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  1. Brian Cahn was the second child, his brother being six at the time of his birth. It would prove to be a true love and hate relationship, but nothing could break that bond. Jon would be protective of Brian, on his first day of school Jon was 11 and Brian was 5, Jon made sure all the kids in Brian's class got a look at him so they knew who his brother was. After the years went by, they slowly drifted apart, especially in High School, where Jon went to JROTC and Brian had years to go before he was able, this caused a rift between the two. Jon graduated and was promoted to E-3 then he was deployed to Afghanistan. Brian kept in school, and when he was able enlisted with the Air Force and was deployed to Kuwait. After a tour he decided it wasn't for him and reenlisted with the Marines like his brother. Jon returned home abruptly one year, all efforts by Brian to find out why were met with classified walls. After a while Jon's wife left him and Jon left too, without a word. Brian was deployed to Chernarus after personally requesting the post, he heard through a friend at the state department that Jon's passport was flagged entering the country. Brian was deployed, and within a few months he was in Chernogorsk being overrun. During the heavy fighting and riots, he was separated from his team and it was impossible for him to link back up with them, he was split in the city, between him and his allies, were unknowable numbers of infected, looters and who knew what else. So instead he set out North, not abandoning his post, so he told himself. He kept trying to contact his team, but was unable.
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