's a way for them to show what's theirs.
  8. You down to play with me? I have two Thicc containers full of loot to waste along with 26 million rubles and 14 lab cards. BE got introduced, so it should limit the amount of hackers we'd encounter. Hideout will be coming out soon as well, so might as well waste it while I can. I want to enjoy WoW Classic, but all the good stuff has been patched. Like spreading the plague into major cities.
  9. Gaden

    Další Stránka Media Thread

    These pictures.. You've created a great scene and then you added to it with the after affects. Find yourselves a horde and take a picture of the aftermath, might be a cool photo to have! Have your beans for the photos and for the photographer! Time for ya'll to start the Chernarus Photography club, go around Chernarus enlisting people to pose for you, pay them in beans.
  10. >Be a diamond player

    >Never play

  11. Gaden

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Major, This is an amazing lore post.. If only I was around the IG event. I can't wait to be working with you in the near future!
  12. I've honestly noticed this myself, and I personally think it's just the state of the game. I took a long break myself and now I'm back, hopefully others will do the same. All in all, hope to see ya'll out there. Also, I'm really salty because I found an M4 just laying on the ground, and I grabbed it only to find out it was glitched, then it glitched my main M4, so now I have two M4's that aren't worth anything... lol
  13. Gaden

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    This raises a question What would the despawn be like on them? I wasn't around when this existed before. But how long would it take before you'd lose the effort you put into that story for someone to find? The server crashes and it would disappear and you'd lose all that progress?
  14. Gaden

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    The Roleplay potential that this has!! Holy cow. But then I'm sure we'd also have the guys that would write something like "look behind you" and when you did so, you'd have a firearm in your face. Still, I think that'd be a better initiation than what I've had so far.. +1, Great suggestion
  15. Would you agree that there is a certain severity of what is said that should still be enforced nonetheless? However I completely agree that outside of DayZRP is indeed outside of DayZRP.
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