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  1. My name is Mondo, but everyone calls me “Speedo.” Some might think that I lived a reckless lifestyle, but I would argue that I lived a life of excitement and freedom. Prior to the outbreak, I worked for a Private Military Corporation called Darkwater. Darkwater specialized in providing security services to the United States federal government on a contractual basis, or to whoever had the deepest pockets. When I got involved with them, I had little to no family, so the risk of death was always an after thought for me. There was never a contract that was too intense for me. Client escort through an enemy compound in Yemen? Sure. Gunning raid on an enemy compound in North Afghanistan? Why not? There was no job too big or small. And I was damn good too! No matter the complexity of the job, I was always in and out before anyone even knew what hit them. Hence the name “Speedo.” Everything was going fine in my life, until I accepted the wrong fucking contract. I was offered a contract to conduct an escort mission out of Chernarus. I wasn't given any specifics on the position. All I knew was that I had to escort some scientist that was in possession of a revolutionary bio weapon. As far as I was concerned, that was enough information for me. All I cared about was the $600,000 price tag for successfully escorting him to an extraction site. Before the ink from my signature was dry on the contract, I was on the first flight to Chernarus. Upon my arrival, it was evident that something had gone terribly wrong. From above, it looked like I was entering an active war zone, which in my line of work wasn’t out of the ordinary. But at a commercial airport? That just seemed strange to me, but I just thought, “I guess that’s why this contract had such a nice price tag on it.” Boy was I wrong. As soon I stepped off the plane, I was surrounded by chaos. Any one I tried to speak to was either belligerent or screaming. I had no idea what was going on and for the first time in many, many years, I felt a little panic begin to creep up my spine. I shook it off and set 3 goals for myself: (1) Find a safe house; (2) Find my commander and get this mission done ASAP; and (3) FIND A WEAPON. Fast forward a year from my arrival in Chernarus. It was obvious that I had failed my mission. You could argue I failed the mission before I even arrived. Through the year I've learned that the scientist never made it to the extraction site. But right before he killed himself, he tried to take the world with him. He released his bio weapon into the world and at that moment he sealed the world's fate. Life as everyone knew was over. A new world has now emerged. Over the last year, I’ve jumped from crew to crew and safe house to safe house. Each time I was met with the same type of persons: Criminals, thugs, liars, and murderers. And those were the good guys! They didn’t scare me one bit. If shit were to ever hit the fan I was confident in my ability to kill them 12 different way before they had a chance to blink. It was the other group of "people" that put fear in my heart. The living dead. Will life ever be restored? Is anyone I know still alive? Did anyone erase my browser history? I had so many questions and not enough bullets to get all the answers. Until then, I will continue to roam Chernarus in search for answers. Most importantly... how do I get back home.
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