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  1. Yeah it's a wonder only one hostage died! Have not been in any similar situation after that.
  2. I see you're also from the Netherlands, so it was just as late here . The hostage takers and one hostage died because he was being forced up the stairs to break down a wall. That was also funny, I believe he hit the wall 2 times when your group shot him off the stairs. Edit: I have video from start to finish, but it's too long and have no time to cut and edit it.
  3. I was there as one of the hostages and that was a funny moment yes. Him yelling back "I don't know you!" did not work at all. That complete hostage situation was fun. I was the first hostage taken at VMC and it took around 5 hours before it ended at DC.
  4. Well.. I've finally met some people that needed my guns 🙂 


    1. dundonator


      Must be lucky people!

    2. Goldy
    3. Horse


      I'll "buy" more guns from you if you find any. 

    4. Goldy


      I visited DC with these guns, but nobody was there. And sure I'll sell if I find you.

    5. KencoBlaze12


      Fuck me, I can't even find one...xD

    6. Horse


      @Goldy holla at me in discord. I am at zelen these days or puthoska. I can use a weapon or two. You can ask your demands beforehand. 

    7. Goldy


      I'm now at Cherno, but I'll head over to Pustoshka ( 30 min )

  5. No clue about my whereabouts, but liking this view!


  6. Same here. The last hostile encounter I had, they destroyed my weapons and the hostage RP following the next 2.5 hours was the best yet. I don't care for my gear if they really try there best with the RP part. But... I've been traveling the triangle the last 3 hours and like @Jasper said... where is everybody?! 2 weeks ago it was booming and now I've met one group that insulted me and went there way (Shitty RP), met a couple I've role played with for about 5 min. They would have been fun, but went the wrong direction because I wanted to figure out if your theory was right about everybody hiding. 1 group and 1 couple in 3 hours roaming the triangle.. Am I doing something wrong or is everybody really hiding? P.S. I'm not that much geared to scare them...
  7. I'm not new to DayZ, but I'm kinda new to this community, so my thoughts don't really matter that much. The only thing I want to say, is that at the moment I'm enjoying my time here and I have no trouble meeting people even when everytime I meet someone he seems to be part of the same group... *cough * Jackals *cough * Just saying; as long as the RP is good and it's not just about robbing, then I'm enjoying my stay. P.s. I accidentally voted something... don't even know what
  8. Thank you! Too bad the server is still down
  9. So.. I said nice things to my PC for nothing....
  10. Already tried: - reboot system - reinstalled game - reinstalled mods - updated drivers (already the latest) - Cursing - Kicking - Saying nice things and stroking...
  11. Goldy


    Yeah the hostage and situation @Devils Castle was great, so was the RP, but we really have to stop meeting like this. I feel like a Jackals Magnet
  12. Serious?!! They are stalking me! Encountered them now for the 4th time in 8 or 9 days... It was very brave to go up there! What happend after? They kinda came down and saved our asses
  13. I don't think they were Jackals. I've met them a few times and they acted different, but the RP was great. And yeah the guys that saved us were very nice to gear us up. Too bad, then you've missed something, but probably I would have done the same... Nonetheless it ended good for most hostages . I wonder who the hostage was that they "forced" up the tower to die from friendly fire...
  14. @DevilsCastle: Well.. that was a ****ing long hostage situation, and it was worth it! I have no clue who was all there ( @CamoRP I believe? And 10 to 15 other?) , but it was fun! Thanks for saving my ass The Revenants!
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