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  1. Drinking something on the loo, waiting for the Z's to leave me alone!


  2. A traveling store or where do you plan to open? Like to be your first customer ? And a nice update! Hope to find the stuff soon and as a Dutch guy.. is it possible to grow our own cannabis??
  3. Goldy


    Welcome! Good luck with the whitelist! Just joking, you don't need luck, they've accepted me.. so the standards are low ?
  4. The same with me and they have not shot me for it ? Welcome!
  5. Okay.. Didn't know that. Again learned something ? P.s. DayZRP was offline ?
  6. Every community server I try to join this appears..
  7. Same with me. Used a hammer (30+ years) from my granddad once, works just as good as a new one!
  8. Goldy


    Welcome!! Succes with the whitelist and hope to meet IG.
  9. Was just about to react? Yes it worked! Thanks!! They really drastically reduced the picking up range since the last time I played?..
  10. Zijn hier genoeg Nederlanders blijkbaar?
  11. So I've had my first RP encounter and long story short, guess what.. I survived?

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    2. Goldy


      Thank you for the tips! I'll keep them in mind. You were not by chance one of the people I encountered?

    3. Terra


      No, not me.

      If you have the IC-name, you can use the search option and find them this way.

    4. Goldy


      They didn't gave me any names, just warned me about groups I shouldn't affiliate with. But I'll remember the voices? (as long as my character doesn't die)

  12. Thank and hope to see you soon ?
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